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Check out 12 photos of 100% Chinese Tin Tin at adversus.nl. She was born and raised in the Netherlands.

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  1. I’m pretty sure this one isn’t a ladyboy. 😉 The tats are unfortunate, but I do find her quite sexy, and she looks pretty fit. It seems you do have a few hot Asian girls in the Netherlands after all Robin! 🙂

  2. Tin Tin is gorgeous. I love that taut little body in spite of the tat. What a great waist! Too bad they don’t have any butt shots. I’ll bet hers in nice.

  3. All around very nice…I dont like all the tats. Spoils such a nice package. Cute and sexy and taut body.

  4. She’s so fine, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about the tattoos. I could see if she had some missing teeth or no legs maybe, but a tattoo…no problem.

  5. This is one of best Chinese girls I’ve seen. Wow, and I’m of Japanese and Korean tastes and hate tattooes. I’d give my mother to the Arabs for this girl.

  6. i absolutely love her and the tats and i dont like tats on chicks but shes perfect… i agree with GoodTaste i’d give my left nut for that

  7. Guys like her and a girl does too! I think the tatoos are hot, the side one looks unfinished, but I really like the ones on her wrist.

  8. I think her tats are hot too except the one on her wrist. She should have got that one done on the inside of her wrist. I’d give a pinky toe and a drunk uncle for a piece of that.

  9. It’s Official: Every straight guy who’s laid eyes on Tin Tin wants to bang her and possibly any sisters she might have.

  10. I must be the odd guy, here. I think the pic in the entry is very good. The others are so-so.

    I happen to think there is a small element of “ladyboy” in this one’s face. I’m not suggesting she is, but it wouldn’t shock me.

    Her jaw and facial expression just don’t do it, for me. How about a smile, Tin Tin?

  11. I do agree that she’s hot but not that hot. Maybe if she had some more breast meat and no tats then yes, but there’s hotter that I would sacrifice body parts and or family members for.

  12. Candyman appears to have changed his opinion, but as for everybody else, I think they’ve been consitent. Some are crazy about her, others (like me) think she’s pretty hot but not that great.

  13. nice post Doc. “She’s pretty hot but not that great” One question have you ever HAD anyone better.

  14. i’m sorry, but i don’t really see why everyone thinks she’s that hot. my reasons for thinking otherwise are that her hairline is very high so her forehead looks disproportionately large, her lower jaw protrudes a bit too much and causes her to have this constant “i was about to say something but the photographer look this photo right before i opened my mouth” look on her face, and it’s pretty obvious from the fact that the only photos that were chosen of her were angled that this girl has a very wide and square face.

    for instance, paris hilton sometimes looks actually very symmetric/proportional in her faceshots, but she always tilts her face at a 3/4th angle. in actuality her face is extreeeemely rectangular.

    the tats are ok. none of you seemed to notice a nose piercing and a lip piercing (center, stud under the bottom lip). this girl’s all body-modded out

  15. I do find her attractive.
    Fist time I saw her she reminded me of Bernice Liu who has a similar jaw line

  16. i always thought paris has a crooked face. a wide jawline on a women can create better angles in a photo…i like her big forehead 🙂

  17. Guys thank you very much for your positive comment…
    I love my tats (and body mods) a lot, thank you very much.

    For the negative comments… I actually have nothing to say because they are like water off a duckback.

    And Christine, your comment tells a lot about yourself than about me.

    I was really not aware about being on this site so…

    Well, if you want to see more of me check:


    Love, Tin Tin from the Netherlands

  18. TinTin – I wouldn’t be too put off by comments. The minimum woman for this site is pretty hot to start with, so the posters end up debating between 9s and 10s. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. It is possible, but rare, that the entire group raves about anyone.

    For my eye, you are a real winner. Stunning.

  19. Welcome to Asian Sirens Tin Tin! You certainly have the right attitude re negative comments (a professional model has to), but I do think Christine’s comments are perfectly legitimate and objective. There is some validity to what she says, but no one is perfect, and in your case I think the positives outweigh the negatives. But Christine is perfectly entitled to conclude otherwise (she just doesn’t like square jaws).

  20. Thanks for the link Tin Tin. There are some nice photos, it looks like you have been working with some interesting photographers. I like the ones where you smile and the one from behind sitting on the bed.

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