Two Japanese Politicians – Yuri Fujikawa and Asuka Tachikawa


It’s politics season! And like any good blog about women, I’m going to feature two female politicians! I’m also not going to tell you about them, because like most people that follow politics, I’m feeling apathetic today. Sorry guys. But now you have names and faces, and if you like one of them you can put more faces to those names.

The above is Yuri Fujikawa.


Below is Asuka Tachikawa



The Ladies

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0 thoughts on “Two Japanese Politicians – Yuri Fujikawa and Asuka Tachikawa”

  1. Here in the U S of A
    We’re often forced to vote
    β€˜Tween one that eats hay
    Versus a personality of a goat.

    Yet in the land of the Rising Sun
    And sometimes odd politics
    Very different people run
    And we here could use that fix.

    I wish we had the slate
    Of Yuri and Asuka
    Ours should have a fate…
    Best choice, a bazooka.

    So, elephants and donkeys, a better fit
    In the next election
    Instead of Barack or Mitt
    Choose ones that give us an erection

  2. dbldipper: Well done, sir! One of your finest.

    If you Google search Asuka Tachikawa, you’ll find that she is 26 years old, a council member in a city near Tokyo, and a mother of a 5 year old girl. There is a photo of her and her daughter campaigning together.

    Not the usual post on Asian-Sirens, but I love it when a person rises up to fight the good fight.

    Speaking of which, this reminds me of former American Congressman Joseph Cao- first Vietnamese-American to serve as a Congressman. Ever see a photo of his wife? Wow.

  3. Wow. A standing ovation whilst sitting for these two pollies, which is likely the first time in political history that a voter can physically demonstrate support without actually having to clap.

    And another standing ovation, this time in the traditional sense with actual hand clapping, for dbldipper. I toff mine hat to thee.

    But I have to add:

    At voting time it’s hard to pick
    Either choose the fool or choose the prick
    Given the choice ‘tween pen or gun
    I’d throw the form and shoot each one

    But in the land where sun is rising
    the choices there are quite surprising
    In a first for me, when I loudly say:
    “Screw them all”, I wanna do what i say

  4. hahahahahahahaha

    Arf just fell out of the closet, and scrambled to climb back inside before anybody noticed. πŸ™‚

  5. Indeed! I didn’t even think of the implications of arf’s first sentence, until he pointed them out to us – not just once, but twice… πŸ˜‰

  6. Of the two, Yuri would get my vote – regardless of her politics. She is very easy on the eye, especially the 1st pic.

  7. “Wow! Asuka is absolutely the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long while!

    Posted by: fungusfarm on Oct 27, 12 | 4:28 am”

    Sweetest “thing”? She is not a thing, she is a woman. I know a lot of white men think of Asian women as pleasure objects, as things, but do please show( some) respect to them. They are human beings, just like you and I.

  8. @DDuana: “sweetest thing” is just a common English expression (U2 even had a minor hit song with this title), and should not be taken literally.

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