Tippawan Kularbtip and her big (fake) breasts

Tippawan Kularbtip

Asian Sweetheart, one of my favorite eroblogs:
(…) Breast implants are relatively rare in Thailand, but Tippawan Kularbtip has them, and some big ones at that. (…)
Anyone who has more photos of Tippawan Kularbtip?

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0 thoughts on “Tippawan Kularbtip and her big (fake) breasts”

  1. You have to look closely in that photo, but they definitely are pumped up. “Big” is relative of course. I think I mean she is a lot bigger than what she started with.

    I haven’t seen any nude photos of her so we can’t do a thorough analysis (for purely scientific research purposes of course). The closest I have is a topless shot from the back, partial profile, and you can see her pumped up right boob bulging out the side.

  2. ‘Breast implants are relatively rare in Thailand’…


    Ummm… I am not sure where this person visits, but there is a reason why Thailand is one of the top plastic surgery destinations in Asia (domestic and international jobs included)…

    No love loss for the Japanese of course. And I agree with much of the foregoing comments… 🙂


  3. I don’t visit Thailand, I live here. I read the papers, watch TV, peruse the magazines, chat with many ladies.

    Thailand is a top destination for many elective medical procedures due to the world class medical centers here where treatment is much lower cost than in the west. Those are foreigners coming here for the procedures.

    Very, very few Thai women get breast implants. The ones who do are usually models or celebrities. And often they get just a little bit of an augmentation, so you hardly notice.

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