Tiang Fang @ MET-ART.COM

Tiang Fang @ MET-ART.COM

Met-art.com did release again a nice pictorial of an Asian model called Tiang Fang. She was photographed by Fan Xue Hui who worked before with Wu Weiqui and Jin Fei Fei.
Tiang Fang @ MET-ART.COM

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0 thoughts on “Tiang Fang @ MET-ART.COM”

  1. Lots of bush on this chick. Hairy cuts don’t look that bad on far East Asian girls. I don’t think i’d go down on her though cause hair traps bacteria. I perfer mine vaginas freshly shaven.

  2. OOPS:
    Just looking at her gave me “quick trigger finger”.Really…it’s not always like this.;-> BRING HER TO ME!

    Sorry you feel that way CLM…Let me sample it.I’m sure it tastes great.

  3. Hair traps bacteria? EVERYTHING on the human body “traps” bacteria! I would suggest a career as a bubble-boy for you, CLM.

    I see she has no adversion to spreading her legs. That’s always an…inviting quality for a girl to have. πŸ™‚

    (but Viky, as pointed out by GATOR/Northman, still kicks Fang’s ass! ha!)

  4. CLM…is this true?…i have had all types…totally bare, a little trim, and totally natural…not really any differences…i guess it depends on the girl and her hygiene habits…nothing worse than a stinky cootie..:)..ruins the whole mood..

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