A New Year, A Slightly New Asian Sirens!

For the new year, we have decided to start a couple of new initiatives at Asian Sirens. First of all, you may have noticed a new Technical Support link in our lefthand column. We have added this because some people weren’t receiving our confirmation email when they tried to join, and because they weren’t yet members, they weren’t able to contact us about it! However, this support form works for non-members too.

Secondly, after the furore generated by NorthMan’s Helen Su post a few weeks ago – which ultimately resulted in NorthMan’s departure from Asian Sirens – we have undertaken a review of Asian Sirens’ editorial policy. However, we have decided not to make any major changes to our posting rules, as we believe we already have the best balance between free and open discussion while simultaneously blocking offensive posts – it is simply impossible for a moderator to satisfy all of the people all of the time. Still, on the other hand…Helen’s post is a good example of something that we did identify as being an issue: sometimes a thread will ‘touch a nerve’, resulting in a lot of discussion about a particular issue that isn’t necessarily specifically about the post it is being discussed in. For example, Helen’s post touched off a discussion about the seemingly endless parade of ‘SoCal’ import models these days, many of whom set up non-nude pay sites. This made it look as though our readers were negative toward Helen, whereas they were actually complaining about a much wider issue.

So from now on, we will be setting up discussion posts so that people can talk about these issues independently of the discussion about the women themsleves. This will keep our posts more focused, while simultaneously allowing people to get things off their chest without appearing to target a particular model. When we set up such a post, we will let people know about it, and deem any further discussion of the topic outside the discussion post off-topic. I will be putting up the first such post very shortly, about exactly the issue raised in Helen’s post.

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  1. Just wanted to take a moment to thank all those who make Asian Sirens possible. This site is awesome and could not have been possible without a lot of time and dedication.

    Thanks for all your efforts to make Asian Sirens better and better.

    Just wanted to let all of you know you are appreciated.

    Happy New Year Wishes.


  2. really…we are very appreciative of all the blog team, marco, robin, and doc…kicking site and sweet babes for us to peruse….very informative also…thanks guys and lets have a better year in 07….

  3. Thanks for the website! I don’t read most comments but I like most of the pictures. I stopped reading comments long ago because I found most of them mean spirited, and without any substance, but this one made me also read some of the comments under the Helen Su post. It actually makes me sad that I don’t feel comfortable participating in this community.

    I guess the comments reflect the tone that the administrator’s want this site to portray? You guys want a website where a bunch of guys can critique the most minute flaws–much like the Howard Stern show where those guys would use a black magic marker to circle flaws on some unfortunate woman. You want a website full of crass men, right? No models answering questions, right? Do models still participate in the comments? Anything beyond a quick commercial for themselves?

    I work at a university and always find it amusing how the school newspaper is always full of negative articles. It is much easier to critique and be negative than to write a well balanced article. Proof in point is that I am a poor writer and this comment is basically a negative article.

    I was thinking that if you showed a SoCal model and said she was one of the thousands of hot women that one of the posters says he sees every day on the streets of China then everyone would agree that this was a woman of great beauty with a fresh look. Kind of how people react to wine and art. Not too many know what they’re talking about, but lots who can talk the talk.

    I saw a girl this afternoon in the supermarket with black, blond, and pink hair. She had a look that I’ve rarely seen on this site. I don’t think most of you would approve. Oh, I like breasts. I like small fake ones and big real ones. I like small real ones and big fake ones, also.

    Thanks for listening and I hope you continue your discussions on your editorial policies. I hope when all is said and done, you have the website that you want.

  4. What would you have us do, delete all ‘negative’ comments? Where do we draw the line? How would I have time to sleep or do anything else? 😉

    The fact of the matter is, if all the people complaining about the ‘negativity’ stopped complaining and started contributing some of their own positive comments, then the general tone will become more, well, positive. Indeed, complaining about the negativity is a form of negativity itself, so by doing this you only make the situation worse, not better!

  5. Those women go on Howard’s show aren’t unfortunate. They go on Howard Stern because they want to be critiqued on how they look because they want to model for Playboy. As much as I hate Playboy, they have very high standards on the women that they look for. Is it truly negative to offer valid criticism? If Helen was modeling for free, you wouldn’t hear me criticize anything. However the world doesn’t work that way and she has bills to pay which is why she has a pay site.

    Is it so wrong to not like the SoCal look? I don’t think so. Natural beauty should be encouraged more with these models. However the world doesn’t work that way and these models are not catering to those who truly appreciate the beauty of Asian women because most men are shallow.

    I feel as humans we tend to naturally focus on the negative, maybe because it is easier to do so. I guess negativity stirs more interests and causes more controversy. But I have no complaints about the valid criticisms made about Helen. For all of the people who really felt this strongly about Helen should have made her article overwhelmingly positive. But it was just mostly complaints about negative comments. And if the only thing people had to say is that she is hot, then people would stop reading her article and read a newer article.

  6. First, I’d like to echo the appreciation for everyone who is working to keep this site as good as it is. It’s great!

    Second, I wonder how exactly these new threads are going to work. We all start by reading new posts, and then react to the other comments. Few people will start with a thread just to read about (for example) the endless parade of SoCal import models. I guess that few people start with old posts, as good as many are.

    What we need is a seemless way of moving an ongoing discussion to the appropriate thread. Perhaps you can literally move comments, keeping the originating/transitional comment in place with a note that comments that appear to be responsive to that comment (rather than being about the topic) have been moved [here]. It’s going to be tricky. Perhaps you can do something clever with tags. Good luck with it.

  7. If thirtyeyes doesn’t read most comments, then how can he complain? He stopped reading comments long ago right?

  8. A word of appreciation to the blog team. It really takes a lot of time and effort to put this together, but it’s a great site, and asian beauty deserves it. 🙂

  9. I agree with candyman to an extent. Its fine not to like socal models, but excaiming that in the Helen Su thread was off topic. I do not like the new discussion thread idea. It seems like even more work for moderators. I honestly think that we should keep the system roughly the way weve had it and just trust our members to obey the rules. I am very confident that multiple moderators read through almost every single comment that is posted and can mark members who are excessively rude or off topic. Just a suggestion.

    On another note, I want to give my respect to the staff for doing an overall wonderful job during the time I have been here. Keep it up, I know you will.

  10. I’m not going to be draconian in enforcing this policy – free and open discussion is still the most important thing I think. However, we do want to try to keep each thread more focused on the subject of the thread, which I think most people can agree with. It will be more work for me though, so I hope I can keep up! 🙂

  11. Whatever you guys decide is great. It was unfortunate most of the garge came out on Helen Su’s write up. She didn’t deserve that. Maybe if you guys had a long running thread just to rant called what else “rants” then maybe everyone can say what they feel like and it wouldn’t really have to be monitored because most models probably wou;ldn’t care to look in there anyway. Just a suggestion. Wish all you guys a Happy New Year!!

  12. I also want to give a shoutout to the blog team who do an outstanding job. I feel that Asian Sirens should stay the way it is. I’m not going to visit a separate discussion area, so I am going to stay as much on topic as possible and no side comments about Bush.

    As for that chick in the ad. I know her prominently as Carolyn from A4Y. She goes by Chelsea at Thai Cuties. She also has some breast surgery done since the last time I looked at her.

    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3

  13. Nice! Thanks CM!! And I appreciate no side comments about Bush….unless you’re talking about bush. 😉

  14. I used to enjoy this site more when there was less policing required and less self promotion by certain moderators. I still enjoy the posts. The beautiful women are fortunately, never ending. In 2007 I resolve to enjoy the beauty and leave the nitpicking for the produce section at the market.

  15. As I said, a moderator can never please all of the people all of the time – some will say it’s too much, others will say it’s too little. Which probably means we’ve got the balance about right.

  16. Hi Lee….

    “KimNguyen_03” made a comment today in a thread from back in March of 2006.

    She pointed to an earlier comment in the same thread by “CrackAss” that you might want to consider for removal.

    What do you think?

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