Who Is This Cutie?


I received an email a while back pointing me to this gallery page, and asking me who the girl is. The short answer is that I have no idea (I suspect she is an amateur or an up and coming model), but boy is she cute! I’ve always had a thing for Asian geek girls (I think glasses look great on Asian girls) and I love the combination of such a sweet and innocent looking girl with such big tits (I should point out they are seriously pushed up though, so they wouldn’t really be as big as they look here). She also looks Taiwanese to me, and I love the Taiwanese look. There’s plenty of other shots in the gallery, including a few stylised model shots (which I personally don’t like anywhere near as much as her casual shots).

UPDATE: She is Elly Tran Ha, and Vietnamese (my other favourite ethnicity!).

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  1. Here’s a rough translation of the Russian at the top of the page: ” Ellie – a very popular girl from Vietnam It turns out that in Vietnam there is the Internet. Accordingly, there are girls who are trying to become popular with the help of the Internet itself. Mainly because of their appearance. In the photo below you will see a beautiful girl Ellie, she is a famous blogershoy in Vietnam. Look at these smart eyes and everything else, it really is beautiful”

  2. I kept seeing that “Mona Lisa” smile and wondered if she had bad teeth or something. Turns out she has a beautiful smile. Great find, Dr. Lee! I like everything about her and agree, her natural shots are best.

  3. Fantastic guy’s best looking girl on here in ages!

    I was starting to get worried with the same facial expression, but that eventually changed πŸ™‚

  4. Let’s start with the hair! WOW! From there on just keeps getting better. Loved the shot of her sitting to the left of the little table.

  5. She is ridiculously cute cause of the smile and the glasses – I just wanna make that beutiful face so sticky.

    I couldn’t even be seen walking around with a girl this small and cute cause I’d get locked up for pederasty.

  6. Aw heellll naw Doc! She’s phenomenal!!! A-S has not delivered an instant crush to me in a looooong time…Yet here I am trynna’ figure out how I can break away from work & spend a coupla’ months in ‘Nam.Good find.

  7. Doc, I’ve been looking at asian-sirens for quite a while and I finally made an account to give you some info on this girl. however it’s in vietnamese so I can’t read it for the life of me. I’ve seen this girl for the past few weeks. perhaps even a month but here’s a link for more pictures


  8. What a find! Looks amazing w/ or w/o glasses. There seems a slight shyness that makes her even sexier. And a truly rocking body. Thanks much!

  9. Astounding. I have been seeing this girl around before, but leave it to Asian Sirens audience to deliver the real goods.

  10. Thanks HarlequnisCrest, although your link is in Chinese, not Vietnamese!

    I’m hoping that means the age information is incorrect, otherwise I’m going to have to close this post. πŸ™‚ I’m going to go with her Facebook page for now, as 22 looks a lot more right to me, and her own page is obviously far more likely to be correct. Besides, it would be a tragedy to take her down!

  11. I think the Beach Boys wrote the song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” based on the fact that this girl needs to take it to the next level. Unless, of course, she is 16. Eep.

  12. She’s actually so fine and perfect, it makes me sad she isn’t my girlfriend of significant other. She has so many different looks on the page above and they all look perfect. Flawless.

  13. I just went through a couple hundred photos of this woman and there is no doubt in my mind she is absolutely a perfect 10. I just can’t find anything I don’t like about her. Breathtaking. Sigh!

  14. gotta love vietnam
    she;s beautiful
    i gotta get out there
    always stay friends with an ex cause you can always visit them, especially when they live in asian countries:)

  15. She’s just a few weeks older than my daughter (based on her Facebook page). It’s getting harder and harder (pun intended) to be a dirty old man. If she’s really on 16, though, I might have to burn my eyeballs:-)

    BTW, welcome back Travis.

    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink say no more

  16. I’m kind of annoyed by the lipservice to political correctness. As if finding a 16 year old with a biblical rack to be sexually attractive is somehow sick. The photos are non-nude and don’t represent any type of sexual act, and therefore completely legal. The age of consent in most states in the USA is 16, and similar or even lower in many European countries.

  17. I think Dr. Lee is just trying to stay out of trouble her. As for me, I like, but I would still have to burn my eyeballs.

  18. @DrNo: I totally agree with you, but we have stupid legal issues to worry about unfortunately. As this site features nudity, we are legally obliged to make sure all models are 18 or over (even though the age of consent is 16 – you can have sex two years before you can look at nude photos!).

    @Travis: well it turned out to be a good post anyway. πŸ™‚

  19. Looking at the above links, this lady’s photos run the spectrum from cute youngster to the HOTTEST woman! Incredible!

  20. Alright – as much as I like this girl, I’m starting to feel that we’re getting a little carried away here. First of all, as her swimsuit photos show, her tits really aren’t that big without the push-up bras; for another thing, she actually doesn’t look that good in a swimsuit, period. Oddly, this seems to be a trait shared by many Vietnamese women, as great as they might look with clothes on (and as much as I personally love them) – see my Duong Truong Thien Ly post for another example of this curious phenomenon. Thuy Mai Phuong is yet another (particularly extreme) example of this.

  21. Who’d have thought that the nerdy look would ever be en Vogue. When I was in high school the nerdy girls were always the ones you avoided at all costs. I wonder if they’ll start calling this the Ugly Betty Effect.

  22. As far as I know…

    DOB: Aug. 6, 1987
    3size: 88(E?)-58-90cm
    Nationality: USA
    Race: Chinese/Vietnam mix
    Height: 168cm
    Weight: 47kg

  23. Uh-Oh…another one of them first we like her, now she’s just sort of OK kinda girls. πŸ™‚ Well not me…maybe it’s her waistline and glasses, but I still can’t get enough of this cutie.

  24. Ok, so she’s pretty much a 10. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I can nitpick about her for the past 10mins and all I can say is… umm… she has bushy eyebrows.

    That’s it. And to be honest, I think they look adorable and perfect in some of those shots. But literally, that’s all I can find slightly critical to talk about. lol…

    This is by far the hottest Vietnamese (albeit she’s only “half”) girl I’ve ever seen.

    Well done gentlemen for identifying her and providing us with some great galleries and excellent information (16 or not… heh).

  25. If she is Chinese/Vietnamese, that would explain my initial impression that she was Taiwanese (the Chinese/Vietnamese mix often seems to turn out that way – the particular combination of features often ends up looking quite similar to Taiwanese).

  26. Ah, “biblical rack” is somewhat accurate. I looked it up:

    John 36:24 “And St. Biff said ‘Hey guys, look at the heavenly rack on that Pharisee chick!’ as he swigged some more wine. Jesus wept.”

  27. I am truly shocked that an average, maybe even below average looking girl with big tits is be able to garner so much interest here. You guys have featured hundreds of women better looking than her.

    I know I am in the minority, but to me her eyes, nose and mouth are somewhat unattractive. Her only redeeming quality is her breasts which judging by her frame, are probably fake. I am by no means a picky person. I just don’t get what all the fuss is all about.

  28. can’t believe i’m posting here. been browsing for years. but sorry i had to butt in on this one. average asian. “Biblical Tits” title should go to someone like Miss. Francine Dee and not this girl. Her legs perhaps for being short are nothing short of gross. they’ve got no shape what so ever to them. her ass isnt that great. her face? apart from the nose job, eye lid work etc is the only thing saving her from being “very very average”. there are no pretty/natural features on her face at all. i bet she is well popular in her home town and all over the net because of the way she dresses and uses a push up bra. but otherwise. i say…next model please.

  29. and i think some of you need to get out more. if this chick is a 10/10 for you ‘sevendeuce’ then i have some concerns as to the quality of asian women you persevere to get into bed with. but i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and if shes a beauty in your eyes sevendeuce then thats great news for me. i get to sleep with the real good looking asians.

  30. and you can also add chin implants to her ongoing list of facial problems she’s had to fix to keep her face on the internet. her face in the display pic first up top looks like a completely different person to the ones in some of the photos. i’d look like a supermodel if i had as many facial/body enhancements as this girl.

  31. Whew, good thing DrewII came in and said something, or else I would have had to be the one to rain in on this parade. The truth is guys, this girl has a lot of work done on her face.

    I always wondered about the how a nerdy/cute girl garners so much interest as GF material. It’s the same people who hate the fake boobs, “import model” looks, tattoos, and all that glamour associated with the “fakeness” of asian girls.

    Sorry guys, fakeness runs both ways. Import models pander to one crowd, nerdy/cute girls pander to another. But don’t believe this girl is naturally a 10/10.

    Push up bras don’t give you that much cleavage, and her skinny body indicates that it’s highly probably she has implants. Look at her nose from any profile shots. See the perfect, thick bridge that runs straight down? Look at the skin around the nose, is it stretched? I suspect nose job too. And look at her eyes in her sleeping shot (there is one linked somewhere). Look carefully on the closed lids… see those incision marks? Eyes too.

    Now the creepy part… look at her face compared to other girls in shots with her. Is it doll-like? Is it shiny? Almost robotic? Strange to see such a young face with almost static facial muscles, huh?

    As DrewII said, any girl can be rated a 10 if she’s getting this much done. Which is sad because she could have blossomed when she’s older, but now we will never see her true beauty… if any.

  32. And Bigmuff, I think you me and a few other posters are definitely in the minority here. There are definitely hot models posted here, with their imperfections and all.

  33. Alright DrewII: posting your opinion is fine, but personally insulting somebody else’s taste is not – other people are just as much entitled to their taste as you are to yours. Also, saying something is “nothing short of gross” is out as well – you can express your opinion without being insulting.

    I do agree that her legs are a weak point though (but that’s hardly unusual for Asian girls anyway). As I said, she doesn’t look very good in a swimsuit.

  34. she is the new sex doll made in china !!! ahahah

    its incredible : her face do not change in some photos.

  35. DrewII: Perhaps my standard of beauty is less discerning than some on here, but then again, it’s all subjective/perspective/perception/opinion/in the eye of the beholder/<insert cliche here>, no?!

    She fits my mold of what a “10” is. And frankly, I don’t really care if a girl has had surgery as much as many here seem to. She may have had a lot of work done, but I’m no expert and so my blissful ignorance wins the day. πŸ™‚

    That said, I’m always interested in what some of our other readers opinions are on who they feel are “10s”.

    I’ll end it on another cliche: one man’s beauty is another man’s dog.


  36. I agree with both sides on this one. In some pictures I find her insanely hot and would like to give her a good tongue lashing:), in some she looks completely like a fembot, and in a few she just looks haggard but overall I like her. Her original chin however was much better than her new one imho.

  37. I have to agree that surgery per se is hardly a reason to reject a girl, as so many Asian girls have it these days. Bad surgery is of course a valid reason though.

  38. Okay, I have looked at a few more pictures and I can still honestly say that this girl does nothing to me.

    I think her main fault lies in her cheek bones which are too low, too big and not well defined. Also, her mouth and teeth are too big for her face. Basically, her chin and cheekbones are not proportional with the rest of her features giving her a somewhat barbaric cast, at least to me.

    With that being said, I can see how others might find her attractive. I, myself typically prefer more delicate features on a woman than the ones Elly currently possess. I think someone with similar features but is much more appealing is Natsuki Ikeda, who was recently featured here. As for my 10, I guess for now I will go with Kitty Zhang.

  39. I think my wife’s rack is of similar size, I need to get her some push up bras like this girl has.

  40. So many great shots at her Facebook page. Did she have breast enhancement? I saw a couple of shots there that look smaller than the vast majority of the pics. She is amazing regardless of enhancement or not. I can’t say perfect but damn close.

  41. Doc, why did you have doubts until now? πŸ™‚

    Anyway, her breast-to-waist-to-hips ratio is amazing. Totally hot, she loves the camera and the camera loves her.

  42. “Judging from the coolviet profile pic, it does indeed look as though she’s had a boob job.”

    Please break that down, Dr. Lee. How can you tell for sure when her breasts are so packed in and lifted in that pic?

  43. She clearly does have a lot of padding in this pic (as usual!), but there is enough skin exposed in this pic to indicate that they are indeed enhanced, when they are compared with her swimsuit pics. With her other clothed pics, enough of her breasts were covered that I wasn’t completely sure if it was entirely padding, or implants as well. So I’m not saying I can tell from this pic in isolation, but compared with her swimsuit pics, it seems clear that something has been added (on the inside!).

  44. I’ve lived in Vietnam for many years, working as a photographer. While I haven’t worked with Elly, all I can say is WTF! Chin work? Nose work? Lid work? Her features are not unusual and I see no before/after…highly doubtful. Chinese? Again, absolutely normal, hard to find a model in Saigon without Chinese blood. Boob job? Probably, though not necessarily. Please remember in VN most photographers have an unfortunate tendency to shoot with wide-angle lenses, distorting faces and body parts. That, combined with high degrees of photoshop nastiness, and it’s hard to tell what’s what. And a bit of cultural acuity can be useful in telling what’s likely and what’s not. “Creepy”? “Video chat”? “fix to keep her face on the Internet”? all show a profound ignorance of Vietnamese culture and market dynamics. I like this website for the occasional discoveries and insightful comments I see here. But honestly, sometimes I think this forum should be called AsianAftermarketPartsExposed.com
    (BTW happy to be proven wrong)

  45. pezster-

    Great post. Good points.

    While AS does a great job of presenting beautiful women, the many posts you read are an example of another typical day of posted ignorance at AS.

    It’s obvious that many have limited real-life experience with the MANY various looks, cultures, and varieties of asian women.

    My favorites are saying a beautiful Filipina looks latin/hispanic , or saying a Vietnamese girl looks Chinese/Taiwanese, the argument of identifying a models ethnic origin by their professional name, and claiming a photo is unnaturally photoshopped when it isn’t.

    Rather than enjoy their beauty, while learning and understanding their culture….some need to accept and realize that a persons ethic origins extends beyond what you see in a photograph AND their obvious limited experience.

    I’ve been fortunate to date a women from most countries of asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea.

    All were beautiful, all were very special…and not once did I ever think to ignorantly insult, nitpick, or misjudge their beauty, culture, or origins.

  46. I love how people like Dr. O complain about others expressing their opinions in these matters, then stating with certainty that those opinions are false and ignorant! pezster was at least smart enough to say that he doesn’t know for sure. I will say this though: some people go on as if surgery is some kind of radical and insulting suggestion, when in fact probably the majority of affluent Asian girls have it these days (eyelid surgery in particular, although nose jobs are very common as well).

    This is a discussion forum about Asian women: it is only natural that people will speculate about ethnicity, the possibility of surgery, makeup and photography techniques etc. – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is positively foolish to come on here and say that other people aren’t entitled to express their opinion in these matters, then state as fact that everyone else is wrong! And most ridiculously of all, your own comments on ethnicity are the most ill-informed I’ve ever seen here.

  47. Oh BTW: in case it isn’t obvious, “Dr. O” and TedS are one and the same individual. I guess people like him pretend to be more than one person in a desperate attempt to appear to have some credibility. πŸ™‚

  48. What I’ve observed is apparent to any intelligent visitor to AS. This fact cannot be denied.

    It was one of the first things I noticed in the “Comments” section.

    Comments which prove my points are found through out AS, unless the posts have been deleted (I’ve seen that as well)

    Since you state to love the “Taiwanese” look, perhaps you can explain what is the “Taiwanese” look, because I have many beautiful friends from Taiwan…and not one would EVER describe themselves as looking like a mixture of Vietnamese and Chinese feature.

    If you were to say this to a Taiwanese woman in real-like, you make get face slapped for making such an insulting and ignorant misstatement.

    A Vietnamese girl would laugh at the comment…and keep on walking…as fast as she could.

  49. 1) I already answered your first question when you asked it as TedS.

    2) You might want to ask my many Taiwanese and Vietnamese lady friends what they think of my opinions. I actually practice my ability to accurately identify Asian ethnicities every day, as where I live has many Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans and especially Taiwanese. I like to greet them in their native tongue, as the ladies love it πŸ˜‰ The downside of doing that of course is that it’s pretty embarrassing if you get it wrong. πŸ™‚ But luckily, I’d say my strike rate is well over 95%, and probably close to 99%.

    It’s not as if I tell every Chinese/Vietnamese girl I see that they look Taiwanese – I’ve merely observed that they can end up looking this way sometimes (though certainly not always – Vietnamese have a huge diversity of looks due to the many different ethnicities that are present within their borders).

  50. vietnam πŸ™‚

    there’s a few name you might want to google up.but one of them are

    Thuy Top

    Hoang Thuy Linh

    Van Navy

    they are all 9x Models from VN

  51. Yeah – learn the basic greetings first, instead of stuff like “you are very beautiful”, which is an immediate warning sign for any Asian girl (of course if you’re fluent you can say that sort of thing, but if that’s all you know, it’s a dead give away)! I’ll have to write a book on this stuff one of these days. πŸ˜‰

  52. VodanhZ: good list!

    And, BTW, one can argue that given ancient migration paths, most southern Chinese and Taiwanese are kissing cousins to the Kinh Vietnamese.

    There are over 50 ethnic groups in Vietnam. I love that I can walk down the street and see so many different-looking beauties. And as I’m not the cunning linguist like Dr. Lee, I’m forced to great them with a cheerful “Chao em!” Of course I’m cheerful, I live in Vietnam..and I travel regionally a lot πŸ™‚

    Dr O: thanks for your kind comment, I do agree…I love this forum but still I do wish the level of discourse were a notch higher.

  53. “Chao em” and “karm ern” (thank you, although that’s not how it’s actually spelt – I’ve written it phonetically) can get you a surprisingly long way. πŸ˜‰

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “higher discourse” – we can get pretty philosophical around here sometimes, and the level of discourse in this forum is certainly far higher than most babe sites. Also, the likes of Dr O/TedS certainly don’t make it any higher – quite the reverse in fact. πŸ™‚

  54. Well, this has been a nice conversation. You’re right, this is better than other sites.

    One of my favorite quotes is: “la beautΓ© est une logique qui est perΓ§ue comme plaisir”, or “beauty is a logic that is perceived as pleasure”

    I love discussing the logic of beauty, but mainly with people who have some idea what they’re talking about πŸ˜‰

    Also, if a woman is to be treated as an object, let’s do it as an object of beauty, not simply a sex object. Beauty is often sexy, but sexuality is complex and idiosyncratic, and as such it’s utterly uninteresting to discuss why one man thinks this woman or that woman is his ideal sex object.

    BTW @Dr. Lee, good phonetic spelling. I typically tell people to say “cam” like “camera” and “on” like “un” in “underwear” when saying thank you (“cam on”) in Vietnamese.

  55. i have to get back to this discussion when i am not so sleepy πŸ™‚ doc, what happened to the english only rule? btw..you should learn this “em dep lam” :)))

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