The Kano Sisters

Kano sisters

After all the recent distractions I thought I should get back to what I know and love best: busty Japanese girls! Actually, I’ve been meaning to write about these two for a while, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe them. I still haven’t.

It has been said they are Japan’s answer to the Hilton sisters, but frankly I think that’s an insult to them: they aren’t ugly like Paris Hilton (in fact I think younger ‘sister’ Mika is gorgeous), and they actually have minds of their own. They also have a genuine talent for modelling and, in the older ‘sister’ Kyoko’s case, photography. Mika is also a former Miss Japan.Like the Hiltons they have loads of money (it isn’t entirely clear where from) and are largely ‘famous for being famous’. But that’s where the similarity ends. Uniquely for Japan, they are very much in control of their own careers, and have released a huge variety of their own products – from dolls to some really lovely (non-nude) photo albums – both as ‘sisters’ and as individual models. They are famously controlling of their products: many of Mika’s photos were actually taken by Kyoko, and she does an exceptional job.

Very little is known about them – it seems likely that they aren’t even sisters. Indeed, it’s even been rumored that Kyoko isn’t even a ‘she’, but is actually Mika’s boyfriend after a sex change operation! Whatever the case, they’ve certainly had a lot of plastic surgery, fortunately with a postive result. But they are starting to show their age (Kyoko would be pushing 40 by now), and it would seem they are in the twilight of their career.

Anyway, here’s a few relatively comprehensive articles about them:,9754,178478,00.html

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  1. man its hard to find pix of these 2…
    I saw a BBC show where the two comedic hosts were in Japan and they met and hung out with the Kano sisters – they went to some book signing where there was a riot and chaos…it was amazing…and who are these 2? They dont sing or act, I guess they are like Carmen Elektra or Tyra Banks in the US.

    I think they have some nudes(?) in those hardcover fancy softporn books that are popular in Japan?

  2. Hey, both Kyoko and Mika are former Miss Japans. Theyre actually real sisters just not w/the same mom. As far as I know, they got famous and rich cuz they had been modeling for a Japanese magazine (high class one), Bansankan (dont know how to spell) for a long time, and that was w/another sister, who was also a former Miss Japan…But some other people believe they used to be “call girls” just for celebrities and politicians and thats how they got famous and rich….

    Anyways interestingly theyr not popular among Japanese men in Japan, but more like among women….

  3. Thanks for linking to my article on the “sisters” on Japan Zone. They really are quite a phenomenon and it’s amazing how long they’ve managed to stay popular. They usually appear, as most celebs do on Japanese TV, as stereotypes. In the case of “The Gorgeous Kano Sisters,” they are considered the epitome of the high life, wearing hugely expensive outfits and jewellry, jet-setting round the world and hanging out with international stars.

    I saw them on TV just the other day, and I’m sorry to say that the plastic surgery is getting close to the Michael Jackson level. You won’t notice it in photos, which are always touched up anyway, but once they start talking…ooh, scary!

  4. You are very welcome!

    And sadly, I have noticed the excessive surgery in recent shots – hence my comment that they are starting to show their age. They don’t look ‘wrinkly’ or anything, but they are starting to look like women who are trying to halt the aging process through excessive plastic surgery. I guess this is a reminder that nobody is immune to the aging process, no matter how much money they have.

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