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Victoria Her is a Hmong model featured on several different websites. Visit her Official Website or her MySpace for more.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Hmong
Located: Colorado







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  1. Aw c’mon guys. Crikey! (that word again)
    She’s not THAT bad!
    She exudes a consistent “come ‘n get me” vibe in this set of pics.
    While I much prefer (long) black hair, the brown hair suits her IMO.
    I don’t think I could resist her hot and sexy poses in pics 1 and 5.
    I know arf will agree. And kroos will want her in Gympie lol!

  2. Undesirable hair style/color plus rather stuffy comments at Nukespeed does not equal a second look.

  3. She is 27 and has managed to avoid the bolt-on breasts, the pierced navel, the hair-extensions, and the ubiquitous DRAGON tattoo….I say, well played Victoria, well-played.

    Either she does not want to become a SoCal commodity or her boyfriend/ATM machine never agreed to sell his Honda S2000 to pay for all that crap.

    But you have to wonder if her MySpace and official website are more for vanity, or is she serious about being a model?

  4. A friend and I bought old Russian motorcycles in Saigon and rode up to the North border by Sapa, where there are tons of indigenous Hmong.

    A simple people, they where some pretty elaborate hand woven blue, red, and yellow outfits and we even got invited to a weekend dance where they look for prospective spouses.

    They live in huts we would consider 18th century here, and are mostly illiterate, kind hearted people.

    A common recent scam is for Chinese (five miles away at the border) to lure them over with promises of marriage then try to force them into prostitution.

    If you take the train up from Hanoi, absolutely do not take the 12 hr train with the locals. You will regret it. Take the clean tourist train with working toilets, no chickens or tuberculosis.

  5. French: I love pierced navels and dragon tattoos (is it really “ubiquitous”?!). I don’t mind hair extensions if they’re done right and bolt on breasts when done by Japanese surgeons can look phenom.

    Where am I going with this? I wish Victoria had any one of those devices as I find very little appealing about her. Being Asian just isn’t enough, I’m afraid…

    Sorry, I know that’s particularly harsh, but I felt compelled to say it. I’m usually genuinely, ecstatically positive about most models here…

  6. sevendeuce,

    By “bolt on breasts”, I meant the fast and cheap ones that look like a watermelon was sliced in half, and the halves were “bolted on”. No creativity, no design, just VOLUME. I wonder why/how any woman could wind up with those- and I sometimes jokingly think that a boyfriend/ATM machine puts up the money, because if the model worked for it there is no way in hell she would put up with how bad they look.

    She doesn’t grab me either- I was just mentioning that she has none of the usual SoCal checklist items. I would love to know how she evaded these things.

    You are not being harsh, just honest. You aren’t “attacking” or insulting her- just stating she is not for you.

    There is no personality in her photos, and her website leads me to believe that she isn’t taking modeling seriously….

    Nothing wrong with any of that! Just, not for me…

  7. French: Yeah, I figured you were talking about the fast and cheap ones but I had a theme going. *^_^*

    I have to agree with the Doc in his opinion of Hmong girls – they just don’t seem to do it for me. Victoria is certainly no exception.

  8. A lovely young lass, Victoria Her,
    vying for the Asian Siren du jour.
    Albeit Hmong,
    she was not to be among
    the cream of the crop, as it were.

  9. yes longtack, i WOULD like her to visit me here in Gympie. And i wouldn’t even make any stupid comments about her dumb name.

    I like her. Mind you, i doubt you could ever show a model here who isn’t a vast improvement on the hippo’s wearing flannel that dwell around these parts. Paint them green and you’d have an extremely horny shrek lustfully prancing around.

    Why did i sign a six month contract here???

    I like her now… but im pretty sure she would not have been my type a mere month ago…

  10. The best picture above is the first, nothing but disapoinment from there.

    She need to chose a hair color, just pick one already. A lovely Asian girl cannot go wrong with hair that is jet-black and shiny. So black would be my choice for her. And she need a different cut or style because her hair look like a mess.

    However the body seem to be decent. I tried to find some nude pics of her to put on my blog but I found nothing. She will need to put more stuff out to get notice and show more skin.

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