The Return of Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo, who was originally brought to your attention by Marco, has recently completed a number of high profile projects. The most recent, a starring role in the Robert Duvall western “Broken Trail” which premiered on AMC last month. Here she is strutting her stuff at the premiere of “Broken Trail” at the AMC Theater in New York City.
Gwendoline Yeo

There is not much out there in the way of high quality photos of the lovely Ms. Yeo, these are probably some of the best currently available on the web, and believe me, I’ve looked! 😉

As Marco had stated in his earlier entry on Gwendoline, she plays the Chinese Zither. I’ve included a link of Gwendoline performing this amazing instrument, as well as an interview she had done for Asia Pacific Arts.

Gwendoline @ (playing the zither)
Gwendoline @ APA (interview)
Gwendoline Yeo official site

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  1. Another nice first post – welcome MoochRex! I think Marco was being a bit unfair on the zheng (Chinese zither) in his post: I absolutely love it – especially when someone as lovely as Gwendoline is playing it. 😉

  2. i didn’t recognise her at all, when watching BT, but wondered if a new asian star was born. movie was an ol’ school, gritty western. she held her own against actors like duval & haden church (not literally against, as they accidentally were on same side). there were 3 other chinese women in that movie. i’ll do some digging, maybe i’ll find something worth posting?

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