Thai girl Oil kicked out of Big Brother Thailand

Oil in Big Brother Thailand

Thai TV has its own version Big Brother. The show where a bunch of people all stay together in a big house and cameras in every room film everything. It’s all on TV for the audience to enjoy. Now it seems one lady in Big Brother Thailand was found to have posed for “inappropriate pictures” and has been kicked off the show.
Source: AsianSweetheart

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  1. she looks like a model from asian4you anyone know the name/alias so we can search for her?

  2. The ones at the bottom of the linked page are from Thai Penthouse- she’s called ‘Too Prakaikarn’ there.

  3. she was called Mitra on A4You. those tattoos are a great way to recognise A4Y alumnae – some gained some f weight, others shed it, but skin decorations are permanent.

    if she needs a place to stay, having been kicked out, she can always call me.

  4. I didn’t censor those photos. The were published in a Thai language newspaper and they did it. Dr. Lee is right – the girl with her eyes blacked out is not Oil but another model and I think they did that to protect her identity since the story was about Oil. Oil is the one in the back with her face showing but her chest blacked out.

  5. IIRC it’s Cho Hye Eun, who should be safely in Korea. I think they did pictures together for a4u.

  6. Oil has some BIG (long) feet! And is another data point backing up my theory that foot length is inversely related to chest size in women.

  7. I’ve neve noticed any relationship of foot size to anything else other than height however some Thai women seem to have long, beautiful, hands and feet along with being willowy and tall.

    Larger than the typical size 5 and 6 (US) that I think is more average in Vietnam.


  8. Asiansweetheart, how big is big? 🙂

    I’ve done most of my ‘research’ in the US – I’m going to have to go worldwide…

  9. We are getting into some highly technical areas of ‘research’ now. It seems to me that there are three categories. There is really small, big, and really big. Big is normal. Really small and really big are rare and neither is of interest to the women in my part of the world. From what I know, really small is only at home in Japan. And really big belongs with some western women.

    But I’m no expert.

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