Tila Nguyen most popular Asian Model?

Tila Nguyen most popular Asian Model?

Because I was out of business for a few years I did some research with Google Adwords to check out which model is hot these days. And to my big surprise not Sung Hi Lee or Natasha Yi but Tila Nguyen tops the list!

Here is the top 10 (number of daily searches in Google):

1. Tila Nguyen (2,282)
2. Alley Baggett (1,573)
3. Francine Dee (1,295)
4. Sung Hi Lee (1,238)
5. Hiro Oshima (1,025)
6. Kelly Hu (746)
7. Masuimi Max (706)
8. Shu Qi (628)
9. Sasha Singleton (580)
10. K.T. So (572)

The research was done for approx. 100 models listed on Asian Sirens. When you also include the adult stars, than Tera Patrick (5,000+) definitely tops the list followed by Kaylani Lei (1,214) and Mika Tan (588). To be honest, I expected much more from models like Nicole Oring (439), Lena Li (395) and Cherie Roberts (148).

Just let me know if there is any Asian model that should be in the list for my next evaluation!

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  1. These results really surprise me. I guess the way to become popular these days is to use “f***” in every other sentence… 🙁

    But how reliable are these results? Could you explain your methodology in more detail?

    The remarkable popularity of Vietnamese models such as Tila once again suggests to me that if one of the many truly gorgeous Vietnamese women became a model she’d take the world by storm. I’m working on it!

  2. Lee, I just bought all modelnames as keyword in Google Adwords. Both the maximum cost-per-click and daily budget were optimised so that I didn’t miss any search. During one day (24 hours) every person who searched for one of the model names listed, got my little Asian Sirens ad in the sponsored links. After one day I checked the number of searches (the number that is mentioned in the list above) and the number of people that clicked on the ad. Based on the complete top 100 I have a good indication of who’s hot (and who’s not).

  3. I am not a big fan of Tila either but she is very popular on MySpace as TilaTequila and it seems that many models especially aspiring ones look up to her since she has been relatively successful.

    Not sure if Asian Sex Gazette knew how popular she is but they just did a feature of her a couple days ago and here is the link:

  4. I would say your methodology is flawed in as much as it is only over a 24-hour period – many temporary factors could serioulsy affect the results. You would need to collect at least a month of data before I would consider it statistically significant.

  5. Lee, you are right. It’s just a moment picture but that’s why I will do this more often and monitor the results. It is too expensive to do it on continuing basis. This research cost me approx. 50-100 dollar a day 😉

  6. no mention of Yumi Lee huh?
    I’ve always been fond of her. She was really hot in the 2005 Island Eyes calendar this past year.
    Also, her site is pretty sweet too.

  7. No mention of Jeannie Kayla?

    She is really hot in the 2011 Liqui Moly calendar.
    Also, her port is outstanding, solid and diverse. Her work is beautiful, such a range of wonderful poses, expressions and styles.

    I am inspired by her beauty and work, she is a favorite of mine since finding out about her couple of month ago.

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