Yuka Haneda

Yuka Haneda

Who said this girl is not real? Well, you bet she is real! Yuka Haneda was born on July 14, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan and has a sweet, innocent look about her which complements her tight busty body. Just found some great shots of her. Enjoy it!
Yuka Haneda

Yuka Haneda

Yuka Haneda

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0 thoughts on “Yuka Haneda”

  1. Actually LawBoy, it’s areola (singular) or areolae (plural). One of my jobs around here is to occasionally clean up the grammar and spelling in Robin and Marco’s posts (but only occasionally – their English is actually very good for non-native speakers). 😉

  2. She is SPECTACULAR! WOW! Could give Reon Kadena a run for hottest in Japan. Actually I think she may be hotter…..hmmmm…

  3. I was just about to scour the net for more pics or Yuka until I realized that I did that already a while back. What’s not to like? Yuka’s cute, her body is juicy, and the photography is excellent. I would have totally forgot about her if it wasn’t for this article. Thanks.

  4. Wait Dock, you are kidding me, Robin and Marco aren’t native speakers? Wow! I mean it, there I’ve never detected anykind of akwardness.

  5. In part that’s because I correct their most obvious gaffs, but I often forget they aren’t native speakers myself!

    As for the girl in arf’s link, that’s Love from Tokyo Topless – you can see plenty of other busty Japanese girls there too!

  6. This is prolly the first post of 2007 that has caught my attention. Very nice find and thanks for the post.

  7. nice face , nice boobs, nice ass, one of asian-sirens’ best ! gotta download her movies now…

  8. lol i revoke my previous comment… just saw the porno of her — these are just really good pics of her she is actually quite big O_O eh watever i’d still hit it but damn shes so much better lookin in these pics

  9. I didn’t want to break everyone’s bubble, but now that yangbwoi’s spilled the beans, I strongly suspect a lot of this girl’s appeal is down to the exceptional photography in this case – anybody know who the photographer is?

  10. I think it’s true for most of the models; beauty is often the result of both the model and the photographer. I’m sure Yuka is a great looking girl, but it’s the photographer who makes her looking excellent. That’s also why I’ve always been focused not only on models but also on the photographers.

  11. I couldnt agree more. The photography is exceptional. (1st pic) It takes a great photographer to bring out the glimpse of beauty exists in most women. When they are stunning when they roll out of bed in the morning, its a lot easier.

  12. I glad we can agree on this one redlaw. 🙂

    I very much admire what this photographer has created here, but there are many photographers (in Japan especially) who are masters at this. Unless I could do it better than they can (which I seriously doubt), I prefer to bring something new to the table. So I’ll stick with models who are stunning when they roll out of bed in the morning, and just try to capture that. 😉

  13. You should come to visit the part of Australia I live in some time – you’ll get a sore neck trying to catch all the cute Asian girls. 😉

  14. She is SPECTACULAR! WOW! Could give Reon Kadena a run for hottest in Japan. Actually I think she may be hotter…..hmmmm…


  15. Reon is cuter than Yuka, but I find Yuka a little more sexier than Reon. If I had to straight up choose between the two of them, I would choose Reon.

    While I was comparing these two beautiful busty babes, I am again amazed at the overall quality of their respective photosets. And they are also refreshing to view compared to the photosets that come from America. I’m just getting tired of seeing the same types of photos over and over again. And the SoCal look over and over again. All I would like to see more natural-looking Asian-Americans and photos that were more artistic, but that’s not going to happen unless I take the pictures myself.

  16. HAHAHA! Sorry CharlesD! I’ve since reconsidered. Although I really dig Yuka in the photos above, Reon is still the champion. Please excuse my blasphemy.

  17. That’s not enough already? 😉

    Reon’s certainly cute, but there’s so many other great models in Japan – I’ve never quite understood why people seem to think she’s so special.

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