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The purpose of Asian Sirens is to be a beauty site, not a pornography site. So while we often feature nudity, that’s because the female body is amazing – not because we’re trying to become just another triple X blog.

So I only have a few photos of Yoko Yoni because her poses come pretty close to breaking the unwritten no-pornography rule we have here, since we don’t want non-nude models to be scared away from this site. But I thought she would be attractive to a lot of the members here so I’m featuring her anyway.Stats:







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  1. She’s quite beautiful, and certainly worthy of being an asian siren.

    I’m surprised you were hesitant to post her Travis. I’d say her pics are several steps from being pornographic.

  2. yeah she is really nice. My gut feeling is there used to be more nude models featured but I may be wrong.
    I think that Hegre crosses the line into pornography, not that I mind. I find that his penchant for close ups and poses that highlight the vagina are porn, only my opinion (I enjoy looking at vagina close ups as much as anyone). They are nice photos generally, and maybe his aim is to explore the difference between the two, but I think most of his subscribers aren’t high art enthusiasts.

  3. Yeah, I think “Hegre Porn” became a far more appropriate title years ago. I also think there used to be more nude models around – these days it’s all ‘implied’ nudity. Sadly, we seem to have gone backwards here.

  4. I really like this girl. Not sure exactly why, she’s not stunningly beautiful or overtly sexy, but something about her is really attractive. Very asian girl next door, pretty but not intimidating, amazing tight body, looks like she’s sweet and fun. Wait, I know what it is. She looks a little like Nia Peeples in the second pic who I had a giant crush on many years ago.

  5. I always thought ‘pornography’ was the depiction of the sex act, especially explicit penetration. I don’t believe Asian Sirens has ever published such images. So I don’t consider the images in this post (and others of similar nature) to be porn.
    She is gorgeous – and reminds me of the sexy hooker I had in Shanghai last night (grins).

  6. @longtack, not having a dig at your definition, it is after all yours, but wouldn’t that mean most pornographic literature isn’t porn? Some of my favourite books Razzle, Mayfair, Hustler etc have many naked chicks without penetration, yet I consider them porn, ‘art pamphlets’ to the wife!
    I don’t consider Asian Sirens a pornographic site but I would concede it occasionally features pornographic images.

  7. I’m sure the debate over what constitutes porn has been done to death (on AS as well as other sites). Not shying away from continuing the discussion but maybe to do so would be going off topic.;-)

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