The Peacock Princess: Yang Li Ping

Yang Li Ping

After all my recent posts on Hong Kong cinema (as well as some of Robin and badboy’s recent posts!), I thought it was time for me to inject some real class into Asian Sirens. And what better way to do that than with the woman who is widely regarded as the greatest dancer in China – and in my humble opinion the greatest dancer in the world?

Yang Li Ping became famous overnight in 1986 for her performance in the Dai dance drama “The Peacock Princess”. Although she’s never had any formal training whatosever, she entered the China Central Song and Dance Ensemble of Nationalities in 1988. At the Second National Dance Contest, her dance “The Soul of the Peacock” (which she choreographed and performed herself) outshone all others and reaped two first prizes, one for choreography and another for her performance of the piece. Since then, she has become revered in China as the “peacock princess”.Having seen her compilation DVD, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything else like her: the sheer grace, beauty and sensuousness of her performance is simply beyond description. Her dance is also highly original and incredibly natural: it’s as if her performance just flows out of her as though she were posessed. Indeed, her native people (the Bai ethnic group) call her “bimo”, which means ‘the witch with the gift of dancing’! Critics call her the “dance poet”, which I can only agree with.

Yang Li Ping

As visitors to this site will want to know, she is also very attractive: despite the fact that she is now 47, she has an outstandingly trim and slender body, which she likes to show off with some pretty revealing outfits. And yes, she is still dancing – she says she’ll never stop because it’s in her blood, a statement I don’t think anyone could argue with! Her grace, her beauty, her body and most of all her breathtaking performance are truly a joy to watch: even if you aren’t normaly into dance (and I have to say I’m not), I’m sure you’ll find her truly compelling.

Here’s a few articles about her: (many pictures)

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