And now for something completely different (3)

And for those of you with a hair fetish: she’s got many more vids!

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  1. She’s cute enough that I actually let her have
    un-refundable minutes of my life to explain the “pouf”.I have no hair.
    Asian people-even when they live in accent heavy places like New York-tend NOT to adapt the local accent.It remains anchorman neutral.Am I the only one who has noticed this?…So I can’t get a read on where she’s from.Korean/Chinese mix?Her surroundings look rather cramped.I’m gonna say N.Y.

  2. This girl looks quite a bit like an old girlfriend of mine. Very cute. Of course my friend never poufed her hair like this, thank God.

    I’m not that big on the streaks in her hair. My loss, I guess. She is real cute, though.

  3. On her Myspace, she states she lives in Southern California, so her nationality is American. However, she doesn’t give a lot of personal information about herself, such as her age or ethnicity, but she does seem like a very friendly girl with a great personality.

  4. SoCal…N.Y….Okay -so I was off a coupla’ thousand miles.;->Yep.Probably O.C. No doubt TODD is
    hittin’ it.

  5. Indeed.After an intense evening of passion…nothing puts an exclamation point on it for me like coloring some cuties’ locks.Hey…thats just how I roll.;->

  6. I think she’s super cute; when she’s not staring in the mirror, to punctuate points she gives short, relaxed smiles periodically–that’s when she looks best.

    The blond streaks are unfortunate, and lead me to think she’s probably about 23.

    I also love her eyes–when Asian girls get the eye work is it to eliminate the lower fold? I remember Christine explaining some of the procedures, but I recall that being about the upper eyelid.

  7. The streaks are not my fav either, but she’s a natural beauty, very attractive! And I’m guessing she has a hot body also, too bad she’s not showing it much.

    This vid shows her in a great hair day

    I wonder why smart gals like pursebuzz and RiceBunny use their brains on something so futile as cosmetics. I guess it’s a XXI century thing…..

  8. Agreed. These are so self indulgent; topic and subject are completely irrelevant–it’s just about display. She’s cute which is why it is nice looking at her, but it takes effort to tolerate it.

  9. I disagree with Blueskies’ and Bubalabobo’s comments. Unlike some other girls that have been featured here (I won’t name names, but one whose username rhymes with “bootyswish” is a prime example) and who have narcissistic “look-at-how-adorably-cute-I-am-and-comment-me” blogs, Pursebuzz isn’t about that.
    She gives legitimate hair and make-up tips with a friendly, but down-to-earth manner, and that’s the main purpose of her Youtube account and her website. Sure, she may also want to promote herself in her field, but who doesn’t?
    Just because she’s hot doesn’t mean she’s an attention whore. She may not even be too crazy about being featured here.
    By the way, Robin….does she know that’s she’s being featured here?

  10. CEC, I have to agree. Normally, these youtube girls are unbearable. This one seems down to earth and not at all over-the-top in her self promotion. Rather refreshing, actually.

    Now, let me contradict myself a little by agreeing with arf, that it would be better if she was naked. :#)

  11. At least she has some talent besides her beauty. That’s commendable.

    Attention whores? Which model isn’t that, anyway? And she’s trying to make herself brandable with her talent, nothing wrong with that, IMHO.

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