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Well it seems that Travis posting a model named La La immediately after one of our readers posted another model named La La in the Joyce thread caused a lot of confusion, so I thought I might confuse things even further by posting an article on that La La immediately after the other La La.This La La has the sort of lean and slender body that I often see amongst real life Asian girls, but I rarely see amongst Asian models – except for some Chinese models like the other La La. This (also Chinese) La La appears to only be an amateur model in Wicked Weasel’s bikini contests (along with their sister site Microminimus) – something to bear in mind when comparing her photos to the other heavily touched up, professionally made up La La’s photos. Anyway, here’s a few galleries:

Wicked Weasel 1
Wicked Weasel 2
Wicked Weasel 3
Wicked Weasel 4
Microminimus sample gallery (this appears to change each day)

I’ve posted these galleries in what appears to be chronological order: as can be seen, she started out very slender, but has become leaner still over time – arguably too much so. The thing is, this sort of ‘bony’ look (particularly the chest) is quite common amongst Asian women that I see in real life too, so it appears to be normal and healthy for them. Or is it?

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  1. Oh Boy!!!…this girl is hot. I guess a couple guys weren’t into her a couple posts ago, but I think she’s delicious. Them long legs and that beachy tropical look of hers. Yum! Here’s a couple of my faves.
    And something about her nice tight belly in this shot.

  2. Confusing? not at all. I like La La a lot, but La La not so much. I would like to see La La wearing La La’s outfits and I would like to see what La La’s photo team could do with La La, but I think La La would still be my favourite.
    Who would have thought two Chinese models could have the same name?

  3. I still prefer the other La La, and it’s not because of airbrushing. Thin is better than fat, but although this La La has some curves, she’s just too boney for my preference. Cute girl, though.

  4. damn. Slender, fit (but not gym junky fit), AND not afraid to go out in the sun.

    Great links Arf. I just wanna rip off those annoying tiny little panties with my teeth.

  5. I know the polite thing is that if you don’t have anything nice to say just be quiet but where’s the fun in that. Admittedly, some of those bathing suits are incredible, but the girl in them is so not incredible. (cute in a handful of pictures ) but the last set honestly, she’s truly not attractive at all.

  6. I agree with you Slackerking on one hand, but on the other theres something really downright appealing about her for me. No, she’s not β€œpretty” but theres just something fundamentally β€œwannabone’er” about her.

    She’s kind of like an old moto guzzi motorbike a mate once had. A bit beat up, rust on the exhaust, and a smoky rattle when she fired up, but i used to lust about stealing it and riding the crap out of it on an open road somewhere.

  7. I had to edit out the last bit of your comment Slackerking – you’d already made your point within our guidelines before that.

    Anyway, I’m with kroos on this one. I think the makeup is very poor in some sets – so I think she may be prettier in real life – but I still don’t think she’s very pretty admittedly. But she is super MILFy – not very young, but very fit and vital, and very sexual indeed.

  8. Kroos nailed it. Sometimes she looks hot, sometimes not. I’ll take skinny over fat any day, but I wish she would pack on a few more pounds. This kind of skinny just doesn’t look healthy to me.

  9. I love this kind of skinny girl where her collarbones and ribcage are showing. Don’t like them fat at all.

  10. There’s something in her eyes that attracts me along with her healthy lean body. Like a female cheetah or panther.

  11. Gallery 4 has some unfortunate pics. In most of the others I really like her shape and sex appeal.
    Too skinny not good, but that’s mostly gallery 4. And they shouldn’t put her on short hair, long hair works better for her IMHO.

  12. Interesting to read… maybe it’s worth for you to spend 25 AUD to see much more on microminimus? πŸ˜‰ Or try to find her site :p on which she’s not limited to wear something. Oh, and I like this comparison with “Moto Guzzi” and “female cheetah or panther” :-)))

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