Tokyo Game Show 2007 Booth Babes

Why does Japan always get the cool stuff? While America’s E3 is now devoid of booth babes, Tokyo Game Show 2007 had armies of of them.

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  1. I think Christine’s link shows just how BS these sex surveys are. It is entirely acceptable in Japanese culture to have sex outside of marriage, so that is where a lot (possibly most) of it happens there. Also, these surveys are heavily dependent on what people are prepared to say, so while they may be quite “perverted” behind the scenes, Japanese almost always put on a conservative face in public. Conversely, white guys love to brag about how much imaginary sex they’re having, as they need to in order to look like a “man” in front of their friends.

  2. When it comes to men, it is very open: for example. it is very common for Japanese wives to pack condoms for their husband when he goes on a business trip. It is less open with regards to women, but nonetheless quite widely accepted; for example, there is a huge “ok-san” genre in Japanese porn, which is basically about having sex with married women. This reflects the fact that it is commonly practiced in Japan “behind closed doors”, and is considered quite exciting by many Japanese men.

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