Angie Vu Ha


Angie Vu Ha is a model from Singapore. She also has her own YouTube videos which you can subscribe to here. She can also apparently box underwater. You know who else can box under water. Any girl that gets submerged in water. Rimshot!Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’8
Located: Singapore





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0 thoughts on “Angie Vu Ha”

  1. She hasn’t got ‘girl next door’ looks has she? And with her achievements she is rather high flying. Does that make her ‘unattainable’? Whatever, she is good to look at. She has a certain intensity about her (I’m reminded of Grace Jones somehow), seen most in her smouldering eyes. “She’s Got Legs!’ (ZZTop) and a body to die for.

  2. She’s got them drop dead sexy legs I love so much. Her thighs in the bottom two pics are pretty mesmerizing.

  3. I’m hoping that her pics haven’t been heavily Photoshopped, but I’m not betting on it. And, I’d love to see her box underwater! Hell, I’d love to see her box anywhere:-p

  4. I can sympathise with Gregison’s comments – I find her face a little too ‘fashion model’, which by current standards means ‘boyish’. Still, she’s impressively lean and fit, and I can’t help finding her quite sexy overall.

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