Zheng Yifei (Mainland Sirens 7)


Zheng Yifei, English name Daimi Zheng is a fairly established model now. She’s built up quiet a nice moko profile page with some great shoots.

Yifei is a quarter Russian. From my experience it seems to be a commonly held belief amongst most mainlanders that Chinese mixed race people (e.g. half Chinese, half European) are usually good looking. With girls like Yifei around it’s easy to see why people believe that!














Age: 23
Height: 166cm / 5’4
Ethnicity: 3/4 Chinese 1/4 Russian
From: Guangdong


Pics 1
Pics 2
Pics 3
Mainland Hotties

A final Cherry on the top of the proverbial cake. Check out this saucy vid of hers.(Wait a few seconds for the ad to pass before it loads).

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  1. Some of the pics make her look (in Doc’s words, I believe) ‘unremarkable’ or average, but the first pic makes her look unbelievably sexy. Love the curves! 😉
    lol@the milk pic. Could have made a funny pic if the photographer had asked her to move the bottle closer – to the cow’s mouth, or even the udder.
    Thanks Shuai Ge for posting your Mainland Hotties here, cos accessing MH is virtually impossible for me 🙁

  2. Man that first pic is hot! The rest are good too, but they can’t compete with the first one. She’s very sexy.

  3. Similar to Dr Lee, face isn’t amazing but still very cute; body is amazing. But the nasty tat ruined it.

    With all the wealth creation in China, anyone want to speculate when women there will start getting implants? And before you reject the idea, women there, in droves, are getting eye surgery and do it because they believe they can get better paying jobs. I do think it will happen soon – but think the women will mostly go for C cups, not huge ones.

  4. @ WestCoast: It’s here already, adverts for hospitals specializing in beauty surgery are everywhere now performing various operations. Although it’s rare to see any women here with obviously fake breasts, likely because women prefer smaller ‘tasteful’ implants, such as the ones popular with many JAV stars.

    @longtack: Sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing Mainland Hotties, it really has been getting harder and harder this year to use the internet normally in China for western sites without buying a VPN line, sucks eh

  5. @Shuai, thanks for that information. What types of women get implants? What size cup do they get? I’ve been going to Shanghai every year since 2005 – I can’t remember ever seeing a woman who had implants. Maybe a few models at a fashion show – but they were wearing clothes that made it hard to tell. And I have gone to Hong Kong just as often – the only women I saw there who had them were the ones who worked on Lockhart St.

  6. @WestCoast: I suspect you’ve seen dozens of women with implants – you just didn’t know! They are very common for Chinese women these days, but they usually get them so small that you’d wonder why they bothered. 🙂 Still, I suspect many of the current mainland Chinese models have them, so it seems that the younger girls (at least the models) are starting to want their breasts to be more noticeable.

  7. arf over the top? No way!!

    Her nose is a little too angular, but she has pretty eyes and great cleavage.

    @WestCoast: I don’t care for tats as a rule, but I only see one of Zheng and it seems inconspicuous — I can’t see how this would ruin her appeal.

  8. her nose job (a pretty bad one at that) makes her face look strange in some pics and in some a bit scary!!! almost kotoy-like. however her body is smashin hot. model quality.

  9. I think she is very nice, to be picky I think the thin upper lip makes her look nasty in some pictures but overall I find her very sexy.

  10. …second shot and some of the others…straight out of MANHATTANS Bar in Shanghai….bit rough ….not to my liking I think…

  11. I’m quite enjoying the Mainland sirens, lots of fresh faces I haven’t seen before and really sexy too. Like this girl a lot, mixed races are almost always the most beautiful to me, especially when they get the best of both/all worlds. Good stuff.

  12. She has a smoky look to her…..was thinking of a verse where I would use the word smokin’, but the only rhymes were tokin’ and pokin’ & I figured the Doc might toss it (even if he leaves some room for artistic expression.)

    I think that even 3/4 Chinese makes her a foreigner in China.

    Nothing at all wrong with Ms. Zheng.

  13. I thought that dip was jokin’
    Having trouble rhyming smokin’
    He says all he got was tokin’
    and a little bit of pokin’.
    But if he thought a little harder
    And looked around the larder(wtf? it rhymes)
    He’d come up with soakin’
    And woken and…errr…geeze it is hard (said the Asian Siren to the member).

    oh wait…broken? Or token? But in a poem to Ms Zheng? Hardly likely.

  14. Even dbldipper can have an off day:-)

    To Ms. Yifei
    I say “Yes Way!”
    Even an atheist
    would pray
    for her to
    come out and play
    without delay

    I think I need another beer…..

  15. Would I with Ms. Zheng*
    Even have a chance
    Since I’m not very hung
    In the middle of my pants.

    I’m certainly not a brute
    To say she’s very cute.
    I love to see those eyes
    They’d be my sure demise.

    So thanks to Wings and Tack
    From lethargy I’ve come back.
    What’s next from Shuai Ge**?
    The Chinese connoisseur.

    *Zheng is pronounced as Zhung
    **Also assuming that the Ge in Shuai Ge is pronounced “Ger.”

  16. Lol, I’m sure the silver tongue would make up for any shortfalls! Great work dbldipper, hilarious!

  17. @Dr Lee and Westcoast re implants.
    My Chinese g/f told me last night one of her friends, a 28 y/o got breast implants in Nanjing a few years ago. Cost 100 thousand rmb (about $US12 thousand). The marriage broke up mainly because she wouldn’t let her husband touch them fearing he would damage them. Some surgeons working in China are Korean.

  18. @ dbldipper: your 100% right in assuming that the Ge is pronounced “Ger.” Well done sir.

    @longtack: 10wan for breast implants sounds expensive. No wonder she wanted to protect them. (even if it does defeat the point of having them done to some extent)

  19. A case of ‘look but don’t touch’ eh?
    And it wasn’t because she’d just had the op either that he couldn’t touch them.
    I was surprised it was done in Nanjing and not a major city like Shanghai or Beijing. Although I wouldn’t doubt that those centres have such services as well. The implants were US made apparently – possibly contributing to the cost. But there are some pretty affluent Chinese keen on such ‘conspicuous consumption’. After the BMW and the house, for some, it’s a logical next purchase.

  20. The great irony of longtack’s story is that to avoid hardening, breast implants actually need to be manipulated quite strongly and frequently post-op. Indeed, it is my opinion that the majority of breast implant failures are due to the recipient failing to do this. Oddly, I have heard several stories like this from Chinese women – for some reason they seem to be reluctant to do this. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. 🙂

  21. What is it that ‘hardens’, is it the components of the implants or scar tissue around the site?
    I imagine if it were the implant itself that could be changed.
    I am guessing Doc recommends ongoing post- op breast manipulation sessions at his clinic, for the attractive girls anyway 😉

  22. The scar tissue around the implant – the number one cause of failed breast surgery is capsular contracture, which is where the scar tissue hardens to such a degree that it squeezes the implant, causing considerable pain. In most cases it won’t get this bad, but failure to manipulate will almost always result in undesirably hard implants. And yes, I do strongly recommend ongoing manipulation, preferably by an expert. 😉

  23. First pic is a winner, but she’s a little too thin. She needs to get more pounds. I’d happily welcome and feed her. 🙂

    Doc, thanks for the tip on the manipulation needs. I think this will be quite handy for everyone on AS. LOL

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