Vanessa Minnillo @

Vanessa Minnillo @

Vanessa Minnillo was featured before on the cover of Maxim. It seems they like her as she is on the cover of Maxim again (October 2006). Check out her new pics and bio on

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  1. Okay…since I know nothing of Vanessa (I know! I know!) …is she part black? Because those pics make her look like it — especially pic #5.

    Generic hot. That’s what she is. Definitely a hottie, but generically so.

    I like her first Maxim cover better. If there was one thing that B. Spears was sent to Earth to do, it was to explode the “naughty school girl uniform” fashion movement. As useless as Brittney is, we all have to thank her for that…and thank all predecessors (like Vanessa and Maxim) for keeping the skanky schoolgirl torch burning!

  2. I just added the link to her Wiki-page (thanks for remembering me!) and here’s her bio:

    Vanessa Minnillo (born November 9, 1980 at Clark AFB, Philippines) is an American television personality who was Miss Teen USA 1998.

    She was born to Italian-Irish father Vince Minnillo and Filipina mother Helen Berecero. As a child, her family moved numerous times due to her father’s work in the United States Air Force. Her family spent time in California, Nevada, Florida, Germany, and Japan before eventually settling in Charleston, South Carolina. Minnillo became Miss South Carolina Teen USA 1998, and went on to win the 1998 Miss Teen USA Pageant.

    Minnillo has hosted TRL on MTV since 2003. In 2005, she also became a New York-based reporter for the entertainment news show, Entertainment Tonight. Before joining MTV, she had minor roles in the television series City Guys, That’s Life, and Maybe It’s Me. In 2003 Minnillo served as a celebrity judge for the Miss Teen USA pageant. In addition to her work on TRL, she has served as a host or co-host for a variety of MTV specials.

    In May 2006, Maxim magazine listed Minnillo as #15 in their Hot 100 issue. She was listed as #62 in the 2005 issue.

    Minnillo is currently dating singer Nick Lachey. She had previously been involved with professional baseball player Derek Jeter.

  3. That’s JETERS’ booty call.Considering who she rolls with these days…I bet Jetes still speed bags that occasionally…’Cause YOU JUST KNOW little Boy Bander there can’t work the middle.

  4. Nani
    she could be Vanessa’s sister


    Beautiful and friendly, this all-natural babe was in and out of the business in a flashβ€”but not before we got a hot hardcore boy/girl scene with her! Though Nani finds men with good hygiene attractive, she considers herself a lesbian and was dating a girl when she came to us. She says the best way to her heart is to shower her with compliments, and she describes herself as down to earth, upbeat, sweet, and naughty.

    Measurements: 34C-27-29
    Height: 5’7
    Ethnicity: Filipino/German
    Birthday: November 17, 1985
    Hometown: San Diego

    Favorite food: Filipino food
    Favorite drink: Coca-Cola
    Hobbies: shopping and cooking
    Little known fact about Nani: graduated from culinary school and loves to make French food
    Biggest dream: to be wealthy and not have to work
    Couldn’t live without: television, music, and my girlfriend

  5. I’m no fan of Jeter either, but you have to admit that his list of women is pretty impressive. I think there’s even Miss Universe on there.

  6. Derek Jeter plays baseball for the New York Yankees. He’s one of baseball’s highest paid players on a team which has the highest payroll in baseball. Most fans hate the Yankees because they can afford to buy the best players and love it when they don’t when the championship.

  7. Ah, thanks Zam; that explains all the BOO’s!

    But from her wiki-page I read that:

    Minnillo is currently dating singer Nick Lachey. She had previously been involved with professional baseball player Derek Jeter.

    So she is back to Jeter?

  8. I hate the Yankees but I can’t hate on Jeter. He had to go through so many hardships growing up and now he’s making a ton of dough playing ball and banging some fine ass broads. I give him much love for overcoming adversity and for getting in Vanessa.

  9. jeter is better than nick something..i hate those boy’s band….too pretty to be guy i think:)…they dont even write their own music…

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