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Last week I spoke to a bartender and he told me about his year in Asia and how by accident he acted in a Thai movie with a famous Thai actress called ‘Kob’. Never heard of her before. So it made me do some research.

Kob, who’s real name is Suvanant Kongying, has many different looks with many different hairstyles; brown, black, short, long, perm, straight. I am not an expert on Thai women, but in my opinion she looks sometimes quite ‘western’. I like her ‘Thai’ look much better! (asiansweetheart, can you help me out on this one, being the expert on Thai women? ;-)) Check for yourself in some of the galleries I found.Suvanant Kongying Google image search
Suvanant Kongying @
Suvanant Kongying @
Suvanant Kongying fan-site mostly in Thai
Suvanant Kongying @

Suvanant was born in 1978, in Bangkok, Thailand. She moved to Bangkok with her family when she was three to four years old. Her father, Amnuay Kongying was a teacher, and her mother, Ubonrat Kongying, works at the ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Suvanant began acting from a very young age.

Suvanant graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the private Rangsit University, and is a professional ice-skating champion. She was paid an undisclosed sum of money – believed to be millions of baht – to act as the presenter of Mistine.

In 2003 a Cambodian tabloid wrongly reported that Suvanant Kongying made a speech claiming that Angkor Wat belonged to Thailand. This prompted the 2003 Phnom Penh riots, in which the Thai embassy in Cambodia was destroyed.

Some facts:

Name: Suvanant Kongying
Nickname: Kob
date of Birth: 22 July 1978
Height: 167 cm.
Weight: 46 kg. (101 lbs.)


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  1. Ok then Dr. Lee, I’ve joined the Yahoo Group and I’ve uploaded Cat Tien’s photos into a file, now how can I upload them into this site and share them with everyone else? I wish it were easier to do this on the website.

  2. i noticed same too: many thai celebrities don’t look asian at all. asked my gf about it (herself a thai of chinese extraction) & she mentioned that there is (was?) some sort of a backlash from “native looking” thais, who didn’t particularly relish watching tv/reading mags that portrayed people who didn’t resemble them at all. i guess, that whole boycott went nowhere & thus we’re stil blessed with lovely angels like methinee…

  3. Be careful Nik2. If you become a blogger here at AS, that is the last unqualified positive comment Dr. Lee will ever says about your posts again. At best it will be, “Well, she’s OK, but…”

  4. I just say what I think Jon, and what I think is that Nik2 digs up some really great models! Besides, I see from your own comments that you’ve been at least as critical of LA-style plastic surgery as I have.

  5. Very pretty girl.. Having lived in Thailand for sometime, I can remember seeing this girl on a couple of magazine covers. As for not looking Asian, during my time there I came to find out many Thais that mix with Farangs (foreigners usually of western decent) are sought after more for media purposes. Lots of Thais believe in mixing with Farangs will help the economic status as well as when repoducing occurs the child will be better looking and have more opportunities for it.

  6. Thanks guys! You won’t hear any criticism from me of these girls. 😉

    As for Kristin Kreuk (the link worked!), I agree she’s one of the prettiest girls on TV. But is she Asian?

  7. I got to say, I love this website.

    It’s a shame that the Thai media does not embrace women with darker skin and only use those with light skin or mixed. It promotes a false sense of beauty on impressionable young girls just like the image of the skinny blonde with huge breasts does in the American media. In America, that image of beauty has caused so many problems, from eating disorders, to crazy diet regimens, to crazy amounts of plastic surgery.

    I’m so against plastic surgery and people altering their appearance just to fit someone else’s idea of beauty. I wish the media wouldn’t be so biased in who they display in magazines, ads, tv, or film.

  8. This site is a fake! Thu Bin is actually a Chinese model whose name escapes me right now. BlueBird scanned her a few years ago – I’ll ask him. And the other girls are mostly Japanese models (also scanned by Bluebird a few years back).

  9. Although actresses that are mixed Thai/western (called luuk krueng meaning “half child”) are really popular in Thailand, Kob is not one of them. She is 100% Thai. A lot of Bangkok ladies have a similar look. It’s quite different then the dark skinned country girls from Isan (northeast Thailand) or the more Chinese look from the Chiang Mai area in the north.

    Kob is really popular in Thailand, has been voted people’s choice winner for top actress for the last three years.

    That incident with Cambodia was very stupid. When she made that statement about Ankor Wat belonging to Thailand it was one of her lines in a movie she was making, not her expressing her personal opinion. And the situation became increasingly stupid when the Cambodian prime minister strongly comdemned her – she’s not even an official representative of Thailand of any kind so why would a foreign government official care the least about what she said?

  10. Dr. Lee, you are so clueless.

    In my earlier posts was nitpicking on the one thing you seem to overlook – fake breasts.

    I was doing so to give you some of your own medicine. You nitpick on all the girls – especially the American girls.

    Quit being so jealous of the beauty we have here in the States and just enjoy it!

  11. Ah Jon, so you’re one of those “America is always the best” guys. Sorry to break it to you, but this just isn’t the case. No country is always the best at anything. And you did say you hate all plastic surgery – probably because a lot of the work done in the US is so bad. You probably wouldn’t feel this way if you lived in South Korea, for example.

  12. To answer Dr. Lee’s question about Kristin Kreuk, yes she is half Asian (and half Caucasian). I did a google search to find out more specifics and Robin and Marco should be happy:

    Ethnicity: half-Chinese and half-Dutch

    I guess Kreuk is a Dutch last name since it says her father is the Dutch half.

  13. Thanks badboy! I’ll have to do a post on this one (I’m half Dutch too). I think she’s really pretty, although I never realised she had any Asian blood.

  14. Nah, never said “America is Best” Lee, your insecurities are showing! Ha, ha!


    I was responding to your constant nit-picking on Asian-American women.

    And I do hate fake breasts…but on ALL women not just those who have had their’s done in the USA.

  15. Well Jon, if you weren’t so insecure about American girls being criticised, then why would you be complaining about my comments? And you did say you hated all plastic surgery – do I need to quote you?

    I am on record as complimenting good plastic surgery, and criticising bad plastic surgery. Due to reasons I’ve explained elsewhere, the majority of the latter comes from the US. But there’s still a lot of good surgery done there, and I compliment that too – I just tell it as I see it.

  16. hey, I don’t get any credit for digging up those Kristin Kreuk pictures?! Lol, just kidding. Anyways, she is half dutch, half chinese, and I believe she is actually a Canadian citizen. Yeah, very cute.

  17. Thanks for the pics! I always really liked her but never realised she was part Asian – now I have an excuse to do an article on her at Asian Sirens! Coming soon.

    Next time I see a white girl who I think is really gorgeous I’d better check on this. There’s a really pretty cashier who works at my local supermarket who I always thought was Australian. But the other day I saw her shopping with an old Asian woman – looks like she was her mother!

  18. Lol, no problem Dr. Lee, it was my pleasure sharing it with you all. Anyways, just wanted to say this is a really good site, and not only because it is probably the most friendly I’ve ever been to, but also because everyone doesn’t just state their opinions, but have educated reasons too. Yeah, sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish between Eurasians, sometimes they don’t look either white or asian, lol. Hey, you should talk to that cashier, she sounds pretty!

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