Yna Alba


21-year-old model and avid Miami Heat fan, Yna Alba shows a wide array of looks in her modeling portfolio. From the more standard import and fashion shoots, to photo sessions that involve her putting on full body paint, climbing trees, and even being made to look like a man, which was one of her own concepts. See and read more of Yna at her exclusive interview with Idol Features.

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0 thoughts on “Yna Alba”

  1. Very creative gal! Seems she enjoys the artistic modeling style. The tree shot is pretty cool.

    Not as photogenic as others.

  2. Not as hot as some but she’s easy on the eye. Points for creative shots.
    Last pic shows off a very nice figure and I like the pic of her beside the car.
    lol kroos..if she appeared before you I’m sure you’d be a ‘dribbling horny freak’ in no time. As many of us would.

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