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When I first put Tiara Ayase on my list, she was a Gravure idol that had a lot of very cute photos. That was not that long ago … Maybe, 3 months? Now I decided to feature her, and apparently within that time she has become a nude model and AV star. Who here is sad that I waited? Show of hands?Stats:

Age: 18 (woah)
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan




















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Gallery 2

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  1. I am with AlienOverlord–she’s cute…and those are some prominent areolae. I like. The nipples are nice, too. And they would look great, unrestrained, under a white t-shirt.

  2. Tiara’s one of the ‘Girlz-High to AV’ girls, non of which (that I’m aware of) have made a great impression in AV, to me at least anyway, most have a very short shelf-life, then they tend to go moldy.

    Birth Date: 1991/03/03
    Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
    Height (cm): 167
    Bust, Waist, Hips (cm): 88, 59, 87

  3. agree with profabe
    all the japanese av girl looks better with clothes on !
    and do not watch a movie , you can be disapointed..

    they are just acceptable in photos (because they are static !!)

  4. Agreeing with the last comments here also, jav girls that look great in photos can often disappoint in films.
    Perhaps it’s just their whole actions and sounds they make, pretending to be helpless little girls a lot of the time, just doesn’t do it for me.

    As for this girl I love the first picture.

  5. wow…that is such an unfortunate photo of her body. i agree with all of your comments, but i think you all should cut the girl some slack since she’s only 18. i remember 18 (it was not very long ago, at all), and i remember i had a bunch of tummy fat that was stubborn and wouldn’t leave. as i got older i saw that it really slimmed down…it’s not flat by any means, but doesn’t stick out like it used to. i honestly think that this girl’s body is still changing, and she has some serious baby fat from the waist down that she needs to lose.

    as for the legs…she has legs like michelle trachtenberg. michelle is similarly slender with cankles. i don’t think that’s going to go away. 🙁

  6. re: jporn comments…i never understood japanese porn btw…i mean, it sounds like the girls are constantly in pain, they’re not enjoying it, and they’re making the same “ooh ooh” sound over and over and over again? and the way the guys fondle the girls is pretty disappointing…like, the guys do some pretty distasteful and seemingly uncomfortable boob-grabbing.

    but i definitely think the pseudo-moans are the WORST in jporn. it’s like the sex is so anticlimactic for them that they’re not even sure when to “ooh” so they just “ooh” the whole time through. i don’t think i’ve ever been able to sit through more than 30 seconds of that kind of stuff. i’m sure you guys are pretty bummed out on the pixelation, eh? ahahaha.

  7. The squealing can get a bit annoying, but one thing the Japanese do very well is the build up. They really have perfected the art of teasing!

    And yes i could do without the mosaics:(

  8. ahahaha
    i have exactly the same point of view of “jporn” than Christine

    i am happy that a Girl think the same….

    they are not natural in these movies and after all everybody say that american adult star are fake, are blalala, blalala , but stop i prefer ten times a usa or european porno than a j porn.
    girls are , i dont know forced or be like cold meat…
    no way
    and by the way i lived in japan and i had a japanese girlfriend (nobody can say i am against japanese jav models….. yes just i dont like them and the feeling on these movies) its not normal sex : everytime it is a rape !!!

  9. I’ll tell you why J-porn beats US porn: it isn’t boring as hell! US porn is basically endless close-ups of dicks going in and out of pussies, and the lead in story (if there is one) is usually unbelievable, overly simplistic, and very poorly acted. J-Porn puts a lot of work into creating a believable context for the sex, which makes it a lot more interesting and exciting, as it is easier to imagine it actually happening in real life. And the cameramen focus on the girl, instead of just a penis and a vagina.

  10. well , it is not real life at all.
    it is the most scripted and bad play porn in the world !!
    and the story : no dont speak about story
    no i am not agree !!!
    the av actresss are like amateur !
    a girl that you can pick up in the street !
    they have no personality at all !

  11. But at least the Japanese try to create a believable context for the sex – they may not always succeed, but American porn is almost never believable at all. Plus they understand there’s a lot more to sex than just a penis pumping a vagina.

    As for personality, it depends on which girl you’re talking about – my favourites (such as Shiori Fujitani) have a lot of personality! Most American porn starlets don’t have much personality either.

  12. On average, American porn is the worst. I agree with Dr. Lee’s point about the penis/vagina focus. So boring–the endless repetition. American porn stars, on average, are also not especially attractive. It is filled with average looking women, many of whom have invested several thousand dollars on some bad plasitic surgery. Crass sluttiness abounds. Even when there is an attractive woman in a film, the director typically does not know how to take advantage of that–does not know where to point the camera. JAV stands out simply because it contains, on average, the best looking porn actresses on the planet. The scouting system works like a finely-oiled machine, and for whatever cultural reasons are responsible, many more beautiful women are willing to enter the business. Sure, not all the scenarios and behaviors are believable or a turn-on and many Japanese fantasies and foibles are not for everyone, but now there are so many genres and sub-genres that most tastes are covered. There has been much less emphasis on context and storyline in recent times. But Japanese directors typically do know where to point the camera. If the woman has great breasts you can be sure that you are going to get a big dose of them. And as for the pixelation, if it in any way lessens the possibilty of “endless close-ups of dicks going in and out of pussies,” it is not all bad.

  13. Yeah – I often think the pixellation may actually be a good thing for that reason.

    I’ve been largely out of the loop for a decade now, so it is entirely possible that the production standards I was referring to have since gone down the toilet (which wouldn’t be surprising, given the way these things go). But as knarf says, at least the girls are usually attractive, and you actually get to see them (instead of just their pubic area).

  14. Lots of potential with this fine young thing to be sure. Much work needed is needed to bring out the the elegant refined nature buried in her raw form.

  15. ahahah stop talking of a porno movie like this.

    it is not a “kubrick” or a “fellini”….
    it s just sex : a penis into a vagina and something around to create the scene !
    jporn is crappy. girl are like a pig and are almost fucked up (control by yakuza most of them or maybe all of them)
    they can be interchangable as infiny !!

    well it is not so excited to watcj a jporn (except 1 or 2 among 1000)

  16. I actually prefer a larger areola. Also, I can’t stand the way the Japanese guys in Jporn act like they don’t have a clue how to treat a naked woman. Almost childish and not sure what to do.

  17. Placeboy: saying “girl are like a pig” is a breach of our posting guidelines – please use more respectful language. In fact, if that’s really what you think, then perhaps you are on the wrong site.

  18. Cute girl and I like the body, at least she’s looks “natural”.

    As for the porn, Western porn is good if made by women for women, otherwise it’s pants.

    I can’t say I like the depiction of the women or men for that matter in J Porn but like the Dr. says, they do know how to concerntrate on the ladies assets. I also think the pixilation is a good thing sometimes.

  19. In the space of 2 posts, we’ve gone from shaved to paved. I’m a fan of neither, preferring a trimmed look. Always wondered why the JV girls are never seen with a soul patch, wedge or stripe. Given their inherent petitness, I think it’d look great.

  20. I’ll head out on a limb here, knowing full well that there will be a line of commenters holding a saw behind me.

    1) It’s an over-generalization to say that JP is good/bad or AP is bad/good. There are decent movies in both genres &, like the women portrayed here, attract a specific type of viewer.

    2) For actresses, I’ll put Maria Ozawa up against any US star on any day.

    3) The two styles reflect the views of the two cultures. Japanese women are culturally “subservient” (I have NEVER met a woman Japanese executive except when she worked for an American company) and are treated as such in many movies. A JP films that shows an actress getting cummed on 200 times over the course of a day is indicative of that culture. Even the aforementioned Ms. Ozawa gets pissed on regularly. I think that some of the better movies feature the “amateurs”, especially the compilations, which just are about sex and not about story.

    In AP, the women are slightly more equal, but in the final analysis are treated as nothing more than an inflated physical object being banged by an equally inflated man. Any of us could write the script – 1 min of cheesy opening followed by a BJ, puss eating, then pick 2 out of three positions – doggy, cowboy/reverse cowboy, spoon (barring a fetish.) Finally the obligatory face cum shot. Two of those positions demonstrate male dominance. The w/w films are not much more inventive.

    What’s my point? It’s possible to make a terrific sex film that can be interesting to multiple parts of the body. Kobe Tai made some dynamite films with her husband-her pleasure is real. Sadly, though, these performances are few and far between.

    Saw away.

  21. I think your comments are pretty hard to disagree with dbldipper – I don’t think anyone could reasonably argue one is all good while the other is all bad, or that one of them isn’t male dominant (when clearly both of them are). My comments were, of course, generalisations – I generally prefer J-porn for the reasons I mention, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re all good, or US porn is all bad. And it certainly doesn’t mean J-porn is more (or less) respectful toward women either.

  22. hot…i would have some fun with that tongue and mouth in the 1st pic! i agree that the screaming and crying are a bit annoying and the pixelation is a joke. however, you can’t deny that a lot of the girls are smoking hot!

  23. oh mannn. the areolas killed it for me. but she certainly does have a cute face and body. i like her hair color in the last few pics.

  24. Strangely enough, while I think Japanese girls are among the hottest on the planet, I just can’t deal with the pixelization. I find it extremely distracting — then again, I have no issues with extreme closeups.

    On the flip-side, I find that most mainstream hardcore porn American shores are extremely boring and one-dimensional. It’s the same sex positions ad-nauseum leading up to the oh-so-predictable “money shot”.

    Perhaps I’ve desensitized myself to porn after years of viewing, but I find myself enjoying amateur porn far more than professionally produced.

    As per Tiara-chan, she seems pretty adorable to me. Normally I’m not a fan of large areola but it seems to suit her very nicely! Very nice smile and PERFECT teeth(!!).

  25. Not really doing it for me, especially after the clothes came off. One of the few things I can’t stand are large areolas, known a few in my life that had beautiful faces but big nipples and just had to send them packing. Face is pretty but nothing special, nice body other than the puffy nips, looks like she has a nice smile.

    As to the porn thing, I don’t find jporn interesting in the slightest. Girls never even act vaguely interested or truly aroused. While I’m not expecting them to really be into it, they’re supposed to be “actresses” and play the part. I don’t watch much porn anymore but for me nothing beat the old Vivid girls expecially Ashlyn Gere, Kobe Tai, Asia Carrera and some others who really got into it.

    Also, if you’re into porn not sure what you would want to see other than penis into vagina or vagina to vagina. I mean there’s not a lot of variation unless you’re into fringe stuff. Never understood not apreciating the look of vaginas, there’s nothing I’d rather see or play with personally.

    In fact in porn, there’s literally nothing worse that pixelation. I mean really what’s the point of even watching if you can’t actually see the act. Dumbest thing ever.

    Really haven’t watched much porn in years other than there are some pretty cool sites with home videos and hidden cameras that are pretty good.

    oh well, to each his own.

  26. I like to watch JPorn, but one of the bad things about it are the male actors: Compared to western guys, they are often ugly and have tiny dicks. Pretty disappointing.

  27. ProfAbe is right on the money with his comment. She is smokin hot with her clothes on but strange looking naked. Those legs are like tree trunks.

  28. Some pictures she looks hot and others she looks really unattractive. Her eyes change a lot. I like the first pic, but super gross bubbs.

  29. And her mouth and teeth make her face look weird. Like when her mouth is closed she looks better, but probably opposite to a man..

  30. The opposite of buuterface would probably be butterbody,; which is ALMOST the case here. Seeing the vagina in porn is fine — I just like to see the women attached to it as well.

  31. her best photos are great. I like her nipples, puffy is fine IMO. I knew a girl that had thick dark hairs growing around her areloa, now that was a bit off putting.

  32. Before I think Maria Ozawa was good but I think it was just fresh and now she seems to be boring just same old same old. I think Risa Murakami is much better and she really into it then Maria. On the side note American porn is just too boring.

  33. @slackerking: your opinions on porn – and the fact that they are diametrically opposed to my own – do not surprise me in the slightest. For you and many other people, sex is just sex. But for people like me, sex doesn’t mean very much in itself – it is about being intimate with an attractive woman. Hence, it is the woman I want to see – sexual penetration itself is just a physical, mechanical process, and while it certainly feels very enjoyable when you actually do it, it is very boring to watch.

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