Wendy Cheng – Popular Singaporean blogger ends hiatus

Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue

Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue just announced the end of her popular blog‘s hiatus which thankfully lasted less than one week (updated September 12th). In terms of popularity, her blog was voted the best Asian blog in 2004 and 2005 at bloggies.com and is the 54th most popular blog on technorati.com.

I first found out about XiaXue when I was researching about Sister Furong and later e-mailed her and said that I agreed with many others that she was the real deal and deserved the international attention and recognition that Sister Furong was receiving. I also asked to feature her as the cover model for my Asian Divas Yahoo Group for September and she agreed so you can see her cover photo there.

Among other things, XiaXue is getting pretty good at photoshop as evidenced by the following photo:

Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue

Some people including Sister Furong have mistaken XiaXue for the other more notorious Singaporean blogger Sarong Party Girl and I don’t think XiaXue appreciates it based on what she wrote about Sarong Party Girl on her blog. That particular blog entry got attention from the printed press who followed up with an article in the newspaper as can be seen in this scan of the article.

Speaking of Sister Furong, here is what XiaXue wrote about her: Dear Miss Furong.

As you probably guessed, there are no nude pictures of XiaXue but she occasionally ventures into some racier written material such as how to measure a penis without a ruler. According to XiaXue, size does matter. Here is an excerpt:

“Good sex is possible without big boobs but good sex (I say sex) is impossible without a at-least-decent dick. So its ok if we mind small dicks.”

I am not sure if XiaXue is in a relationship but at one point she proposed marriage in her blog to a Malaysian blogger Kenny Sia and here is his response. Hilarious stuff!

In many of her blog photos, XiaXue wears t-shirts with provocative slogans on the front such as “wholesome sluts”, “got boys”, etc. One reason for this is that she is the first Asian blogger to be offered an endorsement deal. You can read more from XiaXue herself about being appointed LocalBrand Ambassador.

There is quite a lot on XiaXue’s main blog website but be sure to checkout the links on the right to the classics some of which have already been mentioned here. Also, her media section is worth checking out and includes links to a radio interviews and scans and excerpts from all the printed news articles about her.

XiaXue has been through a lot including having her blog hacked recently in July 2005 and unlike most celebrities actually reads her own e-mail so it is understandable that she needed a hiatus after being deluged with so much hatred directed at her. I am glad that she returned from her hiatus so quickly and hope things go better for her from this point forward.

Last but not least, I just posted 16 of my favorite photos of XiaXue in the photos section of my Asian Divas Yahoo Group. You can access them directly with the following link if you are a member of that group: 16 photos of XiaXue.

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  1. For those who read this Wendy Cheng entry before it was complete, I have now finished it! I apologize for doing it that way but I was trying to get it dated by Wednesday September 7th and have had time zone issues in the past (5 hours ahead) which now seem to be resolved.

  2. Wendy’s pretty cool. I knew about her because I’m a faithful reader of http://www.kennysia.com She even commented on my blog after Kenny punk’d me on his site. Such a thrill.

    Sarong Party Girl, in case you didn’t already know, is a Suicide Girl (Santianna) and has a couple of photosets up—one of which leaves little to the imagination. FWIW.

  3. Could somebody please explain to me what the big deal is with personal blogs? Why would anyone want to read such mundane stuff, and how do they find the time to anyway? I don’t mean to sound as if I’m criticising Wendy – it would seem as though her blog is a relatively interesting one – but I’m just amazed by this whole blog phenomonon. There’s just so many more important and – dare I say it – interesting things to read. Right?

  4. Curtis G, do you happen to have saved the Sarong Party Girl pics? The reason I ask is that Suicide Girls website is not exactly my cup of tea but I would be interested in seeing her photos. If you want to discuss this offline, my temporary e-mail address is badboyguard-sirens1@yahoo.com (don’t want to publicly list my actual e-mail address to avoid spam).

    BTW, you should edit your profile so that your name links to your blog.

  5. The blog phenomonon extends way beyond personal ones. Many mainstream news sites are using them and also there are lots of corporate sponsored ones. Then again, maybe you meant to say personal blog phenomonon and in that case all I can say that if it wasn’t for the personal blogs that blogging probably would not have become so mainstream.

    Anyway, it is up to each person what they want to read and personal blogging and the commenting becomes an alternative to message boards for socializing online. I also know that some people use blogs as an online diary mainly for themselves. As far as important things to read, some might make the same criticism of this blog. Then again, we are deluged by important news all the time so it is nice to take it easy some time and enjoy some lighter stuff. As far as interesting, that is a personal preference but I think that just like in other forms of media that people are drawn to what they find funny/amusing, what turns them on, etc. In some cases, you can even learn about another country’s culture in some personal blogs I have seen.

  6. I believe so, if you have posting rights. When you go to edit your post, click on the ‘comments’ column. You should be able to edit them from there.

    And I did mean personal blogs. I appreciate your insights, and I’m sure there’s some truth in what you’re saying. I guess it’s similar to the ‘reality TV’ phenomonon – I can’t beleive anyone finds this stuff interesting either, but obviously many people do.

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