Ange Maya (Venus)

Ange Venus

The Doc is back! Well okay, I’ve still been active in the comments, but I haven’t been able to do a post since last year. After such a long hiatus, I wanted to return with something special. And I believe I’ve found someone very special indeed in the very striking Chinese model and adult actress (even though I’m not personally into porn) Ange Maya (AKA Ange Venus).
Ange Venus

This stunning Chinese lady is for me the most exciting new model I’ve seen since I launched Sachiko McLean‘s site at the beginning of 2004. Firstly, there’s her lovely trim and taut figure, with very nicely proportioned breasts. Most spectacular though is her astonishingly long and beautiful hair, inviting obvious comparisons with Lena Li. A striking parallel with Sachiko is that she’s also a belly dancer and (as can be seen in the photo below) does yoga as well – her flexibility is absolutely amazing, and she puts this to very good use in her “yoga sex” videos.

She started out as a nude model under the name of Ange Maya, but changed her name to Ange Venus when she moved into hardcore. She has now re-adopted her original name for some pending mainstream movie roles (after using yet another name for this – Aya Aleta – for a short while). I will be following her mainstream movie roles with a great deal of interest!

Ange Venus

The only problem I have with her is dishonesty: for example, she makes the ludicrous claim that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery, when she has very obviously had a boob job and a nose job, and had her eyebrows removed. She has also almost certainly had a chin job and eyelid surgery, and probably more. I also think she seriously understates her age when she says she’s 24 – not that I mind (as many of my favourite models are well over 30), I just wish she’d be honest about it (and if you’re going to be dishonest Ange, at least try and be believable!). Anyway, here’s one more pic to go out on:

Ange Venus

A few additional links:

Ange Maya MySpace profile
Ange Maya Yahoo Group
Ange Venus MySpace profile
Ange Venus Yahoo Group

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  1. Hmmm beauty really is in the eye of the beholder or perhaps she is just not for me.

    As for Sachiko McLean just waaaay too much breast enhancement for my taste.

    As for the rest of Asia-sirens: fantastic site at at the top of my favourites.

  2. A little too athletic for my taste. And the breasts… well, you know my opinion on that subject 😉

    But Doc, it’s good to see you post again! 🙂

  3. Reminds me of a ballerina dated once. I am a towering 5’7″ and she was 5’11. It was a real example of the old joke: Nose to Nose…

    Looks like some of the old classic shots from the early century…

  4. For me they can never be too atheletic, as long as they still look feminine – and Ange certainly does! I think the classic, ballerina-like style santini47 refers to is one of the things I find so appealing about her.

  5. One other thing I really like about her that I forgot to mention: she seems so natural and comfortable being nude. A good quality for an adult model!

  6. I like her. Definitely over 30 and the nose job is too Michael Jackson-esque, but otherwise quite appealing. Thanks Doc.

  7. I agree the nose job is a little unfortunate, although luckily it isn’t quite as bad as Michael’s. This type of nose also looks a lot more appropriate on an Asian woman than it does on a black guy!

  8. I guess another reason I like her so much is that I’ve alwyas had a ‘thing’ for sexual mature Asian women – they just don’t usually have a body this good (or hair this long)!

  9. One interesting part of that thread is that Don Fernando said that her boobs feel real and that some female assistant of a porn agency representing Ange (the one who discovered her actual age) claims after extensive hands-on exam that Ange’s boobs are real. Maybe Ange should get a sonogram like Tyra Banks did to prove her boobs are real?

  10. If you read between the lines of what Don said, he actually thought they were fake, but that they were quite realistic-feeling silicone implants – the right type of implant can be this way. I can vouch for this from personal experience: everyone who feels Sachiko’s breasts becomes totally convinced that they are real. Do you think her’s are natural? 😉

  11. Wow Doc. Different strokes for different folks would be the nice way to put it and since I am a nice guy….I’ll leave it at that. Be seriously though…..she has to be 50+….just look at her skin.

  12. Huh? What’s wrong with her skin? She looks 36 to me (as shown on her real ID), but that’s mostly because of her ‘mature’ looking face (mostly due to the surgery sadly). I think her skin looks pretty nice and tight (old skin looks loose). Perhaps you are used to the heavily airbrushed skin you see in Playboy pics etc. – Ange’s pics are a lot more realistic. The wrinkles you see in her extreme poses would be there in any other model’s pic (if she were athletic enough to do such a pose), but they would be Photoshoped out. I think that people who look at models’ pics on the internet and in magazines etc. often don’t know what real women’s skin looks like!

  13. In Ange’s photo gallery, I noticed some apparent ads for Olympic Audio loudspeakers. Turns out they aren’t a mock-up – they’re for real! See here:

    I wonder if they simply hired Ange as a model, or there’s some connection? Either way, as an audiophile I find the image of a gorgeous Asian woman draped over a loudspeaker very erotic!

  14. Welcome to Asian Sirens Ed! I see you took many of my favourite Ange shots. There’s some other interesting photos and models on your site too. It seems you have the same interests I do – music/hi-fi and beautiful women. 😉

    Any chance of some higher resolution versions of your Ange pics? A few of them are on her site, but there’s some really nice ones that aren’t.

  15. I’d really love to see high res versions of MAYA_2387S.jpg and MAYA_2467BS.jpg if possible – they are really beautiful. Thanks Ed!

  16. Upon another look I stand corrected…..I am now convinced she is closer to 60.

    /sorry but I’m not buying the 36

  17. 40 perhaps, but 60 is ridiculous!

    Once again, the great irony is that the surgery she’s had makes her look older – if she’d just left herself alone I’m sure she’d look younger than she does now. But I still don’t think her surgery is ugly, and her body and hair are simply outstanding!

  18. Having met her in person, I can tell you that 32-36 is absolutely her real age. She looks quite stunning in person.
    Here is a link where you can download some images:

  19. Hi Ed,

    It seems the link you intended to put in your message didn’t show up. However, going from the link in Candyman’s message above I was able to find her pics here. Is that the link you intended to put in your message? Either way, the pics I was really interested in are here, so thanks! I also must say I really like your work – and regular readers will know I’m a tough critic!

    I’m sure Ange is quite stunning – I’m not sure why some of our readers can’t see that. 😉

  20. Well, it seems Ange has finally done her first porn (see images below). Personally I find it a little disappointing to see her doing this stuff – I think she’s too classy for hardcore. But there are a couple of pretty brutal close-ups of her face here, which should dispell any doubters about her age!

    See also here for more information about the video itself, plus more free pics and a video sample.

  21. I have to agree Dr Lee- it is very disappointing. I suppose she was just not making it as a model.

    She doesn’t look too comfortable to me doing it though. I bet she didn’t get more than $300-$600 USD for this.

    Most porn actresses get paid ridiculously little money.

  22. Yeah, I’m sure whatever she was paid wasn’t anywhere near worth it. She really needs better management, starting with a proper modelling web site. Serioulsy Ange, if you’re reading this I’m very happy to help – you’re way too good for this stuff.

  23. I should point out after my last comment that I have nothing against hardcore per se, and if a model is happy to do it then she should go for it (although she should try as much as possible to take control of her own career). But I think it is very clear that Ange definitely isn’t happy to do this, and she’s only doing it because she thinks she has to.

  24. Hello all, I’ve recently shot a scene with Ange and intend on developing her website; so, stay tuned!

    I’ll be shooting more of her with other actors to help fill out the member’s section of her site quickly.

  25. Hi Taiga. Always interested in developments with Ange – tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be involved with her.

  26. I met Ange through Max World Ent. I shoot for them often and help produce their websites.

    I talked with Ange and she was interested in developing a member-based website. Futher talks resulted in us starting this project. I will shoot and direct/produce the scenes, followed by the complete line of production to final delivery.

    I know you’re not happy about her getting into hardcore, but she feels that she wants to express herself more freely, incorporating yoga into the scenes. She is very flexible and lithe.

    I cut a trailer of our first shoot which is on one of my own websites.

  27. Is doing hardcore – especially the sort of stuff that Max does – ‘expressing herself more freely’? Anyway, I’m glad to see she’s managed to find a way to incorporate one of her special talents (yoga) into her performance. Where can I see this tralier you mention?

    I’m not sure why she worked with Max. However, she returned to shoot with him two other times.
    I’m not defending anyone on the decision, just stating what I know.
    As you probably know, a member-based website won’t be sucessful with just nude pictures on it.

    I do know that she is interested in doing scenes with fans as well. I’m not too thrilled about it, since most guys hedgehog the action and finish inside of 3 minutes or not being to get it up at all. But, we’ll see.

  29. I shot a set of her for Best of luck to her and Taiga in setting up the site — most of the work of her so far really hasn’t given her due justice. She is definately very flexible.

  30. Thanks for the link Kai – these are some of the best pics I’ve seen of Ange so far (although I must say I really like Ed Morawski’s photos).

  31. Well it looks like Ange Maya is ‘dead’. She just posted the follwing message at her Yahoo Group:

    Attention Members:

    my website:

    is going to close, and will no longer update new photos. Also the old Yahoo group and old my space will be deleted.

    All new updates and new photos will be added in:

    though it is still underconstruction, please join new yahoo groups or new my space for new updates and currently free access to my adult content. It will have more new features after content built special for my adult fans, art n-u-d-e fans, and long hair fans.

    Join new yahoo group:

    Join new my space:

    new website:

    note: It is triple x-rated site, you have to be over age of 18 to view.

    If you have already joined my new groups, I appreciate your support.

    See you in my new groups, and see my unique performance on my new site soon!!!



    So I guess it’s hardcore all the way now. Oh well… 🙁

  32. There will be a mix of performance types.
    Probably do some shower-cam stuff, more artistic posing, solo/toy performances, etc.

  33. Hi Taiga. I see you’ve put a couple of video clips up on her web site, which I’d really love to see – but I can’t watch them! I use a couple of old Macs running Mac OS 9 (I don’t like OS X as much as the classic Mac OS), and the last version of Windows Media Microsoft supported on OS 9 was Windows Media 7. Any chance of putting them up in MPEG (the most universally playable format) or QuickTime as well?

  34. Actually, I didn’t put those clips up.
    However, I’ll keep your suggestions when I build the new design and offer a couple of different formats.


  35. Just noticed an interesting change in her MySpace profile: she now lists herself as ‘divorced’. Interesting that this should happen at the same time she starts doing hardcore – anybody know if this is for real, or is it just a marketing ploy?

  36. Noticed that her website profile page has been changed also….

    She used to be ‘married’…but now that line along with her age has been deleted. Her ‘ethnic background’ was Chinese and is now posted as Euroasian….

    Curious, but you gotta love that long hair!



  37. I like her a lot, maybe because she looks like an older Asian woman I dated in L.A…. and more 🙂 back in 99′ me then 26 her 43. The flexibility is sexy, the nose job welll ahhh, but better her than Michael. Sexy woman! The long hair is erotic too!

  38. Ange, if you can see my words, please send a email to me: I am very sad at your show with the ugly Old American pig!!! if you make money by this way, I think you made a big mistake!!! if you can come to your homeland(Asia, CHN?), I do believe you will live as a holy person!!! Because, I ( and lots of brother, sisters) don’t want to see you live like this!!! I was hurted by you really!

  39. Good move DarkCC; I tip my hat to you. Sounds as if you speak for and represent millions of those who worship her as a goddess. She’s been waiting to be rescued by a prince charming such as yourself. Am sure she will jump at the chance.

    I like the yoga stuff, but am generally unimpressed considering all the surgery which makes her look scary. She’s 40, and her saying she’s 24 makes her look like an idiot.

    She’s in porn with Don Fernando? Still around? How old is he, 60? I can’t stand him. He exclusively bangs Asians these days, and in all his films he talks to them in baby talk as if the girls are 5-year-olds. Creepy.

  40. Actually guys, I have news for you: she’s already dumped porn, and she’s now moving into her own movie productions! I’ll be doing a follow up article when there’s something a little more concrete – they’re still in pre-production at this stage (and I’m afraid that’s where they might stay).

  41. She’s hot, first time i see her. Even if she’s not 24 at all, lol.

    Let’s see how far she goes with production. Its difficult to go behind the cam, but possible.

  42. Nothing is more attractive than an Asian woman that ages well. I do not see why she would/should hide it. Be proud that she looks like that even after X number of years. It makes her that much more attractive.

    Also, I heartily approve of those stretching photos. Imagining the girls like that was the only reason to take Individual Sports class back in High School.

  43. By copying luvjgirls, what I want to express is that I were quite uncomfortable when I saw Ange was treated in an inhuman way! especially, Ange has a Chinese face like me! I were deeply sorrowful and took pity on her!!! I wish she can come to China and enjoy a normal life.

  44. Ange is very beautiful. 36 years old or whatever. But her combination of yoga and sex is very sensual. I’d love to study with her 🙂

    darkCC, you’re entitled to your opinion. But as Dr Lee said, she probably was not ‘enjoying’ the ‘normal’ life you would have for her in China. At least in the west she has the ability to do what she wants, to fail and succeed.

  45. DarkCC, I was being sarcastic about your “rescuing” her! I was kidding. Not serious. Understand?

  46. I’m not into bondage and S&M, but this video does show off Ange’s magnificent abs! Which reminds me – I am supposed to do an update article on her!

  47. DarkCC, it is totally impossible for Ange to have a so to speak “normal life” in China,don’t you know how critical chinese people are to a woman who used to be a porn star? they will call her bitch and watch her movie, masturbating simultaneously!

  48. Sorry for “resurrecting” this thread from the dead so to speak, but does any have saved collections of Ange’s nude photo shoots (such as from the pictures from start of the thread?).

    I’ve tried following all the links here and doing searches of my own (ala rapidshare, etc.) but so far have turned up ziltch in turns of complete photo sets.

    I can count on one hand the amount of asian woman with a physique like hers and it would be a shame if that beauty wasn’t preserved. If anyone could upload her photo sets to rapidshare or another host, I would be DEEPLY grateful…

  49. Just another tid-bit of info on Ange, her birthday is listed as April 8, 1969 on a Movie data site. It looks this might be her closest age estimate yet.

  50. Hmmm, that would make her a little older than me. But when she looks this good, who cares how old she is? It’s just a shame she’s managed herself so badly. I was going to do a follow-up article with her co-operation, but she made some unreasonable demands, so I decided not to. A shame, as I really want to help her out – as she’s so unusual she requires the right marketing, but I believe I could do it if she’d just be more reasonable.

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