Thai Model Tussinee

Thai Model Tussinee

Petite and sexy Tussinee is another amateur-style Thai model with a membership website. If you recall our feature on Tailynn, they are much in the same style. There are lots of sample galleries of Tussinee on Asian Thumbs, but very few show any nudity. However, the sample video on her website shows her fully nude. Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment.
Thai Model Tussinee

Thai Model Tussinee

Thai Model Tussinee

Thai Model Tussinee

Thai Model Tussinee

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Tussinee’s Memberhip Website
Tussinee’s Sample Video
Tussinee @ Asian Thumbs
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  1. Thai women have this wonderful ability to look younger than they are. I’ve met many Thai women who look like they’re in their early twenties, but are actually in their late twenties.

  2. She is one hot little package. I’ve been following her free galleries on Asian Thumbs since they first appeared. I’ve found it amazing that they’ve gone this long with teasing potential customers with risque shots (and a few peeks), but haven’t shown all the goods. I think they’ve set a record.

  3. I met this Thai girl one time who I thought was 18 turned out to be 28. She was so beautiful, but wouldn’t let me take a picture of her. Anyway, I don’t think Tussinee is that cute or sexy or adorable, she’s just average.

  4. I am inclined to agree. Thai girls seem to be one area where my taste differs greatly from the majority of our readers – for me these sorts of girls aren’t anything special at all. What’s more, the Thais themselves would agree with me. As Adam said once, I seem to have similar taste to Asians themsleves, as opposed to what is ‘exotic’ for many wihite guys.

  5. funny sidenote related to another recent post: i am unable to look at her site, as it is being blocked by the thai gov’t. i am seeing more and more stuff like that here… pretty annoying, but like i said above, probably won’t hurt tussinee’s business too much. haha!

  6. I guess Tussinee appeal to those type of people who like their girls to look very young and underdeveloped. I’ve seen plenty of Thai women and I can tell you that her and Tailynn are just too average-looking for me to spend $24.95 on. I can find hotter Thai women working at 7/11.

  7. @newworks, isn’t that so annoying? I heard there are thousands of websites on the government’s blocked list, and the number is growing everyday. One day Asian Sirens will be blocked for surfers in Thailand. That will be a sad day πŸ™

  8. Here’s a little news article.

    There are bigger problems that Thailand should be focusing on. They’re putting all this focus on blocking porn sites but the same social problems still remain within the country.

    // Comment edited to fix layout problem. NM

  9. It’s called ‘scapegoating’ (to make it look as though the government’s doing something while distracting the public’s attention away from the real problems).

  10. I happen to like the fact that most asian women look younger than they are but she looks like she is about 15. I can see how they could call her 18 for a few years and get away with it. She is a nice little package though relatively average in looks if I say so myself.

  11. “There are bigger problems that Thailand should be focusing on. They’re putting all this focus on blocking porn sites but the same social problems still remain within the country.”
    “It’s called ‘scapegoating’ (to make it look as though the government’s doing something while distracting the public’s attention away from the real problems).”

    Thailand has no monopoly on scapegoating, isn’t the same thing happening in America? They’re making a big deal about about gay marriages and stem cell research while thousands die in a useless war.

    On a lighter note, Doc Lee, if you “… seem to have similar taste to Asians themsleves(sic), as opposed to what is ‘exotic’ for many wihite(sic) guys.” It’s because most asians, guys and gals, find westerners to be “exotic” So asian tastes run to what is usual for foreigners with the reverse being the case for westerners.

    This is my observation and experience living in Japan and I also found it to be true visiting Korea, Thailand and Cambodia. It’s the lure and fascination of the “other”

    Of course there is appeal and comfort in the usual and familiar, I think that accounts for the popularity of “white” looking asian woman in the west and Japanese-foreign mixed women on Japanese TV. Kinda’ like “exotic-light” to coin a phrase.

  12. Good points Spooky. In my younger days, my buddy who is Filipino chased after white blonde girls while I went after the Asian ones. He told me most Asian girls reminded him of his sisters and female cousins. πŸ™‚

    PS: Hey Lee…..don’t they have spell checkers on Macs? πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks NMan!
    I’m an old Northerner myself, from NYC. And as I’m writing, and spell checking, this on my Mac I have to say yes we do have it but like any appendage you have to use it in order for it to work :-0

  14. Wow – no wonder all these american men are buying Viagra to take with them to Southeast Asia.

    This chick is just so young – its like watching Child porn.
    I know Black/Hispanic girls who look similar and better than this at 17YO though.

  15. Kind of makes me feel guilty staring at her little pussy. I usually date women my age, around 25. I’m a BIG man and could do some serious work to this little thing. Why do men fantasize about 18 year olds?

  16. Why do men fantasize about 40 year-olds? Or red sports cars? Or anything else in life? If you really need to know, perhaps you should check out a website. πŸ™‚

  17. @Robin, yes, is blocked in Thailand.

    When it comes to nudity and porn on the internet it is less about scapegoating and more about preventing access by children. Most kids don’t own a computer at home. They go to an internet shop. No practical way for parents to control what kids access, especially since most Thai parents are completely clueless about computers and the internet. So government requires ISP to filter sites on their list.

    Ok, good intention, but it means adults are blocked also. Difficult problem.

  18. PS: Hey Lee…..don’t they have spell checkers on Macs? πŸ™‚

    I am a good speller, but a dreadful typist. I must have been in a hurry when I entered that one! πŸ˜‰

    As for what Mr Spooky says, it is true as far as it goes. But it isn’t the whole story. Another important aspect is the perception of class – for example, white skin is always associated with higher class by Asians, whereas dark skin is associated with lower class (as it symbolises exposure to the sun, hence ‘working class’). This perception goes back to before Asians had even seen white people, and is probably the reason they are usually more attracted to whites than blacks (who are even more ‘exotic’ for them).

  19. And yes, the Thai government certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on scapegoating – I think a big reason for the Iraq war was to distract attention from the fact that they still haven’t caught Osama Bin Laden. Remember him? πŸ˜‰

  20. Lest I be bundled up in the widespread net being cast about only “white men” and “farangs” liking this look, I will point out that skin color is of no importance to me when judging whether a women is attractive or not. I find dark-skinned women in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines just as beautiful as the light-skinned women in Japan, China, Thailand, etc. I certainly don’t limit myself based on how “white” some skin is.

    For me, it’s body uber alles, then the face. Tussinee has a hot body, and a cute face. Definitely not beautiful, but cute. The combination is certainly enough to make her desirable in my opinion. But to each their own.

    I’d also like to point out how unfortunate it is that given all the threads on this board that feature nude models, this particular one about a Thai model gets two references to her being a prostitute (those of you not familiar with Thailand probably wouldn’t have caught them). Common guys, let’s focus on what Asian Sirens is about. Unless of course the focus of this board is changing?

  21. I have definitely seen some dark-skinned Asians who are attractive for me (e.g. Tiara Lestari), but for the most part, the sort of delicate, classically oriental facial features that I prefer are far more commonly found on lighter-skinned Asians. It isn’t the skin colour itself that’s a problem for me, but the sort of facial features that normally go with it.

  22. I find myself preferring darker-skinned Asians because they look more sexier than lighter-skinned Asians. Everyone has their own taste, and it’s good that we can find whatever our preference happens to be in Asian women.

    I still think Tussinee looks too average to spend $24.95 a month on, but she would be hot to someone who hasn’t had as much exposure to Asian women as I have and or prefers her body type which I don’t.

  23. asiansweetheart: yes, it’s very annoying. and very hypocritical of the thai gov’t, too. you make a good point about kids and internet cafes, but i don’t think that total blocking of sites is the answer. why? because once the gov’t starts blocking “pornographic” sites, then they can start (and they already have!) blocking other stuff, too, like political sites, etc. this is a very, very slippery slope. all a kid has to do to get porn here in thailand is go down to the local pirate cd/dvd store and buy some! how will the thai gov’t stop this?

    i saw the asian sex gazette article above before, and i have to say that the first thing that i thought when i read it was “world-leader in pornography??? who cares! so is japan! this country’s real problem is that it is a (or perhaps “THE”) WORLD-LEADER IN PROSTITUTION.”

    THAT is thailand’s real problem, along with drugs. i love this country a lot, and i truly believe that until the root causes of these 2 issues are addressed (which i won’t get into here, although i have a lot to say about them), the social conditions that cause these 2 things and the ones that in turn are caused by them will only get worse; not better. until then, internet censorship and other superficial stuff (like curfews and mass-urine testing at nightclubs) that the thai gov’t does will solve and improve nothing.

    and for clint above: i am not sure to whom you are referring, but i certainly didn’t assume that tussinee is a prostitute; all i said was that she is the kind that farang like and that most of the guys looking at her site would be farang guys overseas…

  24. @newworks, I’m sympathetic to parent’s desire to keep their kids away from stuff they don’t want them to see at a tender age. And government responding to the desires of parents is what it should do. So I am annoyed by the blocking of nude and porn sites, but not outraged.

    On the other hand, I am outraged by the blocking of sites critical of the government, and other politically motivated blocking. I don’t think the porn blocking and polital blocking are at all related. There is a clear division and I don’t think you are approaching the slippery slope when you decide to block porn. But you are over the cliff already when you decide to block sites that can cause “disruptions to national stability” – that’s what they call it.

    BTW, it isn’t quite so easy for Thai kids to get access to porn any other way than the internet. Buying a VCD is cheap for westerners, but not for the typical Thai kid. And Thai sensibilities are such that few adults would sell it to a kid anyway even without enforcement. Then the kid has to find a place to play it. Getting access to it at an internet shop where a kid pays 20 baht per hour is really the only feasible way for most Thai kids. So blocking it at the ISP turns out to be pretty effective.

  25. you may be right, but i am not so sure about “thai sensibilities”. i used to feel that way too, but i have seen and heard a lot of stuff here lately…

    as far as the porn industry here being big, blocking access to sites will do nothing to curb that.

    there’s too much to say about the issues raised above, so i will stop with this post, but your points are well-taken.

    you have a great website, btw, and i look at it all the time! πŸ™‚

  26. Dr. Lee…light skin, dark skin…we take them all:)….Tiera is a babe:)…btw..for some reason, chinese and japanese and vietnamese prefer light skin women…i think dark skin girls like tiara brings a air of exotic about them…hubba hubba:)

  27. I’m really going to go out on a limb here, and ask two questions:

    1) What is wrong with prostitution?
    2) What is wrong with children seeing pornography?

    In the case of prostitution, I am certain it provides a highly valuable service to society. If men could not release their sexual urges this way, I am sure there would be more rape, for example. I know that prostitution is often associated with drugs etc., but that’s just because it’s illegal. Here in Australia (where it’s legal), we have many career prostitutes who leed perfectly normal, healthy and productive lives. It is also one of the most popular jobs for girls putting themsleves through university.

    As for the issue of children seeing pronography, everybody assumes it ‘damages’ them, but where’s the evidence? After all, sex and nudity are the most natural things in the world. I know I (as well as my friends) were sneaking looks at Playboy and Penthouse in our early teens, and I don’t think it damaged me. Then and again, I guess Robin for one might disagree with me. πŸ˜‰

  28. Ok, Doc…I’m no prude by any measure, and I don’t have the slightest incling to have children, but I disagree with you on both points.

    1) There are many ways a man can release his sexual urges other than prostitution! Masturbation seems to be #1. Exercise, meditation, etc, etc. And to add to this, what about women? The fair sex too must occasionally get the need to release their “sexual urges”, how do they do it without the “highly valuable service” of prostitution? I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, it just is, what I’m saying is that there are alternatives.

    2) If I had a child I would not expose him/her to pornography. Nudity, by all means, sex — sure, no problem, but not porn. Why? Because porn is a gross vulgarization of both nudity and sex. ESPECIALLY in the Western “God fearing” world. We’ve twisted sex into some kind of bizarre carnal marketing industry. Porn is not real nor is it all that healthy for mind or body — especially for a child who cannot distinguish reality from fantasy. Off-camera nudity and sex is a much better place to dwell.

    Having said that, I snuck into my parents room when I was 5 to have a peek at the old man’s Playboy. I don’t think a mid-1970’s Playboy would even be classified as porn by today’s standards. Maybe I should have kept it to show my kid one day (“No, Timmy, breasts are NOT made out of silicone… Yes, Timmy, women actually DO have hair down there!”).

    Funny how a post about a “is she hot or not” babe turns into this….???

  29. Today I read a news story about a 10 year old and a 13 year old boy that raped a 4 year old girl in Switserland.

    So, no, I don’t think kids should watch porn.

    And there’s nothing wrong with prostitution, as long as the woman wants to do it and is not forced into it.

  30. Lee….showing children pornography? You need to get some professional help. Your urges are not normal and can be very damaging to kids. Isn’t showing porn to kids illegal in Australia? The first step I think is not to be around any children unless other adults are around. But please make an appointment for therapy.

  31. WTF!!!! Dr Lee you need some help!!!! They have a name for guys like you. and also a place they put “Special” guys like you……GO SEE ANOTHER DR. (PSYCH) Your not right!!

  32. Hey Lee, porn is often used to lure children into sexual situations by pedos!

    Yeah, sure… it’s harmless!

  33. i think that maybe a definition of pornography that everyone here can agree on is necessary before even dipping our toes in this water. just a thought…

  34. Yes, newworks has a vaild point. I really don’t think nudity does anybody any harm. But there may be an argumant that some types of pornography are damaging (for adults as well).

    But notice how everybody is saying I’m crazy without providing a single shred of evidence to support their case. Robin’s example proves nothing – indeed, perhaps if these children had ready access to porn they may have been able to release their urges in another way. And pedophiles wouldn’t be able to use it to lure children if those children had ready access to it themselves.

    I really think everyone should stop and think before jumping to conclusions about this issue.

  35. And K4K, of course men can release their urges in other ways, but for many the physical act of sex is the only way. What’s wrong with them paying to see a girl who is willing to help them release it?

  36. I have to chime in here…first point…

    Prostitution is a victimless crime…although in some part of the world it is exploitation of women…and that can be a little wrong..but an exchange of services between adults, is acceptable…plus it is a lot of fun in some situation ; )….i think our (US) values are too tained by protestants thinking and are not as open as in other parts of the world….

    as to showing children porns….two definitions need to clarify first…

    what is consider to be porn?…actual sex?…or softcore or just nakie pictures…we need to clarify this…because nudity and soft core stuff like on Cinemax i dont consider this stuff as harmful….look at some of the classical arts…Davids or other nude arts…or just the risque stuff on TV…Harmful?…or just human bodies?…x rated stuff is another story…this is where you need to be a little more careful as to the age of the children..Dr. Lee looking at playboy is a lot different than children younger than 8 looking at xxx….

    the next issue is the age of the children…i dont know about you guys but looking back on my childhood…after the age of 8 or 9, the boys at my school were little devils…kids are very knowledgable at a very very young age…supprisingly…

    I dont like kids in a sexual way or do i need therapy…but we are discussing culturally and scientifically…

    kids in grade school as i remembered were experimenting with kissing, petting and looking at boobies magazines at a very very young are little devils..:)….did you guys have the same experience growing up?….but i think we are did…kids had girlfriends, boyfriends at around 8 or 9….and by junior high…furget about it….and this was in a very high class school systems not inner city shits….

    so to be over protective and just our puritan values clouding actual life facts about kids….less than 7 years old may be a little too young…but those little 4, 5, 6th graders…were littel devils i tell ya…kids are very wild…think back to your school days guys and you know what i am talking about…too bad no internet and Asian Syrens when i was growing up:) ha ha…or else i would not have graduated…

  37. Great points lawboy! And once again, the exploitation of women in prostitution occurs because it is illegal – if it is legal, this can be regulated far more easily. So IMHO, all the arguments that people use to say prostitution is bad are actually arguments to make it legal! It will always happen, it just has to be controlled.

  38. Newworks, yes, yours was one of the comments I was referring to. You said β€œvery, very, very farang-oriented looks. i bet she knows her demographic…. :-)”. I apologize for the misinterpretation, but I think if you read it again, you can see how that statement might come across. As for the other statement, there is no margin for error on this one, β€œthink I saw her working Soi 6 PTTY about a yr ago :-)”, given that Soi 6 in Pattaya is an epicenter for commercial sex.

    Personally I have no problems with prostitution, as long as all parties give consent and are of legal age. But to imply that someone was or is a prostitute is construed in most places as a pretty major insult, and I was commenting on the fact that I thought it unfair and classless to see it leveled against Tusinee, when it certainly wouldn’t be tolerated should the subject have been another model.

  39. Is this the longest thread on, or what? The only reason I ask is because I clicked on the box “Notify me when someone replies to this post” and I have been well notified, lol!

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy this site and the quality of posts I read here. We started by simply evaluating a model and have ended up attempting to resolve prostitution in Thailand. Quite an accomplishment!

    Tussinee’s “youthful appearance” or actual youthfulness, have created quite an uproar. I doubt Tailynn’s pics would have created a similar response.

    And about porn. Pornography and eroticism are wonderful things for adults (generally, over 18) with the emotional capacity to appreciate the human form. It’s perfectly healthy and natural, in fact, you were genetically engineered for it! Children don’t understand, let alone appreciate, porn when they see it. Harmful? It doesn’t even “register” with them. (Note: I’m not talking about “child-abuse”)

    As for Dr. Lee. Get off his case! You’re taking him way out of context, and coming to some crazy outlandish conclusions. We’re all adults here (I assume). Let’s try and act like it.

    About Prostitution. My impression (and I am by far, no expert), is that Asian women enter prostitution, either because they are very poor (i.e.: they have no money or employment alternatives), they are enslaved (pure evil, imo), or because they are very lazy (i.e.: they don’t want employment and want to get rich quick). Safety is always an issue in Asia.

    In North America, (non-street) prostitutes are called “Escorts”. They are more safe than their Asian counterparts and the top 30% probably make six figure business incomes (as in, preferable taxation rates). I get the impression only drug addicts in NA are street-walkers.

    I thought I’d just through that out there. If anyone wants to educate me, I’m all ears.

    Can we open a separate thread or folder on this topic? I’d be glad to contribute to solutions, but I also just want to rate hot chicks. πŸ˜‰

  40. a separate thread might be a good idea. i have stopped myself a couple of times now from commenting more on this one, just because i said that i would above and also because it’s veered into something different from rating hot chicks. πŸ™‚

  41. Please re-read my comments. I’m not drawing any conclusions about children seeing pornography. I’m just asking for someone to provide some evidence that it actually does harm children. So far, nobody has. If it doesn’t ‘register’ with them, then what’s the harm? I can say though that it registered with me in my early teens, and helped me to relieve a lot of sexual frustration! Is there anybody here who can honestly they didn’t look at porn until they were 18?

    And, your assumptions about prostitution certainly do not hold true in Australia. As I said, it is a very popular job here for girls putting themsleves through university, and there are many healthy career prostitutes here.

  42. Some definitions:

    Children: 0 – 12
    Teens: 13 – 18
    Adults: 19+

    Children don’t relate to porn. Teen’s love porn. Adult’s come to terms with porn. “Adulthood” can extend well into the twenties.

    Hope this clarifies!

    Dr. Lee, perhaps what you’re seeing in Australia mirrors North America? Or are women over there not making six figures?

    New thread – yes please!
    More hotties – yes please!

    And a way to disable notifications, please….

  43. I don’t get any notifications – I always hate that sort of email clutter!

    Because prostitution is completley legal in Australia, the income isn’t as great as it would be were it illegal (it’s more ‘mainstream’). So six figure incomes are rare for girls here.

    And I think an important issue in this thread is the issue of definitions. I’m using the legal definition of children, but by’s definition, I think everything he says is pretty much true.

  44. AsianHotties

    Why is it adult is considered beggining at 19 when nineteen ends with TEEN?

    I think if it has “teen” at the end of the word, it should be purporting to TEENager.

    Even though this girl is of legal age, it just feels wrong staring at her bare pussy.

  45. BTW, Why do magazines use the word “BARELY LEGAL”…that seems to imply that the person is ALMOST legal but not quite.

    Like when people refer to two airplanes that nearly hit each other as a NEAR MISS…that’s not a near miss, that’s a NEAR HIT.
    When two planes crash into eachother, that is a NEAR MISS.

    lol I love semantics.

  46. Im 25 but I’v got this young 22 year old Guyanese girl in Grad School who is MARRIED (to some Black dude) and has a body just like this model up top.
    She’s only 5’5 or so and I get the “dirty”, “illegal” feeling just thinking about her.

    As wrong as looking at them both feels, I know if they thre it at me, I’d poke the hell out of em πŸ˜›

  47. One bizarre fact that I always found to be absurd: in Australia, you can’t look at porn until you’re 18. But the age of consent is 16! Is this absurdity mirrored in other countries?

  48. The worst porn law I’ve ever seen were when I was in Japan.
    The Japanese in anime and manga depict excessive rape and mysogynist brutalityThey have stickers of anime porn EVERYWHERE on phone booths, etc…but, they use filters to block out penis penetration into the vagina.
    Mind you they filmed a sex scene with 500 people and did this.

    The other thing I saw is what’s called ENJO KOSAI where young Japanese girls basically “rent” themselves to Japanese businessmen and rich guys in return for expensive makeup, cellphones, and new fad fashions.

    Its a rich culture I tell ya.


  49. yes, japanese censorship laws are pretty absurd. but at least they don’t attempt to firewall-out the uncensored stuff from abroad.

    as for enjo kosai, it is prostitution pure and simple, and as such is illegal. prostitution is illegal in japan just like it is here in thailand, except in japan they actually enforce the laws.

  50. I’m sorry newworks, but where did you get the impression that prostitution was illegal in Japan? As far as I’m aware, it’s as legal as it gets over there!

    It is bizarre though how they have some of the most perverted porn in the world, but they still censor the genitalia. And interestingly, Japan features their gravure models in children’s magazines! So there’s an example of sexy images being marketed to children without any apparent ill effects.

  51. haha! well, i got the impression that it’s illegal there because it is!

    yes, it exists there, to be sure. but it really is illegal, and the police do actually enforce the laws quite regularly, unlike here. living there for as long as i did, i recall wondering about it too, because the whole soapland thing and other manifestations of it are pretty evident. but there are stories in the news very often about raids, etc., and a few years back they started really cracking down on the enjo kosai schoolgirl-prostitution situation.

    also (and perhaps more importantly), there is a real and large sector of the japanese public that have raised an outcry about it; also very different from here…

  52. A quote from this article:

    The Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 (No.118, passed May 24th, 1956) did not make practicing prostitution illegal.

    What is defined as illegal under the act is so narrow that prostitution is, in effect, widely practiced in Japan, in many different forms. However, it is true that you can’t have a brothel there, for example.

    Another interesting fact about Japan: anime is widely available to children. So the country with probably the lowest crime rate per capita in the world sells porn to children, both in the form of anime and the gravure models in children’s magazines. Once again, where’s the evidence that pornography harms children?

  53. i can assure you that a lot of japanese women who have been groped or masturbated on in crowded trains, “flashed” as schoolgirls by strange men, and stalked on their way home from work would have opinions about the effect of all that porn on your average japanese guy.

    don’t be fooled; there is a LOT of sex crime in japan, regardless of its continuing status as “the safest country in the world”. almost every japanese woman that i have ever asked about it has at least one story about this kind of stuff. there is stuff in the news there all the time about it, and that’s just the stuff that actually gets reported.

  54. So much I want to say about this thread, positive and negative but I haven’t got the time.
    It’s just refreshing to see, for the most part, such intelligent, respectful post. This is why I keep coming back to Asian Sirens.

    I just want to second “newworks” last post and inform Doc Lee that yes, “anime is widely available to children.”
    But anime is NOT pornography! Anime can be pornographic, as any art or media can be. But anime is not by nature or definition pornography. And young kids are not watching pornographic anime.
    Again there is so much more I’d like to say on this topic but no time except for this –
    lawboy said, “Prostitution is a victimless crime…although in some part of the world it is exploitation of women…and that can be a little wrong”
    Nothing could be more wrong lawboy and again to say “although in some part of the world it is exploitation of women…and that can be a little wrong”
    For shame lawboy!!!

  55. I love japan πŸ™‚ wish i can speak japanese…there is something special about a screaming japanese woman in bed… he he…enough of this..lets see some more hot babes….maybe we can change the rating for children…0-12…have you guys seen some monster of a kid around 8 and above?….maybe it is just me and my school when i was young but the kids in 5 grade or so were so wild and wooly…if my kids were like me around 5th grade through highschool, i think i will kick their ass….i am sure you guys were the same way when you were kids…that is probably why we are on this site :)….can someone show some more hot asian babes so we can tease the Farangs :)..ha ha

  56. ‘BARELY LEGAL’ = of legal age, but just barely (1 day over).

    ‘BARELY ILLEGAL’ = not of legal age, but just barely (1 day under).

    ‘HIT vs. MISS’ = you do one or the other, near or far.

    Basically just a marketing tool for your tool. πŸ™‚

  57. i got one better kobe…
    barely legal = you didnt get caught πŸ™‚
    barely illegal = you got caught πŸ™
    hit v miss = not legal and you moved to Thailand :))

  58. as per the effects of porn, children, Japanese, et al…

    Japan is suffering from a major population decline? Why?

    Average, normal Japanese couples just aren’t having sex. Ask the women why.

    It’s just too much trouble, they say. It brings no satisfaction, they say.

    You have to be mature enough to realize that you start forming sexual ideas from a very early age, whether you are physically involved with someone or not. Not that I’m thinking of having children, but if I were I would take into account the culture of sex when choosing where to raise them. You can be certain, if it were a girl, I would not raise her in many parts of Asia.

  59. totally agree. i told myself many times that if i got married and had kids i would never raise them in japan, especially if they were girls.

    not so sure about this country either….

  60. Dear ppl,

    I simply do not have the time to read this whole thread, but let’s NOT have a separate posting about children and pornography!

    This site is about the beauty of Asian women, and NOT kids and porn. Feel free to discuss it as much as you want, cuz this thread seems to have gone far from the original posting already, but I am sad that it’s no longer about Thai Model Tussinee.

    Aren’t there fora somewhere that address these issues?! Lee, maybe here’s a chance to start a new site instead of a new thread! πŸ˜‰

  61. We could do a posting about ‘Anime/Manga’ though… (just saw Mr. Spooky’s comment). I have been thinking about it for some time, but I don’t know a whole lot about it…

  62. I have been thinking about starting a blog on sexual politics, but I’m not really sure how to go about it. What do you guys think?

  63. I never seen this many off-topic comments for an article. Maybe it would be a great idea to have a site to discuss sexual politics because many articles start about the model then go quickly into politics.

    Porn doesn’t hurt children, people do. I haven’t seen anyone damaged for life looking at it. But why is it okay for children to look at depictions of violence but not porn?

    Someone somewhere in here said Thailand wants to protect children from porn. Yea right. They can’t even protect them from pedophiles and the economic conditions of their country which are much more serious issues.

    And Tussinee still looks average. πŸ˜€

  64. Right on Candyman! I agree that exposure to violence is far more damaging than exposure to porn, but kids are exposed to violence all the time these days. And pedophiles are certainly FAR more dangerous to children than porn.

    I will give this sexual poltics blog idea some serious thought. I would appreciate any input on how to go about it (you can contact me via my avatar on the left).

  65. Lee, can’t you just ask Bill (ASG) if you could write/work for him? ASG doesn’t seem to have a forum/comments section. You could do a (weekly) column on sex/politics.
    (At least we can stay on-topic here then! ;-))

  66. I thought about that too, but it needs to have a forum, so people can send in their responses (and I can respond to them) – that’s where all the fun is! Bill, are you reading this? Would it be possible to incorporate a column/forum into your site?

  67. Thai Model Tussinee should be immortalized!

    She’s like one of those women in history that, through no fault of her own, started some kind of war or major uprising.

    She may not be a ’10’ but she sure got the blood pumping around here! ha!

  68. My thoughts on kids and porn: When I was a kid, before the internet, we would try like hell to get our hands on a Playboy. It was like some kind of Lord of the Rings-type quest to even catch a glimpse of a nude woman. I even remember stealing a Playboy from a neighbor’s house when I was 12. I wonder what effects it has on kids today when, unlike us, porn is literally at your fingertips.

    @ Asian Sweetheart, yes I think Yo is the cat’s meow. She’s simply stunning. Thanks for the link, I do believe I’ve visited your site before and checked out a few pix of her.

  69. Blueskies

    When I was a kid, I got my hands on porn by accident. Just walked into my uncle’s room and took a video labeled “The sex team ” right off his shelf. Didn’t understand what I was seeing cause I was only 9. I didn’t make the connection between sex and orgasm until I was like 14.

    I don’t think its a good idea to hide sexuality from children cause when they learn about it is will be devastating and they will form mistrust for those that lied to them.

  70. chineselover..i dont think you should hide it because they will be less disappointed later on when they find out sex does not always lead to orgasm for some people :))

  71. Tussinee & her site are going to prove to be difficult to categorize. Admittedly, there’s not a lot of content about her publicly available, & what’s out there is rather one-dimensional in its portrayal of her, & what the site is about.
    I don’t know for how long the “teen” image will stick; it doesn’t really do her justice.
    Nowadays, we watch “reality” TV, people are blogging their lives out in front of the whole planet, & a lot is being made public that was not previously accessible for entertainment purposes. What’s going on here is that you have a young Lady who knows she’s attractive, yet doesn’t seem to have let it go to her head. Her site is all about her having found an opportunity to explore her sensual side, & to share that experience publicly. Yes, she’s young, but at an age where she’s legally entitled to do that, & at an age where she’s strongly attracted to the opportunity to “show off” within a safe context.
    While the photo/video work is professionally done, she herself is not a hard-edged pro. She’s trying this gig out, having fun with it, & in the process, is quite a head-rush. She’s shown at a beguiling stage in her life, & has an ability to touch off quite a variety of emotional responses, without really trying to do that.
    I think that’s the point at which she’s very different from other models, & also the point at which the controversy starts. My take on it is that it’s not so much a matter of what she’s doing, as it is her audience’s reactions to it. There’s a tendency in many men, particularly in the US, to feel conflicted if they find a young Lady adorable enough to want to say “Awwwww”, & give her a big hug, while at the same time, they’re sitting there with a raging hardon that she has caused. If you’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with someone that way, you know it’s not got to do with age, but with who she is, & who you are.
    Tussinee evokes that kind of response, through who she is, & through the photos/videos on her site. This is something very different from run-of-the-mill porn, or even a “golly-gee, look at me” type of teen site. This is a site for people who know the difference between eroticism & porn. Is it porn? Nope. From the inside, Folks, she has no plans to do hardcore, sorry!
    Is it erotic? Oh, yessss:>)
    Apparently, she’s having a bit of an impact on others; nice to see that it isn’t just me.

  72. I’ve spent some time since my last visit here, talking with Tussinee’s webmaster. Regarding some of the negative opinions being expressed, here & elsewhere, about Tussinee’s site & the Lady herself, I feel it’s largely fueled by the one-dimensional portrait of her that’s been on the ‘Net for a while.
    I said earlier that the label “teen” was not likely to stick, since it doesn’t do her justice. What you’re getting here is an exclusive look at Tussinee’s “breakout” gallery. It won’t be up on the TGP’s for a few hours yet, that is, if you get here soon after I post the link.
    I’ve given her what I think is the showcase she deserves, her webmaster okayed it, & I’m privileged to be the one to open the door to her site just a little bit, & to let some of the magic out onto the ‘Net.
    If you like her, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

  73. She does look alright in some of those pics in that sampler. She does have a nice little body. It’s a shame that models like her bring out a bunch of negative comments, but as a lover of thai women in particular, I base my opinion on that since she has a website with a monthly fee, is she hot enough for me to pay that monthly fee for her site. Which is why I still feel that she’s too average looking for me to pay to become a memeber of her site.

    I feel that she appeals to those dirty old men who like their women to look like little girls and all that barely legal mess.

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