Wendy aka Cumisha Jones


When I started writing the follow-up for Heather, I thought that I would also write about another mixed Asian who is a favorite of mine. Her name is Wendy. She has beautiful eyes and lots of nude photos. Who doesn’t like nudes?Stats:
Age: 26?
Height: 5’7″
Measurements: 34C-25-36
AKA: Shana, Shanna, Adrianna












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0 thoughts on “Wendy aka Cumisha Jones”

  1. Despite her hourglass figure and beautiful eyes, for some reason Wendy just doesn’t make me say “Daaaaaamn!” I do have the feeling, however, that in real life I would be enchanted by her.

  2. Candyman is right – she really does have beautiful, big, round… eyes. 🙂 And yes, it certainly is nice to see some nudity!

  3. hmmm…i’d have to agree with wingsfan. She has some good pics (i like the 3rd and the last) but in others shes just meh. I dont know what to think

  4. hmmmmmmmm her face is okay. I think she’s just average to me. She looks more hispanic than asian………

  5. I like what I see…but you just know that being involved with her would be about her joyously doing you wrong at every turn…while showing no pity. 😉 Wendy here would absolutely dominate in “alt-porn”

  6. saggy boobs… I just had to say that. Not my favorite. Heather was a HUGE win though. But this girl just doesn’t do it for me. I am sorry gais! =/

  7. @ Batsu

    Well, her boobs are at least natural unlike those women with fake round tits.

  8. She is quite pretty and nothing wrong with her boobies.

    Natural over fake any day of the week, that natural ‘droop’ is nice.

  9. I agree with Wingsfan.

    In real life, all she’d have to do is look in my direction and I’d be butt naked in the middle of the street singing Justin Bieber songs or whatever else the hell she so desired. If she actually said my name… or at least a name beginning with the correct letter or one close enough to it, hell, I’d be happy to suck her toes on a crowded subway.

    Mind you, my general standards for female company have over the years slipped down to just : 1- she must have a pulse, and 2- she doesn’t run away when she sees me naked.

    The first standard condition is not set in concrete however, and I am willing to negotiate- depending on smell.

    As for an online nude asian sirens model however, she doesn’t really float my boat. Maybe no asian enough??? strange.

  10. She looks to me like a Picture model, I am sure with more photoshop she could appear more glamorous. I like to flick through Picture while waiting to pay for petrol, who doesn’t?
    Great to see some nudity.

  11. I’m with Kroos and Wings. I didn’t open the FTV Girl link, but most of them will stick anything from of the frig into where the sun don’t shine.

    Just noticed the new “Meet local Asians looking for sex” banner above the Asian Sirens Masthead. I’ll take #3, thank you.

  12. I love half/mixed asian girls. I’ve noticed Wendy before, but I have been so turned off by the ridiculous porn name (aka Cumisha Jones). I mean come on – that’s just terrible and rather unappealing!

  13. Great #1 pic. Great 3rd from last, also.

    She looks like a regular next door neighbour, only naked. 🙂 And with very pretty boobs.

  14. I’m with Batsu – I don’t like ’em saggy either, so I much prefer the “better than real” perky result you can get with implants.

  15. Love a natural looking woman like this. She may not be as symmetrical as a man made product but she is beautiful none the less. She does seem to very approachable compared to some of the other girls that get posted.

  16. Wendy is the kind of very pretty woman I would cross the street to avoid making eye contact with because she would get me into a WHOLE LOT of trouble. She looks hispanic to me too.

  17. This Wendy chick is a hot babe. I have seen Wendy a lot before but she use too many different aliases so I can’t really keep good track of all her works. I think I first saw her on GuessHerMuff2.0 a few months back. Hopefully you guys heard of the GuessHerMuff2 blog before. The site is at http://www.guesshermuff2.blogspot.com

    When I first saw her I thought she was an amateur girl having some sexual fun but I later learned she was a professional adult model. And then to my disappointment I learn she was doing hardcore porn scenes.

    But she is a hot girl so I still follow her stuff… And her hardcore scenes are very hot too. I didn’t know she was Asian or Asian mix so that is a nice to learn. I thought she was Russian or some other Eastern European but I can totally see the Asian blood influence now. She is very cute….

    Oh yeah, remember to check out http://guesshermuff2.blogspot.com

    And click the Facebook [Like] button if you see a girl (or girls) you like to share her with your friends on Facebook.


  18. I’m surprised by the overwhelming positive response. There is nothing for me here at all. I am not attracted to that shape in the slightest, she looks more Ukrainian than anything, and her eyes make her look tired in every shot. But oh well, to each his own.

  19. This young lady actually appeared in Gallery a few years ago and won their amateur of the month. She also appeared in at least one porn that I’ve seen (actually have the copy). She used the name Adrianne or something close to that.

  20. Yes and that video was made by the same guy. Thats why in this video she talks about already having seen his dick.

  21. Gallery, Sept 2005, using the name Adrianna. I have scans from the magazine and other photos taken of her at that time.

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