Vietnamese beauty: Bao Hoa

Bao Hoa (Photography: Beahler Stephane)

Bao Hoa. Yet another beauty I found in Vietnam Airlines inflight magazine: Heritage Fashion. A Google search led me to the site of Elite Model VN. Some nice fashion photography there.UPDATE:
Thanks to ‘Deemaz’, we now have the nude pics of her. For those of you who don’t have access to the Asian Sirens Photos Yahoo Group, I put smaller versions of the highlights here.

Bao Hoa nude

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0 thoughts on “Vietnamese beauty: Bao Hoa”

  1. Bao Hoa is wicked hot. I have seen her non-nude stuff and have yet to stumble upon any of her nude stuff – which apparently exist.

    Asian Sex Gazette reported in February that Bao Hoa and other mainstream models were either using nude pics online to gain popularity or had been the ‘victims’ of having some there artsy nude put online… OH the humanity of it all…

    I am saddened by this simply because I can’t find any of them – but my Vietnamese is not so good. 🙂

  2. Deemaz, if it is okay with Zamscan, maybe you can post them to the asiansirensphotos3 Yahoo Group. You would post them in the Files section in that group unless they are small pics (if they are less than or equal to 400 pixels in both dimensions). For small pics, you can post them in the Photos section of that group.

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