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Aluna @

“Golden brown from years of living by the beach and super fit from sports, she is the epitome of that hot beach body. Speaking in soft and polite tones our hot new model asks if things are going alright. She is worried about the photos. It’s her first photo shoot and she doesn’t believe us that we love her look! By the end of the day she was having a great time and it was hot out. So she took off all her clothes. Perfect excuse for a photo shoot.”

Check out Aluna @ (Photography Adam Yurman)

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  1. Definitely have to agree on the perfect body. Lean and fit without being a skeleton.

    I think that its not a great picture in regards to her mouth…she does have a broad smile and pretty small canine teeth as seen in another pic on the site.

    I think it should be her job as a model to know what angles/poses work well for her and how she should move her mouth and lips to make the best image.

    But I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

  2. It’s just you Marco, everything looks good to me…….LOL WOW, Gorgeous perfect body!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes I love her hair also

  3. She is the same pacific beauty that used to be in the badge spot where Amara is now… upper left. In that picture she appeared to have implants but in the above at that angle, she seems natural. Help us Adam… real or supercharged?

  4. Hello everybody. Fun stuff here. Great comments. I would like to get into bball_jerk’s interesting comment about Aluna’s mouth. This is interesting to me because as a working fashion and beauty photographer in my earlier years I was told constantly by clothing designers and magazine editors what to look for that constitutes real beauty. I developed a bit of a rebellious attitude towards the strict guidelines set down by the mass beauty media that affects us all. It’s my feeling that her mouth is sexy and way out of the standard beauty mold found in fashion magazines or even Playboy. She has a bit of a rough girl look and personally, I love it but it’s not for everyone. It’s almost an Elvis Presly upper lip.
    And about the Canine Teeth, I think Fang might be a better word. Let’s not liken her to a dog. Vampire OK, but what is up the dog thing? Also, I would like remind everyone that this was her first photo shoot and she is not a model so she can not know what poses or expressions look best yet. And about the upper torso, she has one of the nicest set of implants I have ever seen and I guess we are gonna hear from the Dr about now on that! Cheers,

  5. And what about her blood type? Do we know that too? Just Kidding. Sometimes we act like we are horse-trading these women.

    Funny thing is, Thai girls love to tease and can be quite brutal in a joking way about physical characteristics. Its easy to get your feelings hurt if you don’t know the humor intended. I am very glad Im not up for display for Aluna and her GFs to pick on.

    I think she is damn spicey and the quality of the shot is great. Great framing, lighting and love the pose. I little tweak in the DOF (softer background) and I think this one would be Print quality. Love it much, Adam.

    As far as the mouth goes, I like it. Nowadays, every time I see a little bit of an underbite or some teeth askew it reminds me of Thailand or the Philippines and I get all warm and fuzzy. 🙂


  6. Hello Redlaw. To blurr or not to blurr. So you must be a shooter to know about Depth of Field? Here is a thought. Every shot you ever saw in Sports Illustrated or Playboy has a completely blurred out background because that is the glamour rule. I have a 200 mm lens I often use that would have given that effect in this shot above but I used a 105 mm lens because I wanted to tell a story with the background. The background is fairly soft at full 8x 11 page size but not a complete blurr. Can you tell what kind of room it is she is leading you in to? Are all the elements in the background complimentary and carefully arranged or are they distractive? Thank you for loving it much. I will be re booking her shortly for another shooting and be sure to tell her your comments, especially about what she might say to tease you. She can tease well, trust me.

  7. Hey Adam, yes I shoot but Im not as fortunate as you in my subject matter. Actually I enjoy what I do as a hobby very much. I shoot all digital with a 20D and a variety of lenses. Most of my shots are candid shots, street scenes and macro. I travel a lot for work in Asia and I am never without great subject matter.

    I see your point with the DOF and the full story being told by the composition. To be honest, it isnt clear to me what room she is leading me into but I really dont care as long as I am following her in! She is very alluring.

    another element that I enjoy in your work is the make-up. Too often we see garish make-up. The wrong make up and lighting can make a beautiful siren into a tawdry bar girl.

    Have you taken any trips to Vietnam for subjects? I have visited several times and some of the finest bone structure I have ever seen lives in HCMC District 1.

  8. I have to say I’m a little surprised by all the attention this girl’s getting. I was also surprised by how well her banner did. For a while there Sachiko’s site was catching up to Adam’s with the hits out, but since her banner turned up (and Tiara returned) Adam’s been pulling away again. 🙁

    To be brutally honest, for me this girl is not even remotely attractive – indeed, for me she’s the least attractive girl I’ve seen from Adam’s site. It’s not just her mouth, but her nose and eyes and the shape of her face as well! I don’t even like her boob job very much – they are perfectly formed, but given that they look pretty hard I think they should be bigger. 😉

    I do have to agree with redlaw about Vietnamese girls – they do have the finest bone structure I’ve ever seen. It’s also interesting that he should talk about DOF in glamour photography – Adam and I have been having a little email debate on this issue. I am actually against blurred backgrounds myself – all will be explained when I do my “10 questions for” soon!

    P.S. Regarding the ‘canine’ thing Adam, this is actually the correct medical term for these teeth, regardless of what animal has them. Like ‘molar’ or ‘incisor’.

  9. Actually the model picture up in the top left for Pacific Beauty before Amara was Lola, who’s a major knockout talent too from Mr Yurman…of course.

  10. Oh you may be right Redlaw! I forgot about that one. The Lola one still burns in my memory…brightly! I think you’re right though! Sorry!

  11. Dr., I think everyone respects your loyalty – but a LOT of guys just like younger women – Sachiko can’t compete there. And some visitors to this site aren’t big fans of implants – and Sachiko’s aren’t the best job.

    As far as this young lady, it all works for me – the hair, the shade of the skin, the lean body, the breasts.

    So is she Thai?

  12. For my money Sachiko’s boob job is far more attractive than Aluna’s (I hate small hard implants – if they’re hard then make ’em big!), but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And even though Aluna’s probably very young, her angular features and tanned skin make her look old to me – and skin that’s had that much exposure to the sun isn’t going to hold up well over the years.

    I also have to say I find my extreme difference of opinion from everyone else on this girl very intriguing, particularly as I regard Adam to be a man with fine tatse in women. I think Tiara’s popularity is very well deserved (even though she isn’t really ‘my style’), but I honestly just can’t imagine how anybody could find Aluna as attractive as everybody does here. I’d really like to know why I see this girl so differently from everyone else…

  13. Welcome Dr Lee! I was waiting for you. A blog about Asian models would not be complete without your input. I must say I was hoping for a better review of the breasts. They look pretty natural to me on Aluna which makes shooting her much easier. Redlaw menttions about makeup. Glad he noticed. Sometimes I have wondered if people really care about makeup in nude glamour photography with so many other interesting parts of the model to see. I use the most exclusive makeup and hair teams I can find and they usually work primarily in the fashion business. Not only do they cost a lot but often it requires some coaxing from me to shoot this kind of provacative glamour they are not fond of.

    Dr Lee, tells us that Canine teeth is appropriate for tooth descriptions. Thanks for that. I guess that’s why you got the name Doc 🙂

    Canine may be in the dictionary as describing teeth but it also means a dog. If you want to shoot Asian models you can not use words around them or in public that might be misconstrued as pertaining to a dog lest you want to get hurt. References to a dog, even misconstrued ones, are fighting words over here. Not to me personally but it’s the cutlure and profesional photographers have to adapt to their environment.

    Dr Lee mentions about exposure to the sun being unhealthy. He is right about that. Alunas skin color is very savagegly tan looking but it is not from the sun at all. Asian women in Asia use an umbrella in broad daylight to avoid getting sun, Aluna included. Aluna was born dark brown and like many Asian women, takes great care of her skin with lots of health oriented exotic cremes and oils to keep it smooth and soft. This means easier shooting. Nothing worse then dry, peeling, barbequed model skin on the computer.

    About clicks and so forth, Aluna is stimulating one of the highest numbers in levels of interest in the places we monitor these things on other websites which is why I thought it safe to introduce her here where the world’s most most discerning Asian Beauty viewers voice their unfettered opinions about the latest talent around, pro and con. All views welcome as you all know.

  14. Hi Adam. I was going by your description regarding Aluna’s ‘tan’, which says it is from ‘years by the beach’. Is it her natural skin colour or not?

    Regarding her breasts, I am admitedly just going by the two free photos I can see. Perhaps they make her breasts look harder than they actually are? You are obviously in a far better position to judge than I am anyway.

    And once again, thanks for always taking my comments in the spirit in which they are intended, however unflattering they may be. I’d really apprecaite your input on why my opinion about her is so different from everyone else’s. This girl’s popularity amazes me!

  15. Hi Dr Lee!

    You are correct. We got careless about Aluna’s text introduction on Pacific Beauty. She was born in a beach community in SE Asia and lived there most of her life but I think it is more like hundreds of years of several generations living there that created the dark pigmentation. She plays sports but stays well out of the sun as Asian women all do in Asia. About your opinions on Asian Beauty, I think you you are Asian at heart. Asians in Asia do not enjoy the same look that we Western born Caucasions do. First of all, dark skin is out in Asia and second of all, strong feautures bordering on tribal are way the heck out for Asians.

    Asian men in Asia, (not including Asian, American men in the USA), like’m young, cute, white and soft around the edges with generous chest accutraments. Aluna is not their spec at all.

    I think your taste might be a tad genuine Asian but you can straighten me out on that of you like 🙂

  16. You’re definitely right there. I have many Asian friends, and we consistently find the same type of women attractive: soft white skin, delicate features, with large breasts a big bonus! I am happy to say that I have many lady friends who fit this description, except for the large breasts part (Sachiko being an exception of course!). I really hope to get more of these ladies in front of the camera some day.

    Perhaps I am spoilt. 😉

  17. I think many western men are attracted to very exotic and different looking south east asian women because it is exciting. Opposites attract. I suppose its grass is always greener thing.

    I look at some light skinned Asian, (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and some Thai and Indian) women that are beautiful and admire them but Im not as drawn to them as the more exotic and even aboriginal looking models. At this point in my life, I dont really question why. If it works, go for it.

    P.S. I prefer the darker skin and exotic look of these women additionally, in my experience, darker skinned asian women tend not to perspire as much when we go “dancing.” I like that too.

  18. The thing I find intriguing is that this type of women are a world away from the classic oriental look. They’re so different that it’s hard for me to imagine how anybody could find both of them attractive, unless they just like anything with tits. 😉 To me this type of look has more in common with blacks than the women of Chinese descent that I prefer (indeed, I’ve seen many black women with more delicate features than Aluna). There are also many white women who I think are far more attractive than Aluna.

  19. There are indeed some beautiful African women from Ghana to Ethiopia. Many of these women have classically asian features too. Abyssinian I think was the classic term for these magnificant beauties.

    I find so many different woman attractive, Lee. but in the case of Aluna, its her skin tone, dark eyes, hair and tone build that I find appealing. To be honest, I think some of the japanese and chinese girls look a little doughy and pasty.

  20. Redlaw….I am so with you on this. Of all the nationalities of Asian women I have run with over the years…….the true S.E. Pacific Islander type has eluded me….and I will not rest until I have one!

    Perhaps growing up in California has something to do with it. I’m into these incredibly tanned, perky and nubile chicks big time.

  21. I most definately agree with Dr. Lee on this one. It is not that she isnt pretty, she is. She just isnt, in my opinion, as amazingly good looking as a girl like Reon Kadena.

  22. Dr. Lee, attractive is attractive regardless of the ethnicity – or even sub-group within an ethnic group. And it’s very subjective and binary. Some college kid just named Pamela Anderson one of the 25 least attractive women – other guys would give 10 years off their life for a night with her. Go figure. Black, white, asian – I like them all – as long as their hot IMHO.

  23. I agree WestCoast. Everyone has their own taste in women. We are all “wired” differently in this regard. Lee’s tastes in women’s looks are way off the bell curve compared to most western men, but that is his personal taste and it’s his right to be different.

  24. Thing is, I don’t just automatically dislike any model with dark skin – as I said, I think Tiara’s popularity is very well deserved. Plus Naomi Campbell and especially Tyra Banks are my favourite supermodels. I like exotic. I just don’t think Aluna is very pretty, whatever type of women you prefer.

  25. Porn Stars, Sexy Brats, and Beauty Queens.

    Which Asian Woman you would most like to see a photo of everyday when you wake up?

    Which Asian Woman would you most like to have over for dinner and conversation?

    Which Asian Woman would you most like to mud wrestle with?

    There are all kinds of attaractive qualities to appreciate in women that can come out in photos. I think that Aluna’s hardest hitting visual attribute is her raw and beautiful sexuality. You won’t find that kind of intense look in a Miss Idaho beauty contest. But there is a place for Aluna on the Intetnet where a much wider spectrum of tastes is supported. Is Asian Sirens a mid west beauty contest? Personally I do not think so. We can see porn stars, spoiled brats and beauty queens, side by side at A.S. and I think they should not be compared, just enjoyed by everyone here with all their whacky diversity. Actually I would like to have the porn star, the brat and the beauty queen, all over for dinner but on seperate nights.

  26. I think I’ve got it! I believe it all comes down to one thing: class.

    For me to find a girl attractive – or IMHO for her to be suitable for modelling – she needs to have a certain level of class. The other models we’ve featured from Adam’s site all have it to some degree (Tiara, Jenny, Lola). To me Aluna looks like many girls you could meet on the streets in Thailand, and I believe that’s her attraction for many of our readers. She’s the kind of girl they can easily imagine having, well, you know… 😉

    At the other extreme is someone like Sachiko, who is not only a model but also a classical musician and dancer, as well as being very outspoken and intelligent. This would be very intimidating for a lot of men, so that they couldn’t imagine having you-know-what with her. Hence they will prefer someone like Aluna. Am I right?

  27. So I saw several question shere asking her ethnicity and so far no answer other than she was born South East Asia – Adam when you shoot these girls for me at least one of the pieces of info I like to know is where they are from enthnicity wise. Great photography by the way … what do you usually use for lighting?

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