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Sometimes amateur girls can be a nice change from all of the model types we feature. VoyeurWeb.com is devoted to strictly amateur content and once in a while a cute Asian girl shows up there. Check out the full gallery of the cutie above.

Here is how VoyeurWeb.com describes themselves:

VoyeurWeb is about wives and girlfriends and erotic amateur photographers- not about paid models.

There is no hardcore and no explicity at Voyeurweb. Voyeurweb is home to a community which shares and enjoys harmless erotic fun. The only ‘pink’ skin you see at Voyeurweb are nipples and mouth.

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0 thoughts on “VoyeurWeb.com – All Amateur Site”

  1. Then Mr. Abundo I envy you!! I could only WISH I was surrounded by these kinds of damn plain girls everyday!

  2. Then you’ll be even more envious to know, darklighter1, that I see scores of far prettier Filipinas every single day. In fact, many Filipinos would call this girl ugly.

  3. Hey Mike,

    I’m sure there’s far prettier filipinas out there. I just got back from the PI myself and saw many gorgeous girls, but I have to disagree with you on this one. She’s absolutely gorgeous!! Just look at those breasts and those LIPS…..I LIKE!!! ALOT!!!!!

  4. no offense but i guess my taste run a little different. she reminds me too much of the typical Bangkok bar girls. Maybe it is the photographer but besides the petit body and nice perky boobs, I dont see her at exceptional.

  5. She has a pretty face, great boobs, and a slim body. And them lips are just luscious. Ooh, the possibilities. I wish I was lucky enough to be around hot ass filipinas everyday just so that I can say that she is nothing special.

    Great find Northman.

  6. Good boobs!

    Gotta laugh at the 2004 calendars taped up everywhere! I wonder what she’s up to now considering those pics are almost 3 years old!

  7. we do appreciate feminine beauty, but we have a right to have our own taste in women don’t we? you like tomatoes i like potatoes 🙂

  8. I can appreciate feminine beauty in most forms, but not every form. But feminine beauty in the forms of this chick right here, Amara, and Raven are some i do appreciate.

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