Who Needs Nintendo? Internet chats in China just got more interactive

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Where was I when they held the Sexual Culture Fair here in Guangzhou, China last year and designated this cyber-toy as an AIDS prevention product?

The rage of the show, these are sets of latex organs that can be plugged into a USB port and controlled remotely by your partner at the other end of the firewall. Interactive gaming just got interesting. It was intended for couples separated geographically by work or circumstance. Right!The National Sex Studies Institute loved this item, but the The Communist Youth League (who also has it in for Voodoo dolls) considers the gizmo “one-sided” (I am not sure they measured the impact of that phrase,) and says it “does not consider the welfare of the majority” (Imagine that!) and that it is a “betrayal of thousands of years of traditional Chinese morality.”

Traditional Chinese Morality, aye? I am all for it, but palaces for concubines do not come cheap these days! One corrupt official was arrested for using Olympic Building Monies to construct an apartment house for his female friends.

This gives “Joystick” a whole new meaning.

asian sex toys

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0 thoughts on “Who Needs Nintendo? Internet chats in China just got more interactive”

  1. Well….if you were a computer geek wouldn’t you invent something like this? Plug ‘n Play anyone? I can just imagine the types of viruses this will spread over the internet!

  2. Doc, forgot to mention: there is no Apple version of this one yet…It is in the works….
    I am not sure about this one yet….This is kind of like being in the passenger seat in your own car…I like to drive and…

    The Love Toy Virus…hahaha…Nice Krazy…

    My guess is that the Japanese engineers will morph this into some franchisable virtual love motel soon…

    Balfopai: What color did you need? And I am sure I AM the one who would need recharging…

  3. You mean it doesn’t work with OS X? Perhaps it will by the time Apple releases OS XXX.

    Yay, I’ve finally got a punchline! 😉

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