Vote for Happy Slip!

Filipina comedienne Christine “Happy Slip” Gambito has made it to the semifinals of Valleywag’s Vlog Hot contest. As the only female semifinalist who works without a production team, she richly deserves to win. Vote for Happy Slip now!

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0 thoughts on “Vote for Happy Slip!”

  1. Yep, we know – this is her third AS article now! But unlike certain ‘singers’ who can’t sing yet sell their single on iTunes, I think HappySlip richly deserves the exposure here. She actually has real talent – not just for videos, but she really can sing as well!

  2. Sadly, it looks as though everyone in Germany is voting for the girl who is curently in first place, and trying everything they can think of (clearing cookies etc.) to vote multiple times. I suspect Christine is actually the real winner already.

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