Yua Aida the next Jun Kusanagi?

Yua Aida the next Jun Kusanagi?

Not long ago Yua Aida was a pretty, although fairly unknown, adult starlet. But now she’s breaking all the records at J-List, Vidcover and other Japanese video stores. Who is Yua Aida and why is she so popular these days?

Beside her pretty face she has perfectly shaped breasts and a similar sexy curvature of the waistline, also known as kubire that is known from Japanse stars as Cocolo and Jun Kusanagi.

Since her start in January 2004 she did more than 30 films, several photobooks and various magazine appearances. Her official websites can be found at yuayua.com and yuaaida.com.

For me she definitely could be the next Jun Kusanagi so keep an eye on her!Free picture galleries:

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  1. I really have to beg to differ here. She’s basically just another slim, pretty young Japanese girl – her body is absolutely no comparison with Jun in her prime.

    Jun’s spectacularly tiny waist combined with wide hips and (most remarkably for an Asian girl) wide shoulders – plus of course those miraculous tits – were really one of a kind. I doubt very much that there will ever actually be a ‘new Jun Kusanagi’.

    The closest I’ve seen is the mysteriuous Japanese trumpeter known as “Mash”, who BlueBird actually misidentified as Jun in one of his scans. Finding stuff on this girl is virtually impossible – maybe a job for you Marco?

  2. True, Jun in her prime was absolutely unique but Yua Aida really comes close to it imho.

    Any idea why Yua is so popular at the moment?

    Hmmm, the “Mash”-serie from Bluebird was indeed mysterious. Do you still have that info Lee? Can you post it here?

  3. As far as info goes, I have nothing – and believe me I’ve tried to find it! But I also believe I have all the pics of Mash in existence on the net. Something for the members’ galleries perhaps?

  4. As to why Yua is so popular at the moment, beats me! But then and again I find it hard to figure out why many models are as popular as they are – and why many others aren’t as popular as they should be. I guess this applies to many things in life (music in particular).

  5. Shes very popular in Japan now cause….. Like Sora Aoi, they made a huge move in the Japanese AV industry which shocked everyone. They jumped ship to new comer video company S1 Video after years rolling with the Japanese Video bigboys. ie: Japan Home Video, Max-A.


    Yua on the other hand signed up with Styleart also on top of S1. Styleart is a very very new company.

    The S1 videos are way cooler and better since they seem to have a bigger budget to make the movies.

  6. I like her because of she has that rarest of asian qualities: beautiful hips and a great ass. Also her face is capable of looking sophisticated. If you take in all the photography of her you’ll find a remarkable variety of styles.
    Can we get photos of her without censorship. What’s with the pixels?

  7. Once again, I feel Jun’s hips are far more spectacular. As for her ass, like most Asian girls I don’t feel it’s very remarkable. I don’t really think Asian girls are the best choice for real ass men.

  8. But Yua’s hips are very shapely and her ass is firm and round with a good squaring off under the buttocks. I like a nice straight line there, you know what I mean? Size is not important. It’s all about the shape.
    After reading your posts I’ve had a good look at Jun, and in my opinion she doesn’t cut it. Those droopy tits and that unremarkable face just make her seem like someone you wouldn’t look twice at in the street. Ok, maybe twice. Yua, however, seems like one of those pretty girls I might see in the street and know that I just can’t have, and so looking at her pussy gives me satisfaction I can’t get any other way.

  9. Her butt does indeed look impressive in one of the shots here, but it is a very flattering photo – the Japanese photographers are very good at posing and angling their shots in just such a way as to make their models butts’ look better than they actually are. Most of her butt shots don’t look anywhere near as good as this one.

  10. of all the erotica photography in different countries, i think the japanese photographer’s are the most artistic and talented… (with respect to our host ;)much better than what we get here in the states…or maybe because i am just partial to pictures of asian women….i had a chance to be in japan and purchased some of their magazines..Urecco?…amzing pictures…

  11. I think Yua Aida’s popular to jav fans because she’s a great performer. Unlike a lot of the dead fish av actresses out there she can get down. Oh and this may sound gross to some people but she sweats when she’s doing it which is kinda hot to me.

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