Who is Mini Li?

Mini Li?

On Saturday, January 06, 2007, the site Beautiful Newsmakers featured this beautiful Chinese model named Mini Li. They couldn’t find anything else about this beauty, and almost three months later, still no one has responded in the comments. I could not find anything either. So I figured maybe one of our readers has got some more information or photos?
Mini Li?

On Beautiful Newsmakers I read that one of their readers had some information:
Mini Li was born on 7 December and ironically, she stands at 166cm. This stunning beauty is a singer in China and she released her first single back in 2005. At the same time, she was voted ‘fresh star’ by a popular entertainment mag in China. Mini Li loves to listen to music, read and dance. Her goal in life is to be an outstanding entertainer.

We may not have known much about her back when we posted this article, but Shuai Ge has posted a good article on her (with great pics) at Mainland Hotties.

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  1. don’t you just wanna cuff her on your bed, and do all kinds of stuff to her? OH man, I want her.

  2. She might be Chinese. The Thai kids post a lot of photos of Chinese, Japanese and Korean idols on the forums. But they rarely post any info, like a name or source of the photo.

  3. Totally agree with jdrevenge. God damnit, everytime I search mini li on google … I get results “apple ipod mini li-ion battery pack”

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