Veronica Lynn

Veronica Lynn

At first glance, Veronica Lynn looks like your typical pretty girl next door. You might not guess she is one of the hottest and most sought after Asian stars in the adult industry today. To be more specific on ethnicity, Veronica is a sexy mixture of Filipina, Japanese and Brazilian.

At age 20, she received her bachelors degree from San Diego State University in law and criminal studies with an emphasis in forensic technology. She wanted to keep her promise to her Mom that she would graduate from college. Then, she went immediately into making X-rated movies. Veronica’s account of her family’s reaction to her new career is some entertaining reading in her LukeIsBack interview.

Veronica’s movies are hard core XXX all the way as you will see in the list of links to follow.

Veronica Lynn

Veronica Lynn

Veronica Lynn

When Veronica first started making movies, she insisted she would never do anal scenes. But in some of her recent Yahoo Group postings, Veronica admitted she’s changed her mind and has been preparing herself for anal scenes. Veronica writes, “I went to “LE SEXXE SHOP” today and bought myself some nice anal trainers!”

More links taking you into Veronica’s work-a-day world.

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Veronica Lynn Interview
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0 thoughts on “Veronica Lynn”

  1. Welcome aboard northman! Great first blog posting.

    I wasn’t familiar with Veronica Lynn before but you have rectified that situation with this in depth profile of her. She certainly is an exotic mix and I like what I see particularly in the second and fourth pics.

  2. I have to say that Veronica is not my cup of tea at all, although ironically I think this is all the more reason to welcome you aboard northman – it means Asian Sirens can cover a much wider variety of models than any one of us would cover alone!

  3. Hey Guys….Thanks to all of you for the welcome messages, much appreciated! I was honored to be asked to post on Asian Sirens and I’ll try and come up with some more interesting articles.

    Yes, variety is good and that is what I love about this site. I’ve seen things here I’m sure I would not have come across elsewhere.

    Regarding the top photo, it’s from a set of cell phone pics she posted once….I think in her Yahoo group. I’m not sure cuz it’s been a while.


  4. Okay, well, I like the other photo’s better. It seems we all have a different photo taste.. (as I allready had several private discussions with Marco on this subject ;-))

  5. I’m glad Veronica made it on the board as is representive of her rising fame. Her looks vary depending on assignment, as does her skin tone. It seems also that her ethnicity varies also depending on the site she’s presented on. My obersvations are such that mixed race asians are becoming a normalized look.

  6. I’ve met and had sex with Veronica. She is a very beautiful, candid, and open woman. She loves what she does. Her film’s keep getting better and better. I wish her all the best in her pursuit of true happiness.

  7. daznlover…sounds like your describing a tasty treat or something. Sweet body goodness…it does the body good. 🙂

  8. When you go to that one it has this at the header, “THIS PROFILE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE….. ADD MY NEW ONE THANKS”

  9. I’m surprised this girl doesn’t get talked about more. She’s so smoking hot. I still haven’t seen any movies where she does anal though. Not that I won’t love her either way.

  10. To be brutally honest, I’m surprised she gets talked about at all! She’s another one who doesn’t seem to have any of the things going for her that a model is supposed to have: she isn’t very pretty, she’s chubby, yet in spite of that she doesn’t have any tits either. What’s to like here? The mere fact that she’s so average that it looks like anyone could be with her?

  11. I’m with Lee. I see nothing that great. I feel the same way about Kaiya Lynn who seems to be everywhere but looks exactly like a close friend of mine, all the way down to the awkward smile. I’m not as impressed by women that look like people I know.

  12. That’s right – I just don’t understand the mentality that average girls should be revered as models. Models should be a whole lot more attractive (or at least striking) than average. It’s like people who think Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice president because she’s an “average” American. Well I’m sorry, but you need to be a whole lot smarter and more knowledgable than the average person to be vice president (and as such potentially president).

  13. SIKE!.on that last one. Down with racism in the USA…no new or old Luis Farahkan supporters. That’s my motto, and i’m sticking to it.

  14. Farrakhan has referred to Jews, Koreans, and Vietnamese who bought up property in poor black neighborhoods as “bloodsuckers” and maintains that “Murder and lying comes easy for white people.” Obama’s buddies and affiliates. Next.

  15. If you wish to judge a candidate by his supporters and friends: there are millions of white racists, religious extremist wackos who believe gays should be put in concentration camps and that G-d hates gays so much he gave them AIDS, those who believe sex education wholely consists of teaching kids the word “no” and idiots who think humans rode dinosaurs to work 4000 years ago who whole-heartedly support McCain. Next.

  16. Whoah, I never knew arf had any concerns about politics! 🙂 Anyway, Travis is right – I used Sarah Palin as an analogy to explain what I was talking about with regards to average models, but let’s not turn this thread into a political one. As Travis mentions, there is another babelog that is perfectly suited to this type of discussion: Sachiko Space. Go there to discuss this if you want – I’m removing arf’s very off-topic comments.

  17. Alright, as luvjgirls responded to arf at the same time as I posted my last comment, I’m letting the comments he was responding to stand. But that’s it – once again, Sachiko will be very happy for everyone to put their point of view over at her blog.

  18. I was wondering how the hell Jihadwatch and Farrakhan ended up in a discussion about Veronica Lynn. But Veronica and Kaiya are not models but pornstars, so I wouldn’t put them under the same scrutiny as a model. Plus it’s silly to because if they could be a model, they would be instead of doing porn.

  19. You make a valid point Candyman – I guess the standards for porn actresses are indeed much lower than for models. But why would anyone who sees all the babes on this site give this girl a second look? I mean, even amongst porn actresses there are far more remarkable and attractive girls than this one – many of them do actually meet model standards.

  20. Talk about going off on a tangent. Who knew my comment could pull us so far off topic.

    Do you really think she’s chubby Doc? Actually, I’ve always thought she’s too thin if anything.

    And I’m not saying she’s hot like Tiara or someone like that. But I’ve watched her movies, and she’s really grown on me… kinda like Lily Thai.

  21. I’m no fan of the Thai sisters either. 😉

    Perhaps “chubby” isn’t quite correct, but her waist is pretty thick – indeed, it actually looks thicker than her chest, which is a huge turn-off for me, and very “unmodel-like” (and unfeminine) proportions. But each to his own I guess!

  22. Lily Thai has no relation to the Thai sisters Luci and Nyla. Not everyone has the same taste in Asian women, so some will find her appealing and some will not. Veronica also has a look that you don’t normally see, so her exoticness will also appeal to people. And people are paying more attention to the work that herself and Kaiya Lynn are doing on camera than the photos that they do. They both do great work which is why I like them.

  23. Sorry, my mistake! Can you give us a link for Lily?

    What is it about Veronica’s look that you wouldn’t normally see? I don’t see anything exotic myself.

  24. Yep, she certainly isn’t one of the Thai sisters, or anything like Veronica for that matter – indeed, although I don’t find her particularly outstanding, I do think Lily is worthy of being a model at least.

  25. I’m gonna have to blame that rant up there on the pabst blue ribbon I was drinking last night. I forgot all about that until just now.

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