Who is Carla?

Carla @ Dream Dolls

I just found this Asian model named Carla at Dream Dolls. There are two photosets of her at the moment but no additional info. Does anybody know more about this model?

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  1. Hi Nik2, thanks for the update! I already thought I had seen her and now I remember her site mscarla.com.

    Robin, don’t count on it every week 😉

  2. I met her at Hot Import Nights in San Mateo early last year, before the boob job. She was smoking hot. Now I can barely look at her after the balloons got implanted. What a waste of a beautiful body. Sigh.

  3. Quite likely. Francine’s nipple position ended up being too high because she didn’t have much to start off with and has large low-profile submuscular implants. Her chest muscles prevent the implants from moving up any higher.

    To avoid this problem, she should either have gone for higher profile implants (hence a narrower base) or smaller ones. She could have gotten larger ones later after her muscles had stretched.

  4. Even though I hate bleached hair, I gotta say she looks good in the music video for “Addicted” by Saving Abel. She rolls around topless with another hot girl in the uncensored version of the video.

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