Virtual Red Light District: Amsterdam in cyberspace!

Red Light District

First there was Naughty America, an ‘adult’ MMORPG, now there is Uthervurse, an American social networking site like MySpace, aiming the adult visitor.

Uthervurse just released Red Light Center: a virtual 3D-world, based on the Amsterdam Red Light District. This virtual world is linked to the social networking site. From the profile pages at Uthervurse one can directly click to the 3D-chatworld and vice versa. How about that huh? I did not yet try it out, but there should be some nice Asian women in there! 😉 If anybody has some screenshots, feel free to post them.

Check out the free tour.

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0 thoughts on “Virtual Red Light District: Amsterdam in cyberspace!”

  1. Yeah, it kinda does. Do you want me to close the posting? 😉

    Let’s just hope this write-up encourages Asians to participate in the Red Light Center world.

  2. Just tried it out for an hour or so and it seemed like a lot of fun! This may be since it was my first time in the Red Light Center. After a while, when you know all the places, it could get boring…

    Ohw, I could get myself look like an Asian dude by the way… So I guess women can do that to! 😉

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