Angela Kuo 郭鬼鬼

I have to say the thing I’m drawn to most about Angela Kuo is her personality. When she talks she is so expressive and bold with her body language and it shows in the pictures I have chosen for today’s post.

She makes some of the cutest and most adorable faces and I wanted to share that. Yes… she is beautiful, traditionally, but it’s her passion that makes her photos shine for me.

Angela Kuo was born in Taiwan in 1995. Before her rise to fame in 2017 she worked at a hotel.

In 2019, she appeared at the TRE Taipei International Adult Exhibition and from there her popularity has continued to surge.

From interviews to photo shoots, Angela Kuo continues to attract the right kind of attention.

Angela loves bowling and cosplay. 

I especially enjoy the tea set photos included in this set. It gives a wonderful POV of a date at a fancy onsen with Angela Kuo.

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