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I wish I could have participated in this flood of posts that has taken place during the month of December, but work has kept me occupied for the majority of this month. Hopefully this articles makes up for that inactivity somewhat.

Vanessa Azn Barbie is a model from Arizona. When Dr. Lee sent me an email on Vanessa, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting to see a complete knockout with long hair and an amazing body. Check the photos and videos after the break to see for yourself.The only complaint that I have (which is a small complaint by the way) is that when I was looking through the photos for Vanessa, she didn’t smile enough to my liking. Overall Vanessa looks incredible in the photos that she models in, but I felt that she looks a lot better in the photos that she’s smiling in compared to the ones where she’s not.

Age: 24
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 110 lbs
Ethnicity: Thai/Spanish
Location: Phoenix, Arizona










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0 thoughts on “Vanessa (Azn Barbie)”

  1. I like the pre-boob job version better myself. But considering her job, at least she did not go overboard with them. Hot girl none the less though.

  2. ummm…. not really asian enough for my tastes. Not saying she’s not fine…. just not really my type.

    Having said that, picture 7 is my favourite.

  3. How does one explain the vast difference in facial features between pics 7 (the one kroos likes, perhaps because she looks typically Asian in it) and, say, pic 9? Would it be an early pre-surgery pic?
    She has a WOW factor though, for the body alone.

  4. Concur with LT, what a body?

    My flaw? She’s in Arizona and I’m not. I thought that Airzona was heavily retired and Hispanic, but the number of hot internet girls from there is staggering. Why can’t any Sirens come from Milwaukee, Toledo or Boise?

  5. Who doesn’t like a hot girl who likes to shake her booty? From the vids, it seems like she has a fun and goofy personality. The Thai and Spanish works really well for her.

  6. Looking at pic 7, she appears to have had a lot of surgery that has taken her look well away from her ‘azn’ namesake (but toward the ‘Barbie’ part). But she’s so damn hot, I don’t care!

  7. Pic 8 (the 3 girls) is weird. It’s dated 2011, so we can assume Vanessa is the one on the left, but does anyone else agree that the girl in the middle looks like her pic 7 pre-surgery look?
    Like having the past standing beside you in the present??

  8. Hot…but not really “Azn” anymore with the new look. More like “interchangeable ballplayers arm candy”. 🙂 The question now becomes: Can she STOP right where she is with the “surgicals”? Because she’s one more procedure away from crossing the line into caricature.

  9. She is gorgeous. In the photi with the black bra and black panties…she looks so Asian..but in Herr other photos…she doesn’t look Asian at all..

    For some reason..maybe her eyes?…she reminds me of Tila tequila

  10. Guess I need to sign up for Flickr to see the other photos. But – based on these, I’d swear she was much taller than 5’2″. I’m guessing perfectly thin proportions, outfits and good photography.

  11. Body is incredible – perfectly sized implants for her frame. The face, as others pointed out, varies quite a bit. From very good to not so much.

  12. I like her, though I would love to she her wearing sleeves (fully tattooed arms), she looks like the type who could rock them… though the lack of any (visible) ink is intoxicating… haha! Make up your mind Flip!

    I am absolutely intrigued by the “AS in the middle” from pic 8. Any chances we could find out about her? She’s not all that toned, but you know what they say… haha! I’m so bad (chuckle)

  13. Surgery? Where? Nose? (and even that’s uncertain)

    Pretty much all the other differences between 7 & 9 can be chalked up to makeup, angles, smiling/dimples vs. not & tinted contacts.

    Women can look very different depending on makeup. Trust me. My wife with and without makeup looks like a different girl.

  14. Can’t really add too much to the conversation — I agree that she’s both hot and not that Asian looking. Definitely has a Latina butt!

  15. Thai and spanish, that’s an unusual mix. It came out terrific, she’s very hot!
    Pic 7 is the only exception from the group.
    She also knows how to move her hips, must be that latin blood in her.
    She’s one of the best I’ve seen here lately.

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