Thi Quach

Thi Quach

Thi Quach is one of the East coast Vietnamese models who have recently entered the modeling scene. She writes that she first started modeling in March 2005.

It was interesting to see that she has befriended Amy Nguyen and Julie Ha. They happened to be the only Asian models at a recent event.

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Thi Quach

Thi Quach

Thi Quach

Thi Quach is also featured in the 2006 Asian Angels calendar and when you run a search on google you will find the top listing points to her page on

I don’t believe she has a website but she has quite a few pictures on her MySpace page.

If anyone has additional information about her, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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Thi Quach’s MySpace page
Her listing at

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  1. Amy, thanks for the correction. I updated the entry accordingly and removed the incorrect reference about you meeting each other in person for the first time at that event. I must have misunderstood or misrembered something you wrote about that particular event.

  2. Yes, Thi very nice. I was thinking of inviting her and her good friends Amy and Julie over to spend the weekend with me. hehehe! Before you girls comment back…..I know “In my dreams!” LOL! 🙂

  3. lol at comment ^^^

    thi is VERY beautiful. classic beauty, very nice, and as a model-she is very professional. 🙂

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