The Women of Kaba Modern (As Featured on America’s Best Dance Crew)


Kaba Modern was started in 1992 by a group of Filipino dancers for a performance at a local Pilipino (Filipino) Culture Night and has since evolved into what it is today: “One of the most cutting-edge hip-hop troupes in California.” There’s not much to see on their webite, it’s actually more like Kaba Modern’s online mission statement.Although they did not win the competition these three were first in my heart!

Yuri Tag (Korean) is actually quite popular now, outside of Kaba Modern. She’s got a fansite dedicated to her in the works right now and I believe she has done some personal appearances as well.



Cindy Minowa (Japanese) is my favorite of the three. There is just something about her that gives me a little something-something, ya know? I know she’s got a great body and a killer smile… but that’s not all there is to it… interesting… haha!



Jia Huang (Chinese) seems like the shy type, maybe that’s why I can’t find much on her. I really like her eyes though.. very nice.



Here is Taeko Carroll (Japanese) from the group: Fysh N Chicks. My brother saw her and was done… haha! I found some nice ones of her… yay! I think she looks like a much hotter version of the actress who plays Velma in the Scooby Doo movies. Watch out for the last pic, it may cause a nose bleed!



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0 thoughts on “The Women of Kaba Modern (As Featured on America’s Best Dance Crew)”

  1. i dont understand asian hip hop. seems they try to hard to be african americans :)) the girls look hot though…not a lot of skin

  2. You’re killin’ it FLIP! It’s tough to explain to East Coast round eyes that Asians can rock a dance floor.I remember the later years of SOUL TRAIN on television.The show had moved to LA and MANY of the dancers were Asian.Especially Korean.

  3. Yuri Tag and Cindy Minowa look real nice. Dancers always have some of the best bodies.

  4. Damn it Flip, these are supposed to be Asian girls…wait a minute, they are Asian…They might even be full Asian. Wow. My only gripe now is that these girls might be “too” Asian. God! First you post women with hardly any Asian in them, then you have to post broads with way too much Asian in them. You can’t do anything right can you Flip? Geez!

  5. hey stripes…granted, some asian dancers are not bad, especially the hot girls doing the hiphop thing…it just looks odd that white guys and asian guys dressing up like joe thugs TuPac jumping around….m@m comes to mind or God forbid Vanilla Ice. :)) just dont work for non black guys…can you imagine Doc doing the HipHops? 🙂

  6. Asians are similiars to Whites on the dance floor. If they put enough effort into their moves they’re pretty decent, still they just get smoked next to the browns and the blacks in a regular trendy night club who can work on grand scale improvisation.

  7. oh yes, i forgot my hispanic brothers..they can definitely move 🙂 for asian and the pale faces…no way 🙂
    doc, you can’t get giggie with it? 🙂

  8. Dr. Lee obviously doesn’t live in Big City, United States. Hip Hop clubs are everywhere and when the girls want to go hip hop dancing, you go hip hop dancing, even when you can’t dance like me, and I’m of a hispanic background for chrissake. I got screwed. Of course you could not go, but then you probably won’t end up getting laid ;-( , and that can’t happen, so sometimes you just got to bite the bullet. Lets get jiggy with it!!

  9. It’s the same in oz, but one of the reasons I love non white-washed Asian girls is that they care as little for this crap as I do. 😉

  10. I can picture doc in the club with a cane, since he’s two hundred years old and all, coming up to you and asking in a raspy voice, “Excuse me sonny. Do you know where I can find some booty?” HA!

  11. King of Naboo nice vid. I’m impressed. Those Koreans can move. I like the stuff they where doing but still I felt something was a bit off in their rhythm. Oddly enough that vid reminded me of complex skateboarding. Those guys in the vid where incredibly trick heavy like what skate boarders do, and though it’s cool and all, I still believe blacks are betters dancers because their flow is a bit more cleaner and they blend into the music they dance to better than Asians. Those Koreans where bad ass, no doubt, but just because they where more “complex” in their moves doesn’t make them better dancers over all. Sure a film like Spiderman is more a technical movie than say The Godfather, but it’s hardly a better film.

  12. Goodtaste, I agree that flashier doesn’t always equal better. But B-Boy wise, it’s mostly Korean crews winning at Battle of the Year.

  13. Nobody’s voted for Jia Huang yet, but she’s my favourite here (although not exactly brilliant by AS standards). I quite like Yuri too. But contrary to most other people here, Taeko is far and away the last for me – I do not find her pretty or attractive at all, and she doesn’t look at all Asian to me either.

    And GoodTaste – be careful you young whipper snapper. 😉

  14. I spent many friday nights with my wife and daughter watching the local breakdance clubs busting out their moves at sunset beach on Okinawa. That video from King Of Naboo brought back a lot of memories from the past several years.

  15. You guys are obviously not fans of hiphop, but to say that asians can’t dance as well as mexicans or black people is plain ignorant. And GoodTaste, that vid just shows basic bboying, and almost any asian in a bboy crew can do any of that. Hell, even though they didn’t show it, the Jabbawockeez from America’s Best Dance Crew can do it. I suspect because it’s easier to do that stuff on a 1vs1 basis than to have it synched in a group competition.

    Also, many asians crew have won many hiphop dance competitions from all over the world. Just because it’s not in your neighborhood, or your lifestyle, doesn’t mean your experience is word.

  16. i dont care what you say vega…doc and me are proofs that white folks and asian folks cant dance worth a sh*t compares to the soul brothers and the amigos :))

  17. i would prefer to see a hot asian girl “bringin it” then some black-guys wanna be asian dudes…sorry for the sexist comment…but wait we are on AS 🙂

  18. vegatoke I’m not going to lie and say I’m a hip hop dance expert. I can only base my dance observations on what I see with “real” people at clubs I’ve been to and generally black and latin faces fare better than the rest on a dance floor. Asians can dance and I even said that to King of Naboo, it just comes off looking a bit more unnatural is all. Asians and whites have to discipline themselves heavily to be good dancers while others not so much.

    If Asians can dance or not is not of huge concern really. We should get back on track to realizing that the Asian woman is what is great about Asian people. If Asians want to believe they are the best dancers, who cares, fine, take it, as long as the premise that Asian girls are among the best girls in the world is still in the hearts of guys like me I’m perfectly content 🙂

  19. goodtaste ….. pretty funny :)) if only she got naked :)… that riverdancing thing is hilarious 🙂

  20. another thing..i really hate those artsy fartsy, pseudo intellectual movies…cant stand it…plus she never got naked 🙂

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