Ziyi Zhang

Ziyi Zhang

Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang sure is one of my favourite Asian actresses. She posed for FHM magazine back in 2001. You will find the photo’s on this unofficial site. As far as I know she never posed nude.

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  1. Not fair? I think it’s a very sexy photo. I Agree with you that she’s famous for her talent and her beautiful face…. but also because she is very sexy. The simple fact tat she posed for FHM magazine states that she herself also agrees with this. Don’t you think so?

  2. Zhang Ziyi interview by Natalie Portman in the latest Interview Magazine. I couldn’t find a full text transcription and it seems like everyone is copying the same excerpts. She is currently studying English 5 hours a day but as you will see in the excerpts hasn’t quite mastered it yet (although her English overall is very good).

    Here is one example at justjared’s blog that includes scanned photos from the magazine.

    A scanned version of the entire interview can be found here and here (2 pages).

  3. Be careful. I just clicked on one of the above newly posted photos and immediately had an attempted virus attack. Even such a hottie as she is not worth it.

  4. When I click on that link I get a box that says “Sorry! This content is unavailable in your country until April 2009 – please check back then! Until that time, we hope you will check out the rest of our photos and videos!” …and then I get a bunch of worthless celebrity Paris H. crap.

    Thanks for trying, Doc.

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