Tian Shi


I believe this model’s name is Tian Shi, and unfortunately I have only found her lovely photos from one photographer. I can’t post them here, but I can direct you to this Calendar. Purchase it, and you can get Tian Shi’s photos all large and pretty-like.

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  1. One pic is enough for me to declare “Tian Shi is beautiful!”
    Depending how you say it, ‘Shi’ in Chinese is 10 btw – like the statuesque Bo Derek was in that movie with the lucky (and short) Dud Moore.

  2. The “Shi” here actually mean so part of the phrase “tian shi” which means angel so its probably a stage name.

  3. I don’t find her pretty at all (in fact I find her face unusually unattractive for a Chinese girl), and her body is quite unremarkable for a Chinese girl too.

  4. Kinda’ tranny in the face…but she’s doing okay from the neck down.Hips…long legs with “western” thickness.

  5. Fantastic body, not sold on her face. There are many prettier Chinese girls, but man that body…wow!

  6. Seamonkey, you are right. She goes by the name Angel on the website and calendar. I still stand by her being a ten.
    Can’t believe the negative comments about her.

  7. Wow, the crowd is extra tough tonight. While i don’t consider her gorgeous, I find her very attractive. I can’t believe the Doc doesn’t find her body that remarkable — she’s much more than a stick with boobs like a lot of the Chinese models are. Any, I found photos of her on Google, and I particularly like these:



  8. I agree her body isn’t like most Chinese models, but it is like a lot of average Chinese girls. And her face is actually below average for Chinese.

  9. She’s worth dying over but I’ve also come to feel that life is somehow cheaper than most people realize.
    In other news: I’m heartened to see physical art prints for sale (again – perhaps they are eternal).

  10. I think Angel’s not bad at all. Face is a little angular but over all a nice package. Looks like a dongbei (north eastern) china girl to me. Now living over in Chicago by the looks of things.

  11. I think her legs and butt are pretty fabulous. Love her body. Gonna have to go with longtack and the big ten on this one.

  12. the photo above is great but the more I looked at I lean towards the Doc’s view point. I like her body, she looks good in the 3rd pic Wings linked to but not too pretty for me.

  13. Can’t believe all the negative comments either. Fabulous athletic body, gorgeous eyes, seducing lips. And I really like her face.
    As soon as I saw her post picture, she got me.

  14. I agree with Doc that her face is a little unusual, the bones structure is lower (wider chin, narrower cheekbones), which offers less of what most of us love about Chines ladies’ faces. But I think she is pretty overall and carries off some great and alluring poses on the calendar.

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