Tiara Lestar in Fleshbot’s Top 10 Hotties of 2005

Tiara Lestar in Fleshbot's Top 10 Hotties of 2005

Fleshbot, one of the most popular adult blogs at the moment, brings at the end of the year an overview of the best, brightest and most bodacious babes on the web. And although most of the babes are non-asian, I’m more than happy to see that they’ve selected Tiara Lestar as one of the hotties of 2005!

That brings us to a question to the readers of Asian Sirens. William Sparrow of Asian Sex Gazette is working on an article about Asian woman of 2005. Which Asian Sirens should be on this list and why?Here are my nominations (in random order):

Maggie Q
Tiara Lestar
Wafah Dufour
Bai Ling
Jeon Ji-hyun
Shu Qi
Shin Mina
Carlene Aguilar
Lee Hyori
Lin Chi Ling

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  1. women of 2005, not of 1995 😉
    SHL is “old school”, but still a major eye-candy.

    my first choice would be tiara, ji-hyun & hyori. but new challengers appear on this site daily.

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