Unknown Chinese Model – Kato


This is another model from the Chinese websites. I have her name as “Kato” but I re-ran it through different translation engines and I don’t know why I came up with that name, so I’m assuming it was a Chinese word that was mistranslated when I ran it the first time.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese?
Located: China?










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0 thoughts on “Unknown Chinese Model – Kato”

  1. Great find travis, i dont care what her name is she,s gorgeous those first four shots of her are the best, im not an expert but are her breasts natural they are just perfect, dont like the back tattoo and she is a bit bushy down below i would definitely have to shave her before eating. other than that 10 out of 10, dont know her real name but if she was mine i would just call her gorgeous.

  2. in before dbldipper again!!!!! πŸ™‚

    There is some doubt about how real
    this lady’s breasts might really feel
    But thats ok, I like what’s showing
    Although the grass could use some mowing!!

    I’m not complaining- i like some bush
    it provides a cushion when you push
    But problems come from too much hair
    it provides a home for monsters there……

  3. One of NATURE’S BEST! No IMPROVEMENTS needed! Note the nice caboose in pics 2 & 3…different shape than most Asian (esp.Chinese) women. Her bust is the size(36C)and shape that ‘stand-up’ very well into old age. (identical to my lovely Sichuan spouse)

    The delicate limbs and some facial features speak Vietnamese/Chinese cross (Hmong?) to me. Whatever her heritage…a real beauty! Very nice Travis.

  4. By virtue of time, one cannot always be first
    Especially in photos, for I’m oft too immersed
    With Kato, I see no need for coercion
    Tween the legs, there is definite cause for submersion.

    Her features, much to extol
    I think she’s lovely, now don’t think me droll
    Yes, this, maybe that, once can obviously nit pick
    But on my arm would I have her, this lovely Chinese chick.

    She’s not too thin and certainly not too fat
    And yes, there’s always the issue of that tat
    So you can argue about her breasts, her bush and all that
    Just tell me, what the heck’s up with that hat?

    One more point and I must make amends
    To all readers here, hopefully some of them friends
    There may be some slack in this poetry patrol
    In just a few hours, I’m headed off to Seoul.

  5. @Nighthawk: Actually, she’s already had some improvements. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear that there’ll be a break in your poetry dbldipper, but have fun in Korea!

  6. <:-} I can understand, Dr.Lee, that a skilled professional would prefer to think that NATURE ALONE cannot provide such attractive architecture, yet it DOES HAPPEN!! I have proof… {-:>

  7. She’s quite mesmerizing. She may not have the prettiest face, but her body more than makes up for it.

  8. Sorry Nighthawk, but nature just doesn’t make breasts with that sort of inability to change form with different body positions, or with that sort of nipple position relative to the cleavage. It is interesting to compare this girl with our last unknown Chinese model – my critics often say I just assume that all Asian women above a certain size are fake, but she was far bigger than this girl, and I correctly identified her as natural.

  9. That’s a lot of bush to fight off….. πŸ™‚
    I’m talking about forest management, of course. πŸ™‚

    She has very nice breasts, sexy body and the face just ok, but better when she smiles.

    dbldipper, have fun over there!

  10. She just seems so carefree about being naked. Like she doesn’t really mind who sees her or her beautiful bush. Her dimples are sexy too.

  11. I love the bush! Aren’t there enough shaved models out there to keep you guys happy? Can’t rest until they all look like little girls?

    Lovely body, not the prettiest face, but still a great find!

  12. she looks like she’d be a bit lazy as a life partner but good at finding the money with out having to break her back for it.

  13. Beautiful.
    Brilliant pics in her portfolio. Love what she does with that lotus flower, so erotic.
    Look closely and appreciate her beauty, especially her face.
    Lovely arse, nice tits and I don’t mind her bush at all.It’d be fun down there I think.

    jynnlevel..I have no idea how you came to your conclusions.

    dbldipper, another great poem, and enjoy Seoul, especially the women there.

  14. Great body and very nice all the way around. The only thing keeping her from being spectacular, IMO, is her face.

    Don’t get me wrong, she is pretty enough. But she doesn’t have a world class face, IMO. More like the attractive Chinese girl next door.

  15. So, here I am, ready to head out the door
    To see hot ladies, hopefully by the score.
    It’s cloudy in Seoul
    Yet OK for a stroll
    Let’s go – I’m prepared to explore.

  16. Well, Kato is a very common name in Japan, so I would hesitate a guess that she is either Japanese (she even looks it!) or a mixture. On that note:

    Kato’s a name that’s common round here
    Like Sato, Suzuki or Honda, my dear;
    So I’d hazard a guess – don’t wanna be pushy –
    This lovely young thing (although a tad bushy)
    Was born pretty near to Tokyo Tower. Wherever she’s from, to spend just an hour
    with her by my side would make me so glad,
    happy times by both would surely be had.

    Well, what do you expect in 5 minutes?

  17. I like this young lady so much I don’t even mind her tat. Have to agree with Bigfoot Dean; pretty but not world class pretty. And she does seem very relaxed in her nakedness, which is always a good quality:-)

  18. All you guys can do is pick this beautiful blossom apart!? Like you guys would really have a chance with her anyway! Give me a break! She is stunning and would look great on any mans arm. But she is the one who has the right to be picky and finding fault with all of you!

  19. Werewolf, who says we couldn’t have a chance with her? Don’t judge us like that, man. You never know how many handsome guys hang around here. πŸ™‚
    Not that I wanna know, anyway, lol.

    If you say she is stunning, then I just respect your opinion.

  20. Picking her apart?
    Now don’t you start
    We’re merely perusing
    Some might call it schmoozing
    Never expecting to win her heart

  21. I’ve seen this her elsewhere awhile ago (no clue where now), but I remember she’s was listed as Vietnamese.

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