Xu Ying


Xu Ying was another Moko Top Model. And you know what that means…. that’s right! She took a bunch of nude photos for an amateur photographer that got released all over the Internet! Hooray for “scandals!” Xu Ying decided to take it one step further though. Not only did she release nude photos, but she also made sure to wear a tampon the entire time.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: China








Moko Photos
Nude Photos

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  1. LOL at the tampon! These photos show how much Moko modifies the look of their models – she looks much prettier in their photos than she does in the (far more realistic) nude photos (or even worse in the candid shots).

  2. I suppose
    Better to wear a tampon
    Certainly so
    Than a crampon.

    I was thinking about clamp-on as a euphamism for strap-on, but nah.

    Not all that pretty.

  3. Xu Ying
    is not really my thing
    Her body’s okay
    But her face?
    Better not say

    I’m thinking that even arf wouldn’t be on board with this one:-)

  4. Well, after perusing the links, I have to say..Oh, THAT tampon.
    2 things:
    1. Why wasn’t photoshop wheeled out? Which means maybe that it was intentional.
    2. I guess it reminds us that menstruation is natural, even ‘normal’. But having said that, was it really necessary for the shoot?
    And yes luvjgirls, I see it in pic 5 now. The string of pearls kinda was a distraction.

  5. Ms Xu Ying
    Had some pearls on a string
    Decorating her lower region.
    Alas and alack
    When we again looked back,
    Another kind of string
    We found attached to a ‘thing’.

  6. umm, this post reminds me of that email that circulated a while back with photos of hot girls until the last one isnt. We were doing so good here, but not liking this one too much.

  7. I think she looks nice, her lips are a bit thin but I still think she is attractive. The MOKO shots are obviously better.
    I think given the relaxed nature of the nude shots that the tampon is intentional as some sort of statement or for a fetish market. It doesn’t really worry me it is just nice to see a MOKO girl get naked, even if it is a bit amateurish.

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