Tila Tequila: I Love U

And again she is promoting her new musicvideo ‘I Love U‘ very well. Besides YouTube you will find it on various videosites as well as on MySpace. Since this week it’s also available for download to mobile phone. And as as far as I’m informed correctly the song is available at iTunes on February 27, and includes a free copy of this music video.

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  1. Her promotion is great indeed. But, she should use it for the modeling.
    That’s the nicest thing I can say about this song or this video. Whewww πŸ˜‰

  2. As I’ve said previously, I really despise this current ‘famous for being famous’ fad – Tila has absolutely zero singing ability, yet here she is, selling this crap with a massive marketing machine behind her. I’ve really had enough of my favourite art form (music) being raped by this s**t. I honestly hope this is a massive flop, no matter how sexy the video might be. Then Tila should go back to modelling ONLY.

    Oh, and shouldn’t we have an embargo on Tila posts for at least a few months? πŸ˜‰

  3. doc…i will have to use my CLM waiver on this one….BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS:))) even if she is pretty hot, one listen to this shit and you just cant boink her any more…the girl should just keep her mouth shut until ask to open… ; )….stupid song!
    but thanks for the post Marco…:)

  4. Reminds me of one of my favourite songs from a band called Regurgitator – “I Sucked A Lot of C*ck to Get Where I Am” πŸ˜‰

  5. Tila can’t sing. She needs to learn how to shake it or do the video naked so I could at least enjoy what I am watching. I hope this is just temporary because she cannot honestly make a career with music. Why couldn’t she just transition into adult films instead of music?

  6. Tila enjoys singing and if she can make money doing what she loves, then more power to her. I give her credit for “throwing the balls to the walls”and just going for it. I’m sure there will be some people out there that like it.

    Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

    Along the lines of Candyman’s comments, I think her videos will be more appealing if she strives to move like Rhianna or Christina Milan (Dip it Low) in the future.

    Since she is clearly playing the “sell sex appeal card” in how she merchandises herself, this would be helpful for her.

  7. Bless her heart for wanting to do what she loves. Alot of people in this life don’t get that opportunity. Her song isn’t the worst thing that I ever heard, and I wouldn’t be ripping her if she was doing music for free because I can’t sing/rap my damn self. I just don’t see music as a feasible career move for her. She can’t model forever, so I would just like to see her transition into something that is more feasible than music and that I could at least enjoy such as adult entertainment because right now her song is mediocre and she moves like a tomboy.

    There is also the slight chance that her music does become popular and she ends up paving the way for more Import models to make that jump into making mediocre music. And that will be when I make that jump into oncoming traffic.

  8. candy..i agree with you…just jump to porn already Tila…i have to watch this video with the sounds off πŸ™‚ that is how bad it is….but i bet she would be good in soft porn or full blown xxx…i am going to look for a tila look a like in saigon
    btw doc…i think i have found one that looks just like tila ; ) will send you a pix once i can scan it..you be the judge πŸ™‚

  9. Quite frankly, I don’t even buy the argument that she should be applauded for being so good at generating publicity. After all, it isn’t actually her who’s generating it, it is her management. The only thing she’s actually done herself is eat her manager/publicist/whatever’s s**t (maybe even literally!). I don’t think this is something that should be applauded, especially when you use all that publicity to try and sell crap like this. We’d better pray that Candyman’s prophecy doesn’t come true, or we’ll have an endless parade of this sort of rubbish.

  10. I wish Tila all of the success in the world and I also like the idea of having a video formatted for mobile phones, but I am also someone who cannot watch her music video unless there is no audio which defeats half to most of the purpose of having a music video. That can’t be good if people are muting or have to mute your MUSIC video. I am curious at how well her endeavor into music is going to be given her internet popularity and her mad skillz at generating publicity.

    The good thing is that there won’t be a ton of models making this transition because there also needs to be a market for it. I have no problem with a model going into music or anything else if she has talent and doesn’t need to rely heavily on a gimmick such as flailing around wearing next to nothing. If there’s ever a market for Asian models making mediocre music, then hello I-95.

  11. i am older but maybe tila’s style appeals to the younger “the fast and furious” type…for me this is just too tasteless…unless she is willing to do porn :)) cant we post something of her naked?

  12. I DO NOT wish Tila all the success in the world – this would set a very, very dangerous precedent for those of us who actually like to listen to music. Personally, I hope it is a very expensive flop, so nobody has the gall to try anything like this again.

  13. Whoah, she actually is singing in ths clip! Still not great, but infinitely better than anything else I’ve heard from her. On the other hand, the audio sync on YouTube is so bad that I can’t rule out the possibility that it’s a voiceover – it really sounds nothing like any of her other crap.

  14. Here’s a New Video Tila just posted today on her MySpace blog. It’s not a music video, but rather a self-narrated, brief history of her life growing up. She must have prepared it for broadcast because her usual cursing is missing.

  15. QGR, now it shows that she can stay confortably on tone. Sounding nice for my untrained ears.

    Maybe she can go for something with more melody and less screams, then it may pay off.

  16. Queen…i was laughing my ass off from this virgin video..she gave me goosebumps….very strange..but yet somehow erotic…you want to really boink her after that song:)))
    she just cant sing:) poor girl

  17. hey northman thanks for the post of her biovideo…she sounds semi intelligent…

    i just have to get on my soapbox for this. i was actually quite disgusted with her rampling. she is not asian and for sure she is not viet. she doesnt have any viet’s traditional values or ethics. you hear her rant about her childhood how hard her life is and now she is soooo successful and can buy “her mercedes and her house”…and who does she have to thank for…her fans. not her family, parents who risked their lives to escape from vietnam and raised her spoiled ass up working from 6 to 6 at a flea market. this girl typifies the “fast and furious” generation of me, me, and me and how much i can buy. never once in this videos did she acknowledged her parents or her cultural backgrounds..probably the reason she went from Tila Nguyen to Tila Mexican. i feel bad for her. she really does not know what it is like to be vietnamese or how hard her parents had to work to raise her quite delicious ass :)…grow up Tila and realize who you are and where you came from and quit trying to be vanilla Ice when you are a little bitty viet girl:)

  18. I’ve been tame on my criticism of Tila Taquito. But now I have to vent a little. It’s funny that she doesn’t thank her parents who worked their ass off to keep a roof over her head and raise her so when she grew up, her punkass wouldn’t be turning tricks or giving handjobs somewhere. And it’s not like she did something that was totally difficult that brought her the success that she has. All she did was went to Cali, got some fake boobs, and took her clothes off which girls who turn 18 have been doing for who knows how long. Lucky for her she found someone who just wanted to take her picture and nothing more.

    But she does thank her fans who the vast majority weren’t around when she was still Tila Nguyen and magazines paid no attention to until MySpace became such a big deal. Would they be there if she was all natural and not posing nude? Hell no. Now she’s laying down some phat tracks in the studio. Who is her music going to appeal to besides some spoiled brat from the valley who doesn’t like her parents? But we’ll find out if her fans support her.

  19. I’m with LawBoy all the way on this. One of the reasons I admire Vietnamese people so much is their extraordinary resilience. My friends have told me about their family members getting killed in front of them, yet here they are, sharing a joke and some food with me. They went through absolute hell, and all the second generation Vietnamese immigrants I know greatly appreciate what their parents did to bring them to the west. It just disgusts me that Tila can ignore that in favour of rampant, mindless consumerism. Grow up Tila!

  20. Wow, here I am thinking all of this stuff up but not having any background knowledge of her to put it into words, but LawBoy got the rescue! Her name change really is blatent disrepect towards her ansestry, I truly feel bad for her family, who, I would guess, has cut off ties with her.

    Does Tila Nguyen pass the Essance of Asian Beauty test? Not in my opinion.

  21. mucho gracias senor πŸ™‚ i am changing my name too lawboy margarita, doc lee buritos, and jd tacos :))

  22. for the nonasian brothers here, you guys probably dont know that for an asian person to drop their last name is a big insult to the family. i know a lot of friends who use an english first name but they would never drop their original last name. can you guys imagine if clint eastwood change his name to Clint Long Wang, or John Wayne change his name to John Saporo just because John wants to make it big in Japan. makes absolutely no sense but yet we have some asian who are so hard up to get accepted as a non-asian that they dyed their hair blonde, put on some blue contacts and call themselves Tila Tequila…what a shame.

    btw..maybe someone can educate me, but what exactly is the market Tila appeals to. what type on teenagers like this shit.

    sad that she turns her back to her own heritage and adopt ones that is so non asian. I am glad that for the non asian here can appreciate MHO…:)

  23. Let me answer that one for you LAWBOY:

    She’s trying to appeal to the ANGRY ARROGANT ANGLOPHILIC ethnic princess market.(AAA’s)I don’t know where you live …but SoCal is overrun with AAA’s…most of them Asian.No skin off my nose one way or the other…but fascinating to observe.My freakish sense of fairness leads me to disclose that AAA’s are not all Asian.(they’re just the best at it) I have witnessed similar behavior in Miami among Cuban and Colombian chix.What the hell is “Ms. Tequila” famous for anyway?

  24. As I’ve mentioned previously, Tila is merely ‘famous for being famous’, a modern trend I absolutely despise. Talent and ability has been completely taken out of the picture. And the kids (including ‘AAA’s) love it, as they too can be famous for nothing, even if they have no talent or ability whatsoever. This has very serious consequences for art (especially music) and society in general, which few people seem to realise. Let’s hope this fad passes soon – the success or otherwise of Tila’s single may be a good indicator of how soon it will.

  25. i guess Adam was right about the so cal asian girls…now i learned a new term from Stripes…AAA..ha ha…btw stripes i live near good ole Texas…cowboy country..yee haw:)…go Sooners!

  26. If Tila does come here, she’d better remember not to use too many expletives, and avoid personal attacks – I wouldn’t want to have to ban her. πŸ˜‰

  27. According to it, she is planning on making quite a career of her music. Sad. She is so full of herself too (still//again), saying how people will love her and that she “doesnt care”.

  28. From seeing the latest videos, seems she is obsessed with money, videos, money, music, money, mercedes, money.

    I mean, we love to earn money, but she keeps talking about it. Life is a bit more than that. Specially when she is young, she should lighten up and try to build something solid. Money comes if you have the talent.

    I didn’t know that changing name was an offense for asians. But it’s just the artistic name, anyway? John Wayne was not called Wayne for real.

  29. jdrevenge, as much as I might personally agree with you, I had to delete one of your comments as it was too much of a personal attack (and yes, I edited my own comment for the same reason!). It’s easy enough to criticise Tila for what she does and how she thinks without either of us getting personal. πŸ˜‰

  30. As for the surname thing, I tend to agree with dazn – it is just a stage name. For example, Sachiko McLean‘s name is just a stage name, with an Asian given name and a western surname to emphasise her cosmopolitan character. However, it is very clear from Tila’s words and actions that she is very disrepectful to her heritage.

    On the other hand, it is clear she is somehow rebelling against on overly strict and conservative upbringing, and none of us knows what sort of s**t she may have gone through as a child.

  31. Dr. Lee…I’m not so sure Tila is caught up in a passing fad.

    IMHO what Tila is doing is very similar to the very popular “reality based” shows that depend on outrageous personalities.

    The fact that we are talking about her fuels her popularity. As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad press.”

    As long as people have an interest in reality based programing, people like Tila will thrive.

    I do not see the general public waning in their thirst for reality entertainment.

    We do have a choice to turn it off or not purchase Tila’s music. I for one will not be buying Tila’s music. For all those that do not respect her, they can simply not buy her merchandise.

    But at the same time, I can not criticize Tila for making an honest living.

  32. I’m not sure I would consider somebody without any singing ability, who is trying to be a singer, to be making an ‘honest living’.

    In Australia, the reality TV fad is starting to wane in popularity. Are you saying it’s still as popular as ever in the US?

    Anyway, I’m not sure it actually is a passing fad, but by God I’m hoping it is!

  33. Dr. Lee, I also hope that Tila’s fad shall pass.

    In regards to reality entertainment…

    I’m under the impression that Americans still enjoyed reality entertainment. Broadcasters still have Survivor, American Idol, Apprentice, Surreal Life, Flava Flav’s spin off, the two time loser, New York…etc…

    Basically, a lot of people enjoy watching others act like crap to gain attention. They also like seeing people getting their feelings hurt (ala Simon Cowell)…

    Yeah, I think reality tv is still very popular in America.

    I wish it were not so popular.

    I think it teaches a lot of people that it’s ok to act like a jerk. Whether one is a celebrity or a celebrity wannabe, there is someone is willing to pay for bad behavior.

    Poor singing and all, Tila is making an honest living off of all the people that buy what she’s selling…if there’s a demand, she’s going to supply it.

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