Ziyi Zhang in The Banquet

Trailer for the latest Ziyi Zhang movie The Banquet (here is a fanpage with loads of material!). I didn’t see the movie yet, but I guess I will soon enough.

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  1. I saw it. Pretty good movie but I didn’t like the ending. I didn’t find Ziyi’s role to be as interesting as some of her other roles.

  2. i love ziyi. i am going to send doc my assistant’s pix and he can posted for comparison:) no offense, but my limit for chinese type movies like Crouching Tiger is the most i can stand of flying, and unreal fight scenes….getting to be rediculous. film like Heros and House of Flying Daggers drive me nuts. i guess i am not use to too artsy fartsy flying around movies. yuck

  3. There are some nude scenes, although these were censored in China πŸ™

    Apparently Ziyi Zang used a body double for these scenes so we still haven’t seen any of her flesh…


    I know exactly what you are talking about.
    I could stomach Crouching Tiger, but Hero and House of Flying Daggers was so ridiculous to me it was barely watchable.

    You want to see some REAL ACTION… rent some TAKESHI KITANO movies (better yet, buy them) such as


    I’m convinced Japanese understand cross-cultural cinema slightly better than the Chinese. The last great movies from China I could watch were all HK Bruce Lee flicks and to a lesser extent Jet Li’s “Once Upon a Time in China series”.

  5. I agree with Daffy_Duck, the move was good but the ending sucked…i still cant figure out who killed Ziyi Zhang….opps did i hust ruin it for everyone πŸ™‚

  6. Ziyi Zhang was good enough in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but the more I see of her, I get a bad taste in my mouth. What does she have that is so special? I’ve seen Chinese girls who look ten times better than her.

  7. clm…wow, my thoughts exactly…i love the Zotoichi’s series….that guy was dude with the sword…i have a preference for japanese movies more so than the hongkong bublegum crap…sorry no offese to those…not to mentioned their silly hongkong and korean pop stuff. looks for like they are trying to hard to emulate western style…god for bid, back street boys, n, sync, or boyzone..

    now another good chinese martial art movie is Iron Monkey the first one…that’s it…not the crap I and II, and III.

    clm..ziyi is not hot, she is more like cute in a way that you want to violate her in a good way:))

  8. clm..suprisingly i liked Kungfu Hustle…i think that was the title…the movie actually made fun of its own genre..but the fight sequence was kicking…

  9. Ziyi was cool in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but now that she’s been out for a while, she doesn’t do it for me anymore. She’s not sexy. She is cute in that “I would love to violate her” sort of way, but not cute enough to make me run out and go see whatever movie she’s in. She’ll be an afterthought once a younger, cuter actress emerges from China.

  10. i dont know candyman…did you see her in Rushhour 2?….pretty hot…however she is not very curvy…no boobs..
    but she is a saucy whench:)

  11. I liked her in Rush Hour 2, but who I was really looking at in that movie was Roselyn Sanchez. Ziyi is cute, but I can’t get hyped about a chick with no boobs or bootie.

    BTW, supposedly, Rush Hour 3 is in production with the movie being set in Paris. I’m praying that they have some hot ass Chinese chick with a French accent in that movie.


    There-in lies the biggest problem with China…

    When you have over a Billion people with very similar looks and culture, POP STARS come and go like the sun rises and falls – day by day.

    I remember when I was first in China – “REN XIAN QI” was the big thing. Less than a year later, he was an afterthought and F4 was big. Now they are water under the bridge.

    I give Ziyi about 3 years before she’s a nobody. She better get rich while she can.

  13. Exactly the same, I like her when Crouching Tiger came out but then little by little her “magic” started to dissapear. Now she doesnt move a hair on me. Last movie I watch with her was Memoirs of a Geisha were I tried to force myself so find something again on her but with no luck.

  14. Blue…i hate Memoirs of the Geisha…that movie can suck my schlong:)…a japanese story with all chinese female cast. Ziyi sounds and looks so stupid in that movie. let me say this again…a very stupid movie. Gong Li is hot though. an enduring beauty…with boobs and ass. did i already said I hated Memoirs…? it SUCKS

  15. damn! i just checked out candyman’s myspace…dude, you are huge and i guess you have yellow fever like CLM:))

  16. That’s not me, just an avatar. I’m only 5’9 200lbs. I can’t have my real identity out there like that.

    I guess I started out with yellow fever back in the day, but I progressed way passed that stage. My admiration for Asian women is much more sophisticated than some lame with “yellow fever.”

  17. LawBoy you are very right on that. Memoirs should have had a japanese cast… it sort of feels ‘not so pure’ that way, with the top women being chinese.

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