Tila Tequila vs. Myspace

Tila Tequila

We’ve covered both Tila Tequila and myspace before (many times). Now, Tila has made news by posting a complaint on her Myspace page about their terms of use. It seems that they have asked her to remove “widgets” that link to an Indie911 Hoooka widget/MP3 store.
According to the New York Times, Tila wrote in a blog posting over the weekend that “the reason why I am so bummed out about MySpace now is because recently they have been cutting down our freedom and taking away our rights slowly.” I couldn’t find this on her blog; perhaps she took it down in order to make up. This story has also been covered by Wired and ZDNet. What really impressed me is the quote from Michael Barrett, chief revenue officer for Fox Interactive Media, a part of the News Corporation, showing that he is completely clueless about the business: “We probably should have stopped YouTube.” My guess is that Myspace as we know it will soon be history. Sorry about that, Sachiko!


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  1. First pic is great!!

    Myspace was once free but then the corporate people starts taking over and soon it will all be laws and regulations. Youtube will follow probably.

    The fun of these things is to enjoy their freedom while they last. When regulations set in, then it gets too annoying and prolly people will go elsewhere. They have to be smart, not greedy.

  2. Interestingly, using your MySpace page for commercial reasons is actually against their TOS! So in theory, Tila has long been in breach of their TOS (along with a million other MySpace pages!).

  3. Was Mysapce ever not owned by news corp? If so was it ever not owned by them and popular?

    You can’t blame them for doing it, sure we all may not like it but the truth is that they don’t do it for free.

  4. Yes it was not owned by News Corp and popular – they built their brand before the buy out (that’s why News Corp wanted to buy them in the first place). However, their theoretical value has always been a lot higher than their actual value, due to MySpace’s demographics – a lot of hits, but not much revenue.

  5. That’s a good question for her, “how did you make it in this business?” Uh, wow has she really made it?

    I love her wide cheekbones/jaws.

  6. Tila specifically – and MySpace in general – look like the ‘dot.com’ boom all over again to me. When is the stock market going to judge businesses for what they actually make, rather than what they think they will make?

  7. After hearing Tila Tequila video my answer is that there’s nothing wrong with her video and also her myspace page Tila Tequila is not a bad person she is very lovely and cute person no one has the right to close the doors to no one especially to Tila Tequila reading her stories and her links postings I didn’t see or heard nothing wrong to her answers that she wrote you do have the rights add a complaint this is your freedom and your rights I loved your song it was impressive and your performences was very sexy popular you are a very nice handsome sweethart you are the leader continue to standup for your life and your future and continue on for you want to do and things that you like to do and don’t let no one out there stop you and keep it rocking

  8. “…cutting down our freedom and taking away our rights…”


    While I’m no fan of corporate America, Ms. Tequila comes off as a bit of a tart here. What’s more, she’s in business just as they are. Actually, she’s kind of her own mini-corporation.

    Her ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’ are about, yes, self expression, but also about pushing a product, and the product is Tila Tequila.

    The quote I really love in the New York Times piece is the one by Justin Goldberg, chief executive of Indie911.

    β€œWe find it incredibly ironic and frustrating that a company that has built its assets on the back of its users is turning around and telling people they can’t do anything that violates terms of service,” he said.”

    So, let’s see, he’s pissed off because people can’t violate My Space’s terms of service.

    Now that’s incredibly ironic.

  9. Dr. Lee, and YouTube is a time bomb. See the latest Viacom lawsuit… Google is gonna loose a lot IMO, both on settlements and on video bandwith fees.
    YouTube, is great, just that I don’t think it’s a viable business model if it stays wild as it is.

    We want freedom, the companies want money. And Tila wants it all, lol.

  10. I’ve never been able to understand how YouTube could be profitable – imagine their bandwidth fees! I think I can feel another dot.com bust coming…

  11. Damn Chinese government is now blocking Google Blogspot, ‘cutting down our freedom and taking away our rights’ here on the Mainland. Tila Tequila doesn’t know how good she’s got it on shitty little My Space.

  12. InactionHero, that is terrible about blogspot, and a reminder what real cutting down on freedom might be like. I’m surprised that they are so unsophisticated as to block the whole domain, which encompasses virtually the entire spectrum of topics and ideas, but perhaps that is the point.

    There’s a thought for you: the Chinese government cares even less about freedom than Fox. Thanks for the perspective.

  13. The problem is that many of those videos are copyrighted. Even the little entrepreneur would want to see his property rights protected.

  14. Property rights are not an issue. Royalties are. For those that don’t care about royalties, MySpace and YouTube can be good places to boost a career or get a job. πŸ™‚

    Asiandreamland, I hardly see anyone clicking on adds on YouTube, people just watch and watch more. Plus, we can embed videos on blogs. And there are no ads to click there.
    If YouTube plans to insert ads before the videos start, now that may be a plan, but it will annoy people, once again.

    Regarding China by comparison, yes, Tila is too spoiled. In her video she said she received $30 from some donations and she gave it to the homeless. Sort of like ‘I don’t need pocket money’. She ain’t gonna get too popular if she keeps going that way.

  15. Yeah, that’s right. All the embeded YouTube vidoes makes it very hard to see how they could support their massive bandwdth bills with advertising on their site. To their credit, the advertising is relatively unobtrusive (unlike MySpace!), but once again, how the hell can they make money?

  16. Youtube doesn’t surve up the videos As far as my research has found Lime Light Networks does, now how is lime light and who owns them I dunno, they my also serve up alot of other flash based vids.

    For example the next flash you tube video on this page isn’t hosted at you tube persey. Mix Nuts has a flash video player and picutre that is hosted at youtube but the actual FLV, the one that the flash plaer loads, has a url of http://youtube-452.vo.llnwd.net/57/_3y_hX0noR0.flv
    Now booth llnwd.net and youtube-452.vo.llnwd.net seem to be registered to lime light netowrks.

    Now I just checked the other one off the top of my head and its not lime light.

    Youtube and myspace are certainly profitable besides the ad content which the companies pay a premium for since its so visable, there many other streams of revenue. Deals, I’m too lazy to look for the article but I have read the Youtube struck a deal to host NBA clips, now they may need to be officialy put up. I’m not sure if they have a store but it certainly could become a brand. Myspace on the other hand has band accounts which have to be purchased, they have a record lable, advertisements at a premium and they may charge for movies and other businesses to have a myspace. All of it $$$ Besides the are owned by News corp, you know Murdoc, the guy that has a viewer ship that reaches 3/4 of the GLOBAL population, as long as he has something in mind for it, there will be funding.

  17. YouTube may use other servers, Lime Light, etc, to serve the videos, to distribute the load. However, we all know who pays the bill. πŸ˜‰

    MySpace can be profitable kinda easily, but YouTube… until I see proof, I’m doubting it.

  18. That’s right: it is very common for large companies to use third party server farms these days (e.g. Apple and Microsoft use Akmai), but that’s irrelevent – they still have to pay the bills.

    And do you really think MySpace is making big bucks from band accounts? (Plus their so-called ‘record label’ is a brand new venture.) It may be big bucks from the perspective of you or I, but compared with what it costs to run such a site, I doubt it. Everyone just thinks it will become profitable one day because of its ‘brand’ presence – they build a brand and hope they’ll figure out a way to make money out of it one day. Well that sounds like dot.com all over again to me.

  19. In the case of myspace, like I said, they don’t have to be profitable as long as murdoc has a plan for them. But yes I do think they make money off their band and other special user accounts. Besides we are talking about a HUGE site, the primum of the advertisement, the number of viewes is simply out regeous.

    For youtube I don’t have any examples but I’ve see that domain serve someone elses flah video too they are a content provider like amakima (can’t remember thier name) they hosted the download of the windows vista beta a near or over 3GB iso file and people wents nuts for it. Also we aren’t talking huge files the largest I’ve download was 23 megs.

    My point is that there has to be some kind of different dynamic to sites with large banwidth use that is tottally different from sites that don’t and using the pay logic of smaller sites just don’t work at that level.

    Just like filefront with thier user upload service or better still the new crop of web “file hosters” like rapidshare and megaupload and the like. THe last two have been under the raidar of copyright holders and are rampid with illegal offerings and although they do offer paid accounts lots of these file are made in the way free users can get at them. There is a dynamic that must change at those higher levels.

    I have the feeling like I can only make my point with statictical data and know the key for high transfer sites. I don’t think either site will be sharing the deal price information as it could hurt future deals. I don’t believe dot.com will ever happen again the web is no longer mysterious technology is more unerstood (or misunderstood) by higher levels of managemtn and cost analysis of companies are done and reviewed. What I do believe will be the big money waster is new transfer mediums especial wireless methods that aren’t proven.

  20. i have a question for Tila….”has anyone ever offer you money for sex?” “how much?” “I will double it” :))

  21. bigstusexy, I don’t believe the telecoms will have a special price for the ‘logic of big sites’. Bandwith is bandwith, take it or leave it. Although, the cost seems to be going down fast (30% a year, Forbes says).

    Some interesting articles.
    Seems that YouTube spends about 1 million a month on bandwith (mid 2006 numbers). I highly doubt it makes that on adverting. Too many viewers, too few ‘buyers’.

    Online Video: The Market Is Hot, but Business Models Are Fuzzy

    Your Tube, Whose Dime

    Video Fixation

  22. I don’t believe dot.com will ever happen again the web is no longer mysterious technology is more unerstood (or misunderstood) by higher levels of managemtn and cost analysis of companies are done and reviewed.

    Sorry but I read all the time about startups that get new money from venture capitalists, to get them operationg for 6, 7 months. That means they are just burning money, waiting for a miracle or waiting to get bought. Yes, money is abundant again, and more dotcoms going on. I don’t think the stock market will suffer this time, but there are some deals that just aren’t convincing:
    . Ebay buying Skype
    . Google buying YouTube

    I don’t see the money flowing, to cover the huge buy cost. πŸ™‚

  23. I think another great example of this is how everybody wants to start an online music store these days, because of the success of iTunes. However, most of them are losing money, and many have gone bust already (and you can be sure more will). Even Apple says iTunes operates at just above break even, and they own 85% of the market! So why do Apple bother? So they can sell lots of iPods, which do make a big profit for them. Apple has made an amazing come back by focusing on real profit, instead of pie in the sky.

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  25. I’ll give you that daznlover, I have NO idea why google bought youtube, they had a flash video distorbution site themselves, sure it wasn’t popular but it was already undercontrol. As far as eaby buing skype there is something to that, it would give them a great method for communication and sales, its been out there long enough to have run in to bad problems like Vonage vs. Verizon.

    Other tid bits, the site I was trying to remember is akamai.net
    llwnd also serves a site called buzznet.com sort of youtube and myspace togher heh. and finally a new site to be luched soon thats suppsoed to “rival” mspace.


  26. hey oswald please let us know how you really feel about Tila:) are you hoping for a date? πŸ™‚ i like her as long as she doesnt talk or sing:)

  27. bigstusexy, point is: 2 years after buying skype, there is no visible advantage for eBay. It’s not like eBay needed people to use a IP phone to buy stuff. Honest, I think it was another management mistake. πŸ™‚

    Yup, Akamai has been up for over 10 years, I still remember them serving the videos from CNN too.

    Hey nice article, so it seems NBC and NewsCorp (MySpace) are going to fight YouTube. Google got to play with fire. Should have sticked to ads, lol

  28. I believe Oswald may be arab. Possibly from India. And I also love Tila’s buttock region. Like a big ripe and juicy peach.

  29. Yes you are all right. I did got to add in the punctuations on my long paragraphs. I apologizes very much.

  30. I’m not disagreeing that the purchase is baffling, just that it could have pratical implications. For a company like skype its not just about its voip, voip is somewhat simpe fro ip to ip communications, the real magic happesn from ip to pstn, pots, or however else you want to say land line telephone. The probably have a good access deal for terminatination fees not to ment a system in place for handeling the traffic.

    Now what are they going to do with them? I dunno they are still twiddling them thumbs but then again just like with google I don’t remember anyone asking.

    Quick almost unrelated site note, I did email a MS rep about the I’m initiative and got no answer.

  31. What I’m initiative?

    Thats my poing bigstusexy, ebay bought skype for 2 billion, without a specific business plan on the table. There is the potential, but they don’t know what for. dotcom syndrome again. Glad they have money to waste, this time. πŸ˜‰

  32. I guess I just see it a bit differently, like I’d say all the people that invested in the phantom! OMG how can any sane person have sunk their money in there!

  33. When everybody else is putting the money on something we also want to follow and not miss the train. Then the train derails, sometimes…

  34. Tila Tequila you are superior and supreme more excellent greater on all each music movie you made and each movies. I was saying the same thing to my wife just now. I wish I was married to Tila Tequila.

  35. MTV goes both ways with new dating show
    By Tim Surette – TV.com
    September 6, 2007 at 04:15:00 PM |

    Bisexual hook-up show will feature 16 straight men, 16 lesbians vying for MySpace star Tila Tequila’s heart.

    The nonstop limbo contest that is reality television has a new leader, as MTV has once again lowered the bar with its latest project. According to TVWeek.com, the one-time music television has greenlighted a new dating show in the style of The Bachelorette with a twist–this young lady bats from both sides of the plate, so to speak.

    “I’ve narrowed it down to four…thousand.”
    In the 10-episode show, contestants will try to win the heart (and more) of MySpace pseudo-lebrity Tila Tequila (real name Tila Nguyen), who is openly bisexual. The pint-sized Vietnamese model will have 16 straight men and 16 lesbians to choose from, and, in the tried-and-true vein of other reality dating shows, will eliminate the competition down each week.

    A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila is scheduled to premiere on MTV on October 9. According to TVWeek.com, Ms. Tequila and the contestants will move into a mansion and live together where the sure-to-be-shocking antics will be recorded on camera. Each episode “will culminate in a dramatic ceremony unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”

    Tila Tequila is most famous for having the most friends on her MySpace profile, which as of press time stood at over 2,000,000. She has modeled for several magazines, including Playboy and has found a home in the import tuner racing scene. She was also host of Fuse TV’s own entrant in the reality limbo contest, Pants-Off Dance-Off and recently had a guest spot on The War at Home.


  36. this show is going to be so interesting! and i want to live vicariously through badgirl tila tequila. i’m going to get the dvd when season 1 finishes because i hate watching tv and waiting week after week for the next episode

  37. Tila was so hot back in the day. I’ve had those pics for years and never noticed that someone sat there and added more ass to her. You can really see the difference in the next sequential pic.

    And there isn’t much on tv anyway, so I’ll check her show. There better be some hot lesbo action in episode 1 since they are using this gimmick to get me to tune in. I wonder how many Asians will be on it?

  38. nice..but now she looks more hispanic then asian. too bad, she basically turned her back on her own culture. nice booty still though πŸ™‚

  39. I watched her new show. I thought I was going to be severely disappointed but I was entertained because it’s funny watching people make asses out of themselves. And Tila still has a hot body, but no booty though. I already knew that she looked like a completely different person from her photos, so I’m not that upset at the way she looks now so I will continue to watch her show.

    It’s funny how she says that her parents are going to be upset with the revelation of her bisexuality. I’d figure that they would be upset over the nude pics she’s been doing for years or acting like a slut on national TV or looking Hispanic. I guess not.

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