Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley is one of the models who caught my attention at the last Model Showcase Event. I was not alone as Alice told me she has been very busy doing shoots since then. The photo above was shot by Lawrence Gayoso.

For those who will be in the Los Angeles area, you can meet Alice in person at Glamourcon next weekend November 19th and 20th where she will have a booth.

For even more sexy photos of Alice, click on

Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley

The first of these three photos is one that caught my eye at the Model Showcase Event for obvious reasons and the second two were shot by Moses Marquez for his paysite Women of Perfection where you can see more of Alice literally (implied nude) and at very high printable resolution.

All the photos are courtesy of Alice Bradley’s website and in addition to the photos you can find out more about Alice such as that she is ethnically Chinese and has a young daughter. The fact that she has had a child was a surprise to me since I would have never guessed based on how she looks.

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High resolution implied nude photos of Alice at

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  1. Wow badboy! I may not always have shared your tatse in models in the past but Alice really looks great in these photos. The top two photos especially are really nice quality too. Are you sure you have to leave?

  2. Alice Bradley recently e-mailed folks on her mailing list (she had a signup sheet at the two modeling events she was at) about an online modeling contest that she is in at and would appreciate votes from her fans daily. It is actually more like a rating thing where you can rate the models from 1 to 5 where 5 is hot and 1 is not so I am not sure how they determine the winners of the contest (most ratings or highest ratings or combination of the two?). Regardless, giving her a 5 vote daily would be a good thing.

    As a further incentive to check out her contestant page and vote, there are some sexy photos on that page that I haven’t seen before.

  3. Sweet body… Does anyone know how old she “might be”? She looks a little “aged” (not that it’s necessarily a bad thing per se… aged wine/cheese are sometimes the best)… Also, I wished her nipples are more “poppy” and more refined… But that’s just my personal taste (get it?… “taste”?)

  4. Her MySpace Page says 27.

    Her Modelography Profile says her birthday is 1973-05-30 which means her 33rd birthday is right around the corner.

    My estimation is about 35-36.

    Even with the ugly under the breast implant scars, a world-class MILF.


    *Comment edited to fix layout issue.

  5. Ok I’m about 5 years late with this, but here’s a treat for Alice Bradley fans of which I am one. Download these sets, you won’t be sorry!

    Set 1

    Set 2

    Set 3


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